Sinjimoru Cell Phone Card Holder Wallet Case for Back of Phone, Secure Silicone Phone Stand Card Zip Band Grip, Black with Blue Band


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  • SIMPLE WALLET FOR MOBILE PHONE: Cardzip Band Grip is a light plastic phone case wallet attached to the back of a cell phone / case. The card wallet can hold ID cards, debit cards, driver license, cash, and business cards can be stored in the lid tab.
  • DURABLE SILICONE CELL PHONE STAND: The card phone holder has a silicone smart phone stand, so you comfortably can watch movies, videos, lectures, etc. in the cafe, at home or in the office.
  • CELL PHONE RING HOLDER STRAP: The elastic band strap of the phone card case prevents the phone from dropping and the case is securely closed with the two snap buttons that prevent card loss and exposure.
  • ADHESION/ COMPATIBILITY: The iPhone case wallet can be attached on any kind of flat surface or mobile phone such as iPhone, Android, smartphone, tablet, office desks etc. The reusable gel pad allows reattachment when changing phone model or case.
  • COLOR / PACKAGE / 90 DAYS WARRANTY: Choose your favorite color among the 5 color options. The package includes 1 Cardzip Band Grip and 1 Assistant Adhesive Film. Sinjimoru offers 90 days warranty on all of our products!



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zip phone stand wallet credit card holder for back of stick on

All in one Card Slot!

Bring your light phone wallet everywhere with no worries and a convenient phone stand right by the hand.

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Make your daily life more comfortable

This multi functional card holder stores cards and cash and has a silicone phone strap that can be used as phone stand.

Compatibility / Notification

Attachable on any flat surface such as mobile phones, cell phone cases, iPads, tablets etc.


  • For phones with glass backs, please attach the product on a phone case for better adhesive.
  • We recommend storing 3 cards at a time. Please note wireless charging is not supported.


Card Zip Band Grip x1 + Manual x1 + Assistant Adhesive Film x1


  • Convenient and light wallet
  • Re-attachable gel pad
  • Safe grip with cell phone strap
  • Convenient silicone cell phone stand
  • Secure closure buttons
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Have a look Have a look Have a look Have a look Have a look Have a look Product Name Cardzip Band Grip Cardzip Sinji Pouch Basic 2 Sinji Pouch B-Grip Sinji Pouch B-Flap Sinji Grip Card Holder Phone Grip What's Special Hard Case Card Holder with Silicone Grip Reusable Hard Case Card Holder Extra Elastic Card Holder Phone Grip Card Holder with Phone Stand Phone Grip Card Holder with Flap Phone Stand and Holder Color Options 5 Color Options 4 Color Options 12 Color Options 4 Color Options 4 Color Options 4 Color Options
Product information Color:Black with Midnight Blue Band Product Dimensions 4.09 x 2.36 x 0.47 inches Item Weight 1.23 ounces ASIN B084B976QN

This was an okay product. If you want to add a pop-socket to it, you can't. Although it will stick, it will stick for a little while then slid off.. very annoying. The case itself isn't that sticky so it will fall off very quickly if you're not careful. For me, it was able to hold 3 IDs and a MetroCard.

This is an awesome accessory. I work in the hospital so I can't constantly carry my wallet with me. Its nice to just carry my ID and credit card with a couple dollars in case I want to run to the cafe while working. Also great for a night out if you are the type of person who doesn't like keeping track of multiple items/ carry a purse. I take it off every night to use my wireless charger and it sticks back on in the morning with no problem. I've even had other friends order their own.

I bought this card holder hoping I could use it to hold my cards as well as stick a popsocket on it. I won't be testing the popsocket use since I won't be using this card holder. It's way too bulky. It's almost as thick as my Galaxy S10+, but it still only comfortably holds 2 cards. In the pics I've uploaded I have 2 debit cards and my driver's license in it. Only 2 fit fully under the latch. The one I received is also extremely hard to open. It wasn't difficult to open when it wasn't stuck on my phone, but now that it's on my phone I need to wedge a knife under the latch to get it to open. The one I received also came with a mold/mildew like substance growing on the latch even though it was in a sealed package.

Mine currently is holding two credit cards, my driver's license, and a paper medical card that is a bit thinner than most standard business cards. They fit inside perfectly. I attached a metal disk to the door so it can be used with my magnetic phone mount. This doesn't compromise the number of cards that it can hold as I put it above the rubber clamp that holds the cards in. The latch on the door is very secure and even when being held by just the magnet I have absolutely no worry that it might open accidentally.

The only negative I have is the rubber clamp is not as strong as when I first got it. It does still do the job but not as securely as the day I got it.

The adhesive is very secure. I haven't removed it and tried reattaching it though so I cannot comment on if this will be the case on future applications.

Edit: After removing and reattaching to different phones (I had a rash of phone issues) I can say that it does that job relatively well. Do NOT try attaching the phone to fabric. This ruined the adhesiveness on mine. The hair simply will not come off enough to make it effective for permanent use. That said the overall usefulness and quality is enough to buy a new one. I still give this 5 stars.

I really wanted to like this one. It fits perfectly on the back of my OnePlus and the color is great. The material *seemed* durable, but then last night I found the plastic had broken in two spots. I don't remember dropping it, either. It still closes, but it's not long for this world. So, disappointed.

I got a new phone and case and realized that my work badge would not fit in my new case like my old case. I chose this one and it is perfect not only for holding my work badge but also my Credit Card and ID, if I do not want to take a purse all the time. I did not have to cut or modify it in any way like others have stated. It seals tightly and I do not fear it randomly opening and losing anything. Great little case and feels very secure attached to my phone case.

I bought this to keep my business cards on the back of my work phone i had to cut out the little tabs on the inside (on top) because my cards didn't quite fit but it was very easy to do and now I always have crisp clean cards

this thing is amazing! i ordered another one because i just got a new phone. Then it broke almost a year later so I just bought another one. the only bad thing about it is the price. it's kind of a lot of money for a cheap piece of plastic, but there is nothing comparable to this. Get it!!!

Love this as I often want to just take my phone out not a bag - this is great and has been much admired

Appears sturdy and keeps cards and cash handy
Less cumbersome than a big phone case with card wallets and gives phone case extra grip
As a minimalist I'm happy

I like that I don’t have to carry a bag anymore or put ny card and cash in my pocket where its not 100% safe. Since I got this, I only have to bring my phone and keys when going out of the house.

just dropped my phone and the bottom bit of the card case snapped off. really liked it but clearly isn't that durable :(

Works verry well as can squeeze 5 cards in mabey 6.

Love it

This product was thin plastic. The stickers to hold it to my phone are very strong and durable. Not sur it is worth the $15 I paid for it,but it does the trick holds 3-4 cards.

Ich bin echt begeistert davon . Ich trage auch kein Portmonee mit mir mit . Habe meine Karten alle in dem Fach drinnen. Da ich einen Umhänge Halterung für mein Handy habe ist das mega praktisch . Das Teil Teil sitzt Bomben fest und kann gar nicht verstehen warum einige geschrieben haben das es nicht fest sitzt .Auf jeden Fall eine Kaufempfehlung !!!

Sitzt bombenfest auf meiner Handyhülle und ersetzt mein Portemonnaie. Karten, Geldscheine und ein Einkaufschip passen hinein. Und es stimmt, dass man es ablösen und wieder neu aufkleben kann.

It does not stick to glass, but sticks very well to my TPU phone case. Have been using it for a while now. Fits max 4 cards, but can also stuff in some bills, just have to fold it correctly. Works great for me, I no longer carry a wallet.

Je nai pas aimé du tout alors je lai retourné. Pietre qualite

Stuck on
My kids didn't lose his cards so thumbs up

Good quality, durable

Mauvaise qualité , le boîtier s'est cassé après qq ouvertures. Vraiment décevant à ce prix là. Je ne recommande pas du tout ce produit. Dommage car le principe était super.

This is amazing item. Get alot of ppl liking it