SUPCASE Adhesive Slim Wallet,(2-Pack) Ultra Thin Stick-On Silicone Credit Card Holder Sticker Adhesive Cell Phone Wallet Compatible for Most Smartphones(not fit Mobile Phones with Curved Back)(Black)


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  • Made of high quality, anti-slip silicone and PC materials. This card holder is smooth on the outside with a corrugated texture on the inside. Strong and durable material will keep its shape so cards won’t fall out.
  • Dimensions: 4.05 x 2.38 x 0.17 inch (102.75*60.5*4.5 mm); The extra-slim profile is just 4.5mm thick, adds no bulk to your smartphone. Carry only what you need but leave your bulky wallet behind when going out. The color makes it suitable for men, women and even kids!
  • Strong elastic pouch can securely hold cards up to 2 cards. No need for a bulky wallet or purse. Just slip your credit cards and/or ID into the card holder and you're ready to go.
  • Each SUPCASE stick-on wallet uses a 3M adhesive tape backing for a strong, firm, long-lasting hold. It won't lose strength due to pocket heat, light moisture or sweat. When you want to remove the card holder, it can be peeled off without leaving any residue.
  • Compatible with all smartphones with a minimum size of 4-inch screens or larger



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Supcase SUPCASE Adhesive Slim Wallet Stick-On Credit Card Holder for smartphone SUPCASE Adhesive Slim Wallet Stick-On Credit Card Holder for smartphone

SUPCASE Adhesive Slim Wallet Stick-On Credit Card Holder for smartphone

SUPCASE Adhesive Slim Wallet Stick-On Credit Card Holder for smartphone

SUPCASE Adhesive Slim Wallet Stick-On Credit Card Holder for smartphone

Fits Any Device

Compatible with all smartphones with at least a 4 inch screen or larger.

Slim Design

It's extra-slim profile adds no bulkiness to your device so you can always go out in style leaving your bulky wallet at home.

Wireless Charging Compatible

We’ve designed this card holder specifically, which means we made sure it wouldn’t interfere with the device’s one of the best features.

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Product information Package Dimensions 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches Item Weight 0.81 ounces ASIN B07L5CWTSL

Exactly what I had wanted! I do not always like having my purse with me so this was ideal for me! I can keep my phone in my back pocket and always have my drivers license and bank card with me without the bulk of a purse when it isn’t needed. Grocery shopping is much easier with a quick grab, slide the card out and pay. Love it! Card is very secure, I have never had any issues. I always keep two cards in it as that keeps things tight. I have been using this about 6 months and it’s just a secure as it was when I got it. Love having the extra sleeve for if I choose to get a second case for my phone or to give a friend. I am using a Supcase for my iPhone 8 Plus and it has stuck to it perfectly. Perfect in every way for me!

This is a great card hold. It only holds two cards securely, so be sure that if you're looking for a product that carries more than two cards that this is not the product for you. It's a great product for me because it does what I need it to do, it looks good, and it fits great on my phone case!

Product works exactly as described plus it looks great. I gave it three stars on the easy to remove part because although for the most part It could be a quality its very hard to remove let alone its imposible to te attach if you ever want to reposition it. Looks great price is also great I would definitely recommend this product.Now I just found out that one of the two wallets was teared and the only reason I did find out is because I changed my phone cover and like I mentioned before once you remove the wallet you cannot reinstall it so when I pulled my new one I discovered the defect, it seems to be a legit shipping accident rather than bad quality control though.

Very high quality adhesive! I was worried with a couple of the cheaper ones that they would fall off at some point or something but this one is securely attached to my case and I can fit four cards in there but it really likes between 2 and 3 for them to go in and out easily... overall super happy with it and the added grip on the back of the phone as an added bonus

Biggest concern with card holders made of silicon is them being too soft to hold the card and risk of losing the card(s). Molded plastic base with a snug silicon sleeve holds cards really well. Worth the money.

It looks cool and is sturdy, but pulling a credit card out when I need one is difficult. I like it but that issue is problematic enough not to love it.

I'm rough on my phone. And alot of times. I'm not a fan of alot of items in my pockets. So this worked for me. And I like the design vs other card holders I have seen.

I like that it keeps my cards in, it even keeps one more than it recommended. The cards come out easily when you get them out, they don't just fall out. I would recommend. My sister is even thinking about getting one. Might as well since we use our phones like if they were our wallets nowadays.