CardNinja Ultra-slim Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet for Smartphones, Magenta


  • CardNinja can store up to 8 cards AND cash using a durable elastic fabric (driver’s license, gym card, train pass)
  • Using 3M adhesive, CardNinja securely attaches to the back of your device. It removes cleanly too!
  • Compatible with the following smartphones: iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5 / 5s / 5c / 4 / 4s, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5 / S4 / S3, Galaxy Note 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1, LG G3 / G2 / Optimus series, Nexus 6 / 5 / 4, HTC M8 / EVO / Desire / Sense, iPod Touch, Sony Xperia and much more! Works with nearly ANY phone case including: Otterbox, Lifeproof, CaseMate, Belkin, Speck, Apple and more
  • Reviewed by the biggest names in tech: CNET, The New York Times, Macworld, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Next Web, and Cult of Mac
  • The Original! CardNinja is the world’s first PATENTED adhesive smartphone wallet. Designed in California
  • 90-day worry free guarantee. 100% USA based customer support



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Style:Classic  |  Color:Magenta

The patented CardNinja is the ultimate smartphone accessory! As simply as peeling a sticker, CardNinja attaches to your phone or case using high strength adhesive and won't come off until you want it to. And you can remove it cleanly without leaving any residue! It also holds its contents super tight: nothing will come out of your CardNinja, even if you flip your phone over and shake it! Whether you carry a bunch of cards with you for work, or just a few to run errands, the CardNinja adapts to you. It's made from a special strong and resilient spandex style material so it stretches to accommodate several cards, but shrinks back down when empty or only carrying a card or two. At only 2.5mm thin, the CardNinja is discreet. Like a Ninja! Made from reinforced elastic material, it is designed to withstand being put into your pocket or purse day after day without wearing. It's also designed to resist tearing from repeatedly inserting and removing your credit cards. The CardNinja is perfect for quick trips, hiking, biking, the gym or a night on the town! Toss your bulky wallet and switch to CardNinja for everyday use!

Product information Style:Classic  |  Color:Magenta Product Dimensions 2.2 x 0.1 x 3 inches Item Weight 0.8 ounces Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S. International Shipping This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S. Learn More ASIN B00UCAUMRY Item model number 029-570-124

This credit card holder is amazing! I wanted to wait a while on writing a review for this item to see how it held up. I have had it for seven months now and nothing is wrong with it. I fill this thing up on the daily, I use it every single day with up to six cards and the holder has never ripped or became too loose to hold all my cards. The only time my cards fall out of it is when I accidentally drop my phone on the ground, but that's my own fault. The cloth is so stretchy and it makes your cards fit so snug. The adhesive on the back is very sticky, it does not even peel on the corners over time. Ever since I use this, I have not been lugging around a purse or bag when I shop and it feels so liberating! Everything I need (cards, cash, IDs, etc.) can be carried along with me on just the back on my phone. If you are someone who is tired of carrying around a bag or purse everywhere and just really only need it for credit cards and cash, then this is perfect for you. The only thing that you have to get used to when using it is the bulky feeling on the back of your phone when your card(s) stack up in it, but I carry around six cards on the daily and my phone can still comfortably fit in the jeans of my pocket. The quality is really durable, it is reliable and safe, it eliminates the hassle of carrying around a bag, and it's so simple to install it.

I have been using Cardninja for the last year and it is Great! I give it 5/5 stars for the function and amazing quality. I have removed it from my old phone and reattached it to my new one with no issues. Just peel slowly and most of the adhesive will stay on the cardninja.

I took off 2 stara for the fact that THERE IS NO RFID BLOCKING with this advertised product. It is the same as the NON RFID product - there is no “metal plate” anywherrr to be found! I return and reordered and was sent the same one again!

Save your money and get the CLASSIC because there seems to be no RFID blocking cardninja.

I wanted a minimalist wallet and was looking all over through YouTube and Amazon to find the new trend.

I found phone wallet cases-
Too bulky, not well designed, very fashionable though…
I found minimalist wallets-
I almost bought a $70 rubber band and two plastic pieces…… (The Ridge Wallet & Asset)

There is also two pieces of leather sewn together with one card access outside, but it holds a movie passes too if for some reason need one of those…. (The Trihold)

One comes with more tools than a Swiss Army knife and has room for two cards and cash with a strapping corset feature?....(Trayvax Wallet)

Lastly, a piece of super aluminum that hold 4, 6, 8, 12 cards, no more no less and no cash… (Decadent Minimalist)

Then I saw a friend with a hard plastic version of this with some companies logo on it. He really enjoyed it but complained it was too stiff and did not "hug" the cards, they were placed in there like a file or container. Cards would fall out when inverted (without shaking).

I found this!
Back to YouTube to review this wallet. The difference between this an all the other adhesive phone wallets is the neoprene. I carry 6 cards and $20 sometimes in multiple bills folded into quarters. The nice part is when I do not need as many cards or spend the cash like I do.... the neoprene conforms.

YES….The cards will come out regardless of neoprene tension when inverted and shook beyond oblivion, or slam the phones edge against your hand causing it to stop. Just like a traditional or trendy minimalist wallet would with the same unrealistic shaking and manic behavior.

A simple rotation, toss on the counter, drop between the car seats, or placed in your pocket upside down will not release anything!

THE ONLY NEGATIVE is to get you card out is you must pull all of them partially out, thumb through them to the one you want (neoprene allows for sifting/sorting) and push them all back in. I see no way the manufacture could adjust or fix this, just something to note.

After a month-

I tested its elasticity; I removed all cards and cash and left overnight. It returned to its original sized snuggly held one card.

Durability is acceptable. The small logo is fading/wearing off, oh well. There is some burring or scuffed material due to a bout with Velcro. No holes, tears, folds, loss of adhesion, or function of the CardNinja.

I will purchase another one when this one wears out!! I don’t see that happening soon….

I was just putting a metal plate from my magnetic holder in my old Ninja wallet & that worked. Yeah, it fell out all the time and was inconvenient. This is the perfect solution as the metal plate is sewn into the outer fabric. I've tried other brands and they were all crap. Living in Texas (think stupid hot desert) and carrying a phone 24/7 is pretty rough on any case etc. CardNinja has yet to let me down after several years of use. Haven't lost a card yet and even in 115 degrees the wallet stays stuck on. As for the vent magnet thing.. mehh.. it holds my S8+ with a case and 4 cards good enough, but I use a larger magnet mount instead. Mostly because of the angle and position in my vehicles.

Love this card holder! I was so indecisive on finding a good case with card holder, but I just decided to get my otter box case and a gray card ninja holder and I'm so glad I did! Right now it holds two card, bills and even coins! It stretches out more so I can hold more if I need to. Definitely recommend this product and just get whichever protective case and add on the ninja! :) It's also slim and not bulky, and the cards are nicely secured, does not fall out!

I always carry my driver's license, gun license, debit card, and sometimes a few bills folded over twice. It has never lost its ability to hold my cards in place. I've had this for at least 6 months, probably closer to a year. I've removed it from one phone to another, and then removed it again to place it on a new case. It still sticks just fine, although I did have to put some pressure on the corner that I first pulled up, to get it to straighten out and lay down again.
I'm probably going to buy another one soon, just in case I need to transfer it and it won't stick. Even if it doesn't stick a 4th time, I'm actually surprised it ever stuck a 2nd or 3rd time, I'm not sure that it was even designed to transfer.
I am beyond satisfied with this awesome product.

Simple, does what it says & great value

I'm pretty happy with this product so far. It stuck well on to the silicone case for my iPhone and so far has stayed secure. I typically have between two and four cards in it. Sliding the cards out isn't always smooth and easy - if you have four or five cards in there, you may need to sort of pry up the entire "deck" and then manoeuvre the one you want out, if it isn't the topmost one. The challenges this product poses have nothing to do with its quality or lack of it, but are more to do with the fact that you're exposing yourself to risk by carrying your cards in a package with your phone, as other reviewers have pointed out - lose the phone and you're losing some ID docs as well. At the moment, I'm using this as a wallet replacement (though I have my wallet with the rest of my cards and some cash in by bag), so I need to remember to take some cards (driver's license, for example) out of my wallet and stick them in this case if I'm going to be driving, and so on. Also, I don't see this becoming a full wallet replacement, because holding more than five cards in it would make the phone unreasonably bulky and affect the smoothness of how it travels in and out of your pocket. All told, I'm liking not having to have my wallet in my pants pocket all the time.

Es un buen producto, creí que la goma no sería tan efectiva, pero resultó ser muy buena. Es una ventaja que la funda sea stretch, porque no limita la cantidad de tarjetas o cosas que podrías meter en el compartimento.

I absolutely love the floral pattern but I've used this product for 2 days with only one card (my debit) and my ultra slim card ninja is already loose. It's not tight and my card is loose enough inside that it falls right out. Disappointed. I had much higher hopes than this and in fact bought a black one for my husband that arrived this morning. Only time will tell if his will be fine or will become loose as well. I wanted to request a replacement as maybe mine was only unfortunately defective but not sure how I can do that when the only options are for returns. I can't even take a photo of it to send because it's affixed to the backside of my cell.

I've owned a plethora of these card holder accessories to hold my public transit card on the back of my phone and while the card ninja is probably the priciest of the bunch: it has the best aesthetic in my opinion and the lowest profile when compared to the silicone ones commonly available.

The only con i can address is that if you buy one with a print or graphic, expect the fabric to get dirty. They can easily be cleaned with any spandex safe cleaner but the color does fade. I recommend going with the stealthy black one.

El producto es bueno y cumple con lo que promete pero en lo personal me dejo de gustar por que es muy incomodo para mi que lo guardo en mis bolsillos por que como es un elástico se afloja y salen las tarjetas solo para que lo tomen en cuenta

Meh. Tried it for a while in hopes to ditch the old wallet. 1: it looks way ugly. SO and coworkers liked to tease me, and I agree with them. 2: the fabric gets loose, making point 1 even worse. Functionally it’s a nice idea but get something nicer.

Works great! Ive had it for about 3 weeks.The magnet is strong enough to hold my phone in any position, but weak enough to easily pull off. It also takes some effort to put on and take off of the car vents, so its not going anywhere once its on. The pouch holds 1-3 cards firmly, and you can get up to 5 but it starts getting tight. Really handy combo to have.

Buena y cumple su función al 100%, sin embargo ya existen otras a menor precio. Por mi parte terminé quitandola a los 3 meses de uso al pensar que si se diera el caso de perder el Smartphone también perdería mis tarjetas o lo que trajera en la bolsa cubi.

Al principio todo bien, despues de una semana se ensucia y traté de lavar con trapo humedo y se aflojó, en dos semanas ya tienes una bolsa fea pegada al cel, no se la peguen a una funda de cuero sintetico o real, al momento de quitar desprenderá el material... me arruinó mi case de Amazon... y ya se veia feo en dos semanas

I got this for my wife who continues to lose her credit cards while she doesn't bring her wallet every where. This solves it as she carrys her iPhone 6 and gives the options for a few cards. She uses a few cards at once. Looks great. Everyone is jealous of this. I'm sure she has referred about 5 already.

I used this to have my metro card on the back of my phone for easy access- was perfect for the one card, and might have been able to fit a second. The only downside is it got dingy and dirty pretty quickly. Stuck very well though

I keep going back to this card holder each time I get a new phone. It stretches out a little after a year however as long as you have 4 or more cards in there they will still stay put. Has never peeled /come off the phone. RFID version doesn't work however.

I got this for my boyfriend months ago and it is still working great! He uses it for 5-6+ cards at a time with no issues! It is still stuck on there and working as advertised

La uso en una funda de silicon que puse a mi note 4 y no se ha movido ni un centímetro a pesar de que sin cuidado alguno la meto y saco de bolsas en el pantalón e incluso se me llega a atorar pero todo perfecto.

Muy conveniente para no traer cartera aparte, todo en el celular, llevo 3 tarjetas y billetes, es muy flexible!