T-Mobile Sim Card Prepaid Kit


  • Sim card can be used as sim replacement or lost/stolen.
  • Includes REGULAR SIZE Sim Card + Activation code
  • T-Mobile Prepaid Activation Kit Unactivated
  • Prepaid or postpaid plan.
  • Prepaid or postpaid plan.


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Regular size Sim card with activation code

Product information Package Dimensions 4.9 x 4.8 x 0.2 inches Item Weight 3 ounces ASIN B003X7RY06 Item model number 47151

These SIM cards usually run about $30 and I took a chance buying one even though I had a strong feeling I was not going to get a quality product based on the steep price cut. Unfortunately, it turns out I was right.

I get the SIM card and try to activate it by calling the number on the sticker on the SIM card. I'm told there is no record of that SIM card number and was given another number to call. I called that number and was told by a representative to go to a website to activate the card.
I go to the website which then gives me the option to go through 3 different websites to activate the card. I go to all 3 websites and not one recognizes the SIM card number.

After wasting way too much of my time I simply filed for a return and a refund, which the seller denied me of until Amazon stepped in.

In the end, I got a reminder of that old expression "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is."

Here's some information for those wanting to avoid this scam and headache. T-Mobile is actually selling SIM cards for .99 cents. I don't know how long the promotion is, but I've already bought several SIM Cards. Go to their website and get yours while you can.

Ok so I bought this card a while ago for the same price and it worked without a hitch. This time I using it my Samsung Galaxy S3 and had to cut the card. It was quick. It took me 30 sec to cut the car with scissors using a micro SD Card template (I had one already) but it would say "No SIM". So read online and found that T-Mobile can actually fix it so I went there.

Since I already had existing T-Mobile number (was inactive for more than 3 months), they gave me the card free. Yes totally free with activation of prepaid plan ($30/month), not a bad deal at all. Even If I had to buy a new Micro SIM (this is standard size sim), it would cost me $10. That is still worth it to get a *micro* SD card.

So I would strongly recommend to check T-Mobile store first. May be the price will be a little different when you visit them but I am sure it *might* be worth it.

I needed a cheap emergency cell phone for my daughter. For $10 Tmobile allows you to buy 30 "pay as you go" minutes which last 90 days. I had an old Tmobile cell phone but no sim card (you can also use an unlocked GSM cell phone). I ordered this activation package from Worldwide Distributors. When I opened the envelope all I got was a sim card but no activation card. You must have sim card, activation number, and imei number from the cell phone to activate a new line (you activate online - google "activate tmobile prepaid sim card" and you'll get the link).

I emailed Worldwide Distributors telling them I did not receive the activation code but they didn't respond. A few days later I started the return process through Amazon with the reason that the package was missing an item. Worldwide Distributors responded within a few hours. They offered to email to me the activation code which they did. I then entered all the numbers into Tmobile's web page. After a few submits (including filling out my name and address and selecting what plan I wanted - I chose the pay as you go option [last option on page at the bottom], then the $10 plan); after a few submits I got an error message stating something like the web page was down and to try again in a few minutes. Not sure if it mattered but I had not put the Sim card in the phone yet so I did that and turned it on. I then clicked the back button on my browser and submitted the webpage again and it immediately responded with my new phone number! Tmobile then texted me a welcome message and I was in business. It then led me through purchasing the $10 plan with my credit card and final balance was 40 minutes (the 30 minutes plus the $3.24 in minutes that came with the prepaid card). So essentially I got activation for free. Very cool!

I would have rated this 5 stars if not for the missing activation code and the slow initial response.

We bought these SIM cards a few months ago for 3 different phones and they have worked fine all this time. Set up for the T-Mobile prepaid plan was very easy, only taking about a couple minutes at the T-Mobile website. We were happy we didn't have to buy these at a T-Mobile store (I think they charge $10 for a SIM card?), and didn't have to buy a package with a phone to get the SIM cards.

The phones we are using these with are Samsung Galaxy S, LG DoublePlay, and LG MyTouch Q. Although they work fine, after a couple months alerts began to show up periodically saying the SIM card does not support wi-fi calling (maybe because these SIM cards are an older model?). I called T-Mobile and was told we can bring the phone in and they will replace the SIM card for free. Since we aren't using the wi-fi calling, we haven't replaced them yet.

The first time we ordered two & the seller was Wireless4Wireless; when those worked out, we ordered one more a couple weeks later but the seller was then Advance Mobile Corp. Both times the packages came quickly & there were no problems. We had two $50 plans and one $30 plan. Just wanted to point this out because one review noted they could not use the SIM for the $30 plan.

I purchased this for use in an unlocked iPhone and found that it activated smoothly via the on-line instructions and was preloaded with a few dollars for minutes. This was welcome, because I was then able to test the signal and verify that I could make calls on the T-Mobile network. What's more, as of 11/2010, T-Mobile offers a pay-as-you-go data package for $1.49/24h on their Edge network. With about $20 put into the card on-line, I can travel and use both data and talk minutes without a contract or any recurring payments. Previously, I was using the ATT GoPhone service, but ATT cut out all of their roaming partners, so coverage is abysmal in rural areas.

I'm purchasing a second T-Mobile SIM tonight for my wife.

Beware. Don't buy the other Amazon T-Mobile SIM for "unactivated replacement." This SIM is only for replacing an existing lost SIM and is not for activating new accounts.

This was a great purchase! Had an American phone that was locked to US T-mobile and this SIM solved the problem so that I am now able to use it both in the US and UK. Very very pleased!
Thank you!! Great seller and great product!

To complicated a process and then the slowest data connection ever. A complete waiste of time, energy and money, would not do it again.

Had multiple problems to activate it because I'm in Canada.

Definitely need this for any trip to USA

It worked but apparently T-mobile refused my registration because I was still in UK, I had to register when I came in US.