RhinoShield Bumper Case Compatible with [iPhone 11 / XR] | CrashGuard NX - Shock Absorbent Slim Design Protective Cover 3.5M / 11ft Drop Protection - Camo Green


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  • ⚠️COMPATIBILITY: Only compatible with iPhone 11 / iPhone XR.
  • ✔️UNPARALLELED SHOCK PROTECTION: Surpasses military grade standards, providing impact protection of 11 feet (3.4m) while being 20% thinner than other cases that offer a similar level of protection. Inner honeycomb structure helps absorb 10% more impact.
  • ✔️DURABLE MATERIAL: Tough yet flexible, holds shape without loosening after bending or stretching, also scratch resistant. Strongly recommend pairing this product with the RhinoShield Impact Protection Screen Protector, just in case for the face-down falling on a pointed object or highly-uneven surface.
  • ✔️ADD A PERSONAL TOUCH: CrashGuard NX bumper cases are customizable. Changeable rims and buttons let you mix and match to make the case truly yours.
  • ✔️USER FRIENDLY: Easy access and control of all phone buttons. Precision cutouts for all ports fit most cables.



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Ultra Slim & Lightweight

Only 3mm (0.1inch) added. No bulkiness.

Scratch Resistant

Matte coating improves scratch resistance.

Snug Fit

Fits and wraps your phone perfectly.

100% BPA Free

No harmful material added that might affect your hormone or cause infertility.

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Product information Color:iPhone 11 / XR - Camo Green Package Dimensions 7.09 x 4.25 x 0.71 inches Item Weight 3.2 ounces ASIN B07XFPPTCD

I really wanted a durable case that would protect my phone from any drops since it’s an iPhone, you know how sensitive it is but I wasn’t able to find any good ones that weee able to display the awesome color on the XR until I stumbled upon rhino Shield the reviews on YouTube and the extreme test that they would do with their phones and then showing how the case held up sold me and I had to get one. recommend it if you really want to display your phones color and have the reassurance that the case will hold up! the only negative side I kind of would say is that they don’t really provide a clear bag backplate for the just Incase you drop it on it’s back on a not flat surface, But overall great case!! Just have to wait until I can get myself a back custom case from their site!

The product appears to be good quality and shock absorbent. Only complaint I have is that the sides of the case do not fit as snug on the phone as the top and bottom do. I just received the case two days ago and it’s already losing its shape, not happy with this, going to contact the seller to see if this is normal.

**update: received a replacement cover today, the process of getting the case replaced was so easy. The new product fits great! I would definitely buy again.

I had a CrashGuard bumper on my iPhone 7 for 2 years. It was the best bumper i have ever had on any of my iPhones. Just received the CrashGuard NX for my new iPhone XR. Still feels quality just like the old one. The NX is a "modular bumper", which means you can change out the rim on the back of the case. So essentially the case is two separate pieces. I am not a fan of this and wish they made the original CrashGuard for the iPhone X series. Although this still seems like a very quality bumper that will hold up well.

I’ve been using RhinoShield case for my iPhone 7 plus. It survived countless drops and throws across the rooms, and is still going strong. This case is for iPhone XR, and the quality is just as good. It has a nice matte finish. Buttons are still clicky with the case on. And it’s easy to hold.
One small drawback is that dust will start to gather at the buttons/speakers area. So it needs to be cleaned regularly.

I used a Crashguard on my Note 9 for two years and it was amazing! Got the NX for my iPhone and it’s definitely more robust feeling. Yes, the plastic feels more slippery than the previous version, the rim is a weird addition as I have had it slip out of place, and the NX feels a bit thicker than the Older version. With all that said, the NX feels sturdy, fits perfectly, and still provides that great protection with minimal looks. I’m actually pretty gentle with my phone in day to day use, but that didn’t stop me from giving this a good toss down my driveway to test it out!

I had this case on my iPhone 6 and I finally upgraded to the 11 and went with the same case. I've dropped my 6 a number of times and this case saved my phone. I had no questions as to what case I was getting for my new phone. Doesn't add too much size to the phone, easy to get out of your pockets, still see a lot of the phone since the back is open.

Better than expected, I have 3-4 cases right now and have owned just about everything’s out there for an iPhone over the last 9 years. Also have numerous cases for my small business phones (7 employees running iPhones).

This is the one, I always come back tot his one. Good grip, thick rim around the edges (also helps with grip), serious protection, and keeps the beauty of the iPhone in the open for the world to see.

This case is exactly what I was looking for. I like the look of my iPhone 11 without a case, and cases that cover the back obstruct this clean look. This case, unlike others, provides a sleek look without compromising durability and shock absorption. I also like that it comes with a rear glass protector that’s barely noticeable. My only complaint is that the case doesn’t grip as well as some others and almost feels slippery sometimes. Otherwise, I am satisfied.

Very big.

I have used rhinoshield for years, since the days of the iphone 6. The bumpers always caught my eye and added a high level of protection to any iphone I had all the way up to the iphone 8. I found no reason to want to change, so went ahead and bought one for my new iphone 11.

I was instantly disappointed. This case is very hard and large. It feels awkward in your hand and makes the phone look very bulky, this never was the case with the previous models. With the added size of the iphone this makes sense, but for me, it isn’t up to par with other cases on the market and this case just doesn’t look sleek at all and makes my phone an eye sore, the quality of the case feels cheap and horrible and I just don’t like this case one bit.

As a long time customer, it’s time to move on. It’s been fun rhinoshield but I just can’t recommend this case at all.

Picked this up as I've been looking for a case to show off the red back of my phone and also avoiding clear plastic finger print magnet cases - this is the best so far.

Looks great, lets you keep at least a bit of the "caseless" look without sacrificing protection. Also comes with a clear plastic "protector" that feels like a generic screen protector but for the back of your phone. I wasn't a fan of the look so it isn't pictured but it's decent if you don't want bare glass out.

Feels grippy enough to hold, raised enough to lay flat on a table and your camera not touching it, although because it's just a bumper it's not the most comfortable to hold.

Would recommend this over any bumper cases I've tried so far.

I was looking for a case on my iPhone and it was recommended to me by a really good friend
The cover is very easy to put on.It fits so nicely
It also protect the phone very well..Accidentally dropped my phone on the playground over the weekend..I am so glad my phone wasn't damaged.
Highly recommended..

This is the second phone I have bought a rhinosheild case for and it seems they have made it even better. I used to drop my 8 plus all the time and the case has kept it perfectly protected. Now I’ve got the iPhone 11 I wanted the same protection as before so ordered the newer version. This case however has a much nicer feel and ridiculous grip from the subtle texture of the case. Very impressed

Fantastic product. returning customer. One thing I would say, however, is that if you are putting this onto a new glass-backed iPhone, you will still need to protect the back from scratches with a protective screen cover, as while the phone itself is safe from drops, any keys or coins in a pocket that the phone is sharing, will possibly leave scratch marks on it.

This is the first time I bought the phone case through Amazon.
And its pretty surprised me, not only for the reasonable price but the product itself.
I highly recommend this product to everyone, you would not regret to buy it:))

So far so good! Protects my phone looks good and seems to work

Perfect as expected

Excellent product, my 15 year old son seems to like it, good quality, would definitely recommend

Love how it offers total protection while covering as little of the phone as possible. Bit of a dust trap.

Very good product. Definitely i will buy it again

really good protection. I've used RhinoShield's products for many years. I like it very much.

Light weight than i thought!! Durable, dropped my phone and nothing happened ,the case did the job! Perfect for people who are careless like me

Grandson was very pleased with it

Was great for my iPhone 7 but for the 11 it’s very bulky and feels like cheap quality. It’s also an absolute nightmare to take off, thought I was going to snap my phone.