Lycamobile Triple Punch Standard, Micro and Nano All in One SIM Card


  • SIM Format: Triple Cut SIM (Nano, Micro, Standard)
  • Compatible with all GSM unlocked handsets
  • Talk, Text & Data



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This is for a new Lycamobile Tri cut sim card , nano, micro, standard. Easy to activate and port your number.

Product information Product Dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 x 0.1 inches Item Weight 0.25 ounces ASIN B00UMNJPWO Item model number USA1000

Prepaid in the US is a pain, most providers have all kinds of hidden fees and tricks to get money from you and collect all kind of private information to bother you afterwards. Not with Lyca, it even works with an older AT&T iPhone 4.

Lyca actually the best choice if you call less than 200 minutes per month or when you are just visiting the US temporary.
Minimum top up is $10 and is valid forever as long as you make or receive one call or TXT per 90 days.

It costs 5 cents per minute/text sending AND receiving. There is no data or picture text support when using prepay, just use Wi-Fi for data.
Calling international costs is 1 cent extra per minute for most countries: [...]
Calling is free between Lyca mobile users, even internationally.

* You have to activate it online before you put the SIM in your phone: [...]
* The only thing you have to fill in is ICCID number printed on the SIM, a ZIP code so you get a phone number from that region and an e-mail address, the e-mail address also does not need to be real because they don't ask to confirm it.
* When it is activated insert the SIM and see if you get a signal. You will get a TXT with your new phone number.
* Now you have to add some credits (Refill) using a PIN code, the minimum is $10 you can get it online for example here[...]ID=535&name=Lycamobile-Refill---PIN and use the coupon CCSMR14 to get 10% off. Also here, you don't need to enter a real e-mail address but if you do you also get the PIN code mailed instead of just shown on the screen.
* Dial 611 from your mobile phone and follow the automated prompts to enter the PIN.
* Now you can call, don't forget to use it once in 90 days.

*WARNING* LycaMobile doesn't have coverage ANYWHERE! The customer service is garbage, when you ask them to cancel your plan they try to avoid that subject. Like they would say "excuse me, sir, what did you say?" Or, "sorry I can't hear you repeat that." Also, you CAN'T even cancel plans! So if you pay for a plan, plan on never being able to cancel it! I bought this over 6 months ago and I'm STILL trying to cancel my plan and switch to an actual GOOD carrier. They said that my plan was canceled, then a month later I looked at my bank account and it says -$17 from Lyca Mobile, so they f***** me!

How to port in out

1. Buy the SIM on Amazon.
2. Buy a plan on Lyca (They will send you an email with a "PIN" code at the bottom. KEEP THIS EMAIL, KEEP THIS PIN somewhere!!)
3. Call Lyca and request your port. KEEP THE REFERENCE # they give you. Also, make sure you have your CORRECT account number and password to your old carrier.
4. It takes less than 30 minutes to port. Once it's done, you wont know it. (They tell you 4-24 hours but thats not true.)
5. Basically, two ways you find out the port is done. 1. Call your number. If it says it's disconnected, and you can RECEIVE texts, the port is done. 2. Call CS and give them your reference number. They will tell you its been ported.
6. At this point, get the email with your PIN number, and dial this on your phone: *612*<8-digit PIN># (or *611*<13-digit PIN>#) and press call like you are making a call.
7. At this point, you should see a message that the code ran and within 5-10 minutes your should have service!

How to Port Out:

1. Call CS 612 and choose option 5 (Have your "pin" from above ready.)
2. Explain why you are leaving blah blah blah
3. Ask for your account number because your account number is NOT your phone number.
4. Once you have your pin and acct number you can provide this info to the new provider!!!!

I needed a sim to activate my Iphone that I am just using for photos, and this was a great cheap way to accomplish that.

Very affordable for a sim card with 3 months service. The only drawback I saw was sometimes when people call you they cannot connect with you. Seemed like mostly Boost mobile customers that tried to call and couldnt connect. You also need to go online and pay to renew or extend your sevice.

The current price on Lyca simply can't be beat, but I have experienced calls and text messages to my phone simply going into the void without leaving a trace. Very odd! Uses VOIP over T-Mobile carrier. For non-critical use this may be OK, but be advised you may get some peculiar connectivity problems. If you're OK with that, a cheap bar phone + Lyca pay/go will get you mobile for nearly nothing.

This vendor sent the SIM right away, and I received it from him five days quicker than from Lyca! Buy from him, not them!

it shipped faster than I expected and it came with coupon code as well, this sim card has only costed me 1 cent, so cheap. for who ever lost a sim card and traveler who needs a sim card right the way, this is the way.

I had ordered this to check if Lyca mobile works for my mobile. Luckily there was a situation where I had to port immediately and I had this with me. It was a savior as I could really activate my new number in less than 10 mins.

Sim card didn't work

It's totally robbery

Worked for unlocking our phones. Only bought it for that.


No service in Canada