Orange Holiday Europe - 3GB Internet Data in 4G/LTE (currently 8GB promotion) + 30mn + 200 Texts from 30 Countries in Europe to Any Country Worldwide


  • 3GB of Internet in Europe on 4G networks (8GB PROMOTION ACTIVATED AUTOMATICALLY FOR SIMS ACTIVATED BEFORE July 9th 2020) - Data tethering and use in hotspots allowed
  • 30 minutes and 200 texts from Europe to worldwide
  • Credit valid 14 days after 1st use ( first call, first text, first internet connection). Top-up online on with international credit cards
  • Triple cut SIM card (standard/micro/nano). No activation, easy to use. Work on any unlocked device
  • Covers 30 countries in Europe: Andorra, Azores, Aland islands, Germany, Austria, Balearic islands, Belgium, Canary islands , Cyprus, Corfu, Crete, the Cyclades, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France mainland, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Rhodes, Romania, United Kingdom, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden


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How to activate your SIM card:

  • insert your SIM card in your device when you get in Europe and it will automatically connect to the best local network

  • make sure data roaming is activated on your phone
  • make sure your phone is unlocked
  • only insert your SIM in your device when you get in Europe in order to avoid activating your credit before the beginning of your trip
  • APN should charge automatically on your device. If not enter it manually, username: orange, password: orange

Phone number:

  • the SIM comes with a French phone number
  • the phone number is written on the first inner page of the booklet so that you can share it with friends and family before leaving


  • you will need to register your SIM to keep using it for more than 30 days after 1st use
  • registration on

  • registrating doesn't activate your SIM card
  • you don't need to register if you don't want to use the SIM after the first 30 days
  • you will keep receiving texts about registration for a few days even though you registered already. Time for our teams to receive and validate your registration

Consumption follow-up:

  • dial #123# to follow consumption

Recharges available:

  • recharge online on with any international credit card
  • 10GB for 1 month in Europe for 21,7€
  • 10GB, unlimited calls and texts for 1 month in Europe for 32,5€
  • 5GB, 1 hour call, 500 texts for 14 days in Europe for 21,7€
  • 1GB for 2 weeks in Europe for 11€

Customer service in English:

  • contact us on or Amazon directly

    Product information Package Dimensions 6.46 x 4.72 x 0.31 inches Item Weight 1.6 ounces ASIN B07NLCL9SP

Using this was as easy as taking out my US cell phone provider's SIM card and popping this one in. Additionally, until mid August, you'll get 8GB of promotional data (instead of the usual 3GB).

Two things to remember: (1) You will no longer have a US phone number when you use this (you'll have a French one), so if you call the United States from Europe, you will have to add a "+1" to the phone number to make sure your call is directed to the United States and (2) In order for this to work with your phone (and outside of France) you must have data roaming enabled on your phone.

I didn't need to top it off, so I didn't register it and can't speak for that, though some other reviews claim that was an issue for them, but chances are good the amount of data you'll get with this will be plenty, especially if you use WiFi where you're staying.

If texting is an issue, apps like "WhatsApp", "Signal", and even Facebook Messenger can be great ways to avoid texting issues that come up .. and you can telephone people through those apps as well (just remembering that you will have a French phone number, so even on those apps, you will have to add the "+1" to the US phone number you're dialing.

This was a fantastic investment!

My husband and I went to Switzerland and Spain for 8 days. This card worked the entire time like a charm. We had full service the entire time and very few issues. Our main issue was with texting. It was unfortunately for communicating back home but we just used wifi so it was no big deal. We also had trouble registering our cards. It was fine this time since we aren't going back soon enough that we would be able to use the same card, but if you plan on topping off your card you need to register, if you can't register, you can't top off. Which is an obvious setback. However, they do offer customer service. I didn't find my experience to be all that helpful (first I had language barrier issues, second time I was told to visit an Orange store in person. Both times service was slow and somewhat frustrating as there was any sense of giving a damn). But, after seeing simcards in the airport/tourist information/stores, I can't me mad. It mostly did what it was supposed to!

Despite not being able to register, and the lack of customer service, I HIGHLY recommend this card. We had more than enough data left over (even using Maps, IG, etc) especially if you connect to WiFi whenever you are able. With apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, I didn't feel like my lack of texting abilities was an issue. It didn't matter anyway since you'll have a French phone number.

I just returned from a 14 day trip to Spain (Madrid and Almeria area). I write this review hopefully to give some potential buyers answers about this SIM card so that if you are traveling to Europe you will have some peace of mind in having a phone/network that works. Overall, this SIM card worked great for us and I would highly recommend it; both my wife and I had this same SIM card. I did not do any type pre-registering/activation before leaving the USA. As we were landing in Madrid I simply put the SIM card in my phone and it started working immediately. It worked great the entire 2 weeks and never had any issues with dropped phone calls, poor internet service, or with any texts not going through. I believe once you put the SIM card in your phone, it will only work for 2 weeks then you may have to register it. In any case, I made use of the 30 minutes to call back to the USA several times with no problems. Note, that the receiver of your calls (whether cell phone or land line) does not get charged any fee for accepting an overseas phone call. My wife and I texted each other some but ended up mainly using WhatsApp as most people in Europe use it. Note, if you dial #123# at any time it will tell you how much data, phone time, and texts you have left. I did buy the 3GB card (with the promotion of it being 8GB if activated before August) and even though the SIM card package said 3GB if you dial #123# you will in fact see you have 8GB. I am glad for the upgrade because we each ended up using about 6GB as we did not have wifi for about a week of our trip. We did some Facetime to family in the USA as well (not using wifi) so that eats up some data. Our phone numbers were French and on the inside of the first page of the packet that comes with the card it will have your phone number listed. Country code 33 for France and then the number (if I recall correctly the number listed started with a 0 but just disregard that and use the numbers that follow). Hope this information helps someone!

After the sticker shock of seeing how my US carrier has changed international rates since our last trip, I went searching for an alternative. Orange comes up in several tech sites as either the #1 or 2 option. As our first experience using a Euro sim, I wanted to get it ahead of time & understand how it works. The sim, comes with basic instructions, plus Orange has a great website that answers other questions. They recommend not installing it until you reach your first destination, but I could just see us dropping it or having an issue, so we shut down the phone & installed it at home. First destination (Frankfurt airport) we turned it on & it came up like a champ! Web & texting worked well, only tried one phone call. I suspect people reporting problems are not enabling roaming or some other issue in settings. See the directions or Orange website. FYI, on an iPhone, the ‘+’ sign required for an international phone number comes up by holding down the zero key. We didn't know that! I will not need the sim soon enough to register it, but will definitely use Orange again. Also, It still worked inUS when we returned, using T-Mobile network.

I just came back from a 9-day trip in Europe, and this sim card works perfectly in 6 countries (UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary). I only restarted my Android phone once due to a 10-minute no service issue in west Austria ski resort. Other than that, my whole trip has 4G speed covered (except some mountain areas) and service provider switching between countries works as expected. I recommend this card to travelers with normal Google Map and web/social media browsing.

Je suis du Québec et j’ai acheté cette carte SIM en prévision d’un voyage de trois semaines en Europe dont l’Espagne. J’ai eu un très bon service tant pour le nombre de données que la réception du 4G.

Le seul bémol est la recharge au bout de deux semaines, car le forfait est bon pour deux semaines et ensuite il est possible de recharger. J’ai trouvé le processus peu intuitif et évident sur le web, il a fallu que je navigue beaucoup pour finalement comprendre la procédure. Je comprends que plusieurs se plaignent dans les avis et que beaucoup n’ont pas réussi à trouver comment faire. La démarche ou des explications seraient à améliorer de la part d’Orange sur comment recharger.

Bon voyage à tous!

Je ne suis même pas certain comment j'ai réussi à l'activer. Je recevais des sms de notification lorsque je changeais de pays ok. J'ai été capable de téléphoner au Canada à partir des pays Scandinave mais jamais je n'ai pu utiliser le sms ou le data. Très déçu car j'avais acheté la carte sim pour mon voyage et pour le data. J'ai trouvé cela dispendieux pour 4 appel au Canada et vraiment désappointé du résultat obtenu ne pouvant utiliser le data, même pas pour recevoir ou envoyer des courriels. Certain fournisseur me donnait seulement le 2G. J'ai dû obtenir mon wi-fi au starbuck ou dans le bus d'excursion. Ne le conseil pas.
C.G Blainville, Qc

Went on a Mediteranian cruise to Spain, Gibraltar, France, Monaco, and Italy. Installed the sim in my dual sim phone, but didn't activate it until I arrived in Spain. The phone worked. Data worked at two locations only. It is a "holiday" card, but they kept asking for my information (by text message). I don't care about that, but the reality is I did send them the information, the way they asked for it. I suppose I could give it higher points for having a working phone number, but without data, it is a bit unfair to the buyer.
I didn't contact tech support, but then again, I was on vacation. Talking to tech support is not something I want to waste vacation time on.
I wound up piggybacking on my son's phone for data. His "3" card didn't work at all so he signed up with the Canadian Telus roaming plan instead. It was $12 a day if he used it that day, but at least it was reliable.
Buying a Vodaphone card at the airport would also have been a better choice. I had perfect reliabli

Just got back from two weeks in Europe (France and Switzerland). This phone card was amazing - i inserted it in my phone on the journey over - and as soon as we landed in France my phone had instant network connection to the Orange France network. I got seamless 4G wireless connection which was perfect for navigating our way around. Also used it to call a family member (in India) and call ahead to restaurants etc - i think there is only 30 mins on the card for talking. When we went to Switzerland I just had to go into my settings and make sure data roaming as enabled (the phone card is French) so if you are visiting somewhere else you just need to enable your data roaming. Anyway excellent card - the seller is also great - I had a question and they answered very quickly and assured me they have been selling these phone cards for years and really stand behind the product they sell. The bonus offer on the card is also great. Anyway if you are off to Europe - this is great value and really reliable phonecard!

UPDATE REVIEW : These two cards worked as it was supposed too. Landed in Rome, put the SIM cards in my unlocked iPhone XR and my wife’s iPhone XS and it pick up a signals on the landing runway. Worked like a charm the first day. Second day had Cellular connectivity issues with both phones, just restarted both phones to get signal back. Kinda got sketchy musing the Free Taxi app to pay the cab driver as signal went out, good thing I had cash for that one in Rome. Now in Cinque Terre last three days, it is working will be heading to Tuscany today then to Florence in 4 days. Some customers think this is a fraud but it clearly states 14 day SIM card with 5GB ply 3 GB bonus data. Not sure how much more clearer it can be to the consumer. If you want the card to go beyond the 14 days then register it and add your credit card to be charged for automatic payments. It works pretty good most signal strength was 4G, but some times it dropped to 3G due to to location or in side the buildings or in tunnels. Only giving it 4 stars as I it has been annoying to restart my phone 12 to 16 times. PREVIOUS REVIEW:Not sure if this SIM card will have Bonus Data, just received it yesterday. Delivery time was fantastic, seems like best value for Money.
Heading to Europe tomorrow in 5 days, will see if it works and if we have the 8 GB of Data. Will definitely review again in couple weeks.