Sinjimoru Phone Grip Credit Card Holder with Flap, Secure Stick-On Wallet as Phone Finger Strap Adhesive ID Card Case for iPhone Case. Sinji Pouch B-Flap Black


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  • PHONE POCKET WALLET WITH STRETHCING STRAP: Presenting Sinji Pouch B-Flap that will turn your phone into Credit or ID Card Holder Wallet with a solid Phone Hand Holder.
  • SECURE CARD WALLET FOR PHONE: This Credit Card Sleeve on the back of phone will always keep your cards secure inside the Phone Card Slot with the strong Flap.
  • CELL PHONE HOLDER FOR HAND: Sinji Pouch B-Flap functions as a Phone Loop Finger Holder with an elastic bands as well as an Adhesive Phone Wallet.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with most smart phones or iPhone as well as cell phone case. For phones with glass backs, please read the compatibility description below.
  • PACKAGE / 90 DAYS WARRANTY: This package contains Sinji Pouch B-Flap (x1). Sinjimoru offers 90 days warranty on all of our products including this Phone Wallet Stick On!



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Sinji Pouch B-Flap

Sinji Pouch B-Flap is an adhesive card holder for the back of your mobile phone which lets you enjoy a more convenient life without worrying about a separate wallet or card-case.

In addition to that, the Flap prevents disclosure of personal information and your cards from falling out, while the Band offers a better grip on your phone. All in all Sinji Pouch B-Flap will protect you in various ways and make your daily life more safe and comfortable.

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Sinji Pouch B-Flap can be used with most smartphones and smartphone cases.

Notice: For cell phones with glass backs such as iPhone 7, 8, SE 2020, X, XR, XS MAX, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, we recommend attaching on a phone case in order for the adhesive 3M tape to stick well.

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Excellent Storage

You can store 2 ~ 5 cards in Sinji Pouch B-Flap.

Take your ID card, credit card and even some cash and leave your heavy wallet at home.

Elastic and Durable Band

The elastic band is strongly attached to the Sinji Pouch. You can use it with only one finger or your whole hand. Moreover, it makes it easier to hold your phone over long periods of time so your fingers won't hurt.

Function Cards for Sinji Pouch B-Flap

When you worry about card recognition:

We recommend to get one of our RFID cards!

RFID Blocking Card

blocks the RFID signal and prevents unauthorized credit card payments.

RFID Boosting & Blocking Card

you can choose whether to block or boost signals from your cards.

Read more Have a look Have a look Have a look Have a look Have a look Have a look Product Name Sinji Pouch B-Flap Sinji Pouch Band Sinji Pouch B-Grip Sinji Grip Sinji Pouch Flap Ringo mini Card Holder Phone Grip Phone Stand Protect Personal Information What's Special Phone Grip Card Holder with Flap Side Card Holder Plus Phone Grip Phone Grip Card Holder with Phone Stand Phone Stand and Holder Enhanced Secure Storing Card Holder Compact Size and 360° Rotation Phone Ring Holder Options 4 Color Options 8 Color Options 4 Color Options 4 Color Options 12 Color Options 2 Color Options
Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 3.54 x 2.24 x 0.04 inches Item Weight 0.247 ounces ASIN B07FT8KSHZ

Absolutely love this! I have had several people ask me about it and sent them them the product link.

Have it on my new iPhone Xs with my license and debit card. Still allows wireless charging even with it on the case.

Love the grip and the flap. It has made me love my phone even more. I was a big fan of the stick on wallet but this has taken it to a whole new level. Tried it while on vacation a couple of months ago and am a customer for life.

Update Feb-21-2019
Con: The flap does start to rip away and I have gone through about 3-4 of these. Really wish they would do something to make the flap stay attached. I just order 2 at a time and stick on a new one when the flap tears away too much.

I had high hopes for this product. It ticked all the boxes I was looking for in a phone grip. I made sure I had the right kind of case and even researched the best way to apply it. I applied it to my case and let it sit for 24hrs to let it cure as I read that would allow maximum adhesion. I was very excited to use it. However it didn't even last more than one day.

The top portion of the grip started to slowly peel away. I pressed down on it and held it for a few minutes hoping the 3M backing would restick. It didn't work. But the rest of the grip seemed to be holding steady so I kept using it. Later that night while using the grip as I watched a video it came completely unattached from the case/phone. Luckily I was lying down so my phone just fell on me then rolled onto the bed. I'm so lucky this didn't happen while I was walking or out and about running errands.

There were only a few cards in the wallet part. I don't know if I received a dud or if my phone is too large or heavy. I did try to reattach it but it clearly didn't want to stay stuck to my case. In the end I'm extremely disappointed that I paid for a product that failed to work.

I like to have I.D. and credit card on the phone so I don’t have to carry anything else. Nice to have the cover flap to keep them from falling out. Unfortunately the cover flap ripped almost off the second day I used it. It was plastic instead of fabric like the rest of the item.

Love the card holder, but I wish I'd chosen a different color. The strap is beginning to change color and I wis I could wash it. The adhesion holds up very well. I have this attached to an Otterbox and it's not shifted once since I placed it on the Otterbox. I've used it to hold as many as 3 cards, 1 key, and around 4 bills.

I've had 4 different types of stick on wallet things over the past 4 years and this one is definitely the best. This one has a safety flip, which makes all the difference. While I liked my other ones just fine, this one feels much more secure. AND I fit 2 credit cards, my license and my subway card with no issues! Highly recommend this!

This is super comfortable. I use my phone for work and needed a comfortable grip that didn't cut into the circulation of my fingers, yet felt secure. The grip strap is super soft and comfortable. My phone feels safe in my hand while working. I use the pocket to hold my driver's license, appointment cards, business card, money, whatever i need a place to store something for the day!

I ordered the black one on Jan 31st. At first I loved it, but recently I noticed the the flap is cracking and will eventually come off. I originally purchased this for the functionality and it secures the cards with the flap. The longer you use it the fabric does stretch out. I’m disappointed that it hasn’t lasted longer.

I liked this holder BUT there is color transfer if you wear blue jeans! Keep that in mind. It got dirty so quickly, so it got ugly fast and I don’t like and appreciate that look. However, when I switched it out, it stuck on my phone so good! I loved that. When my mom put it on her phone, it stuck on her phone well so that’s good! Even though it had already been previously stuck to mine, it was still able to hold a few cards from her. So I’m glad it’s very durable and sticky as it is advertised!

It came next day, exactly as expected. I have the new green iphone11 and bought the apple case in green to match. The description colour is wrong though, its definately green and goes well with the apple store bought case.
I initially didnt think it would stay stuck on, but i left the empty case on the radiator to warm up once id stuck the card holder on, after 10 mins i pushed down and checked the seal, seemed fine enough so after it had cooled down put the case back on my phone and its been on ok since.
Holds two plastic cards and a £5 note ok.

Very handy for keeping, my bus pass in. And comfy for the hand, when carrying phone

I bought it to have my card always easily reachable and above all, to tap on the buses and paying without having to take it off.. but it is not working. I keep trying but all the time tha card is not read and I have to open it and take the card put.
This is really not good, especially because it was not cheap as other product.
But at least, it is not leather, which I dont personally buy.
If you look just for a card holder, it is nice, if you want to use your card without take it out from it as I wanted, this is NOT working.

It can fit one card; fitting two is a struggle. adhesive loses efficacy soon, esp in the process of taking in and out the 2nd card. i returned mine. the return process and policy from seller and amazon was definitely prompt and appreciated.

Practical and useful

This sticks and holds the cards well. But it gets dirty very easily. I will buy a darker color next time.

Well maybe it can only fit 1 or 2 cards so the sides doesn't start to tear. I put in four cards and it started to tear. Overall its quite handy but it's not durable and false advertising on the product picture :(

very convenient for my travel card and uni id

More color options would be great!

Good quality feel but doesn't hold up under every day use



Der Kartenhalter hält gut an meinem IPhone. Es ist praktisch, wenn man nur eine Karte mitnehmen will. Es passen auch zwei bis dreinreden, aber dann wird es schon relativ dick. Ich muss außerdem immer ein, zwei Tabletten mitnehmen, dafürzustehen das ebenfalls echt gut, wenn man nicht immer sein komplettes Portemonnaie mitnehmen will. Allerdings liegt das Handy dann auf dem Rücken nicht mehr gerade auf, was ja logisch ist. Ich dreh es dann halt auf die Bildschirmseite (Panzerglasschutz). Besonders praktisch finde ich das Gummiband, so kann ich das Handy gut mit einer Hand halten ohne das ich Angst haben muss, dass es mir runter fällt.

... die Qualität könnte besser sein. Das Haltegummi sieht jetzt schon nicht schön aus. Liegt aber vielleicht auch an der Farbe, von der ich sehr enttäuscht bin. Beige... ja... beige ist nicht aufregend, aber meine andere Hülle von gleichen Hersteller und Lieferanten war auch „beige“ aber leicht goldig schimmernd. Das sah gut aus, diese Teil mit der Klappe sieht „schmuddelig“ aus und macht nichts her.
Praktisch ist es aber allemal!

Als langer Verwender einer Klapphülle mit Kartenfächern habe ich nach einer Alternative gesucht, wenn ich mal nicht mit dicker Geldbörse losziehen möchte und trotzdem die wichtigsten Karten dabei haben kann und hab sie hier gefunden! Der Halter klebt perfekt auf der Handyrückseite und mit bis zu drei Karten passt dies dann auch noch in eine Leder-Steckhülle. Es passen auch noch mehr Karten hinein, aber dann wird das Handy "unhandlich". Ich habe auch parallel die Hülle ohne Verschluss versucht, und da dort die Karten auch nicht von allein herausfallen, bervorzuge ich die "einfache" Variante. Deswegen ein Stern weniger.