Speck Products iPhone Xs/iPhone X Case, CandyShell Grip, Azure Blue/Melon Pink


  • Dual-layer slim protection, polycarbonate on the outside, soft rubber on the inside — absorb and disperse shock on impact and keep case from stretching out.
  • CandyShell Grip cases meet strict MIL-SPEC 810G drop-test standards.
  • Raised rubber ridges provides a more secure hold when texting, gaming, selfie-ing — and more.
  • Rubberized covers shield volume and power buttons while keeping them fully accessible. Protects ports without compromising sound or photo quality.
  • Designed to allow for Qi wireless charging.



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Color:Azure Blue/Melon Pink

Speck's CandyShell Grip slim dual-layer case has raised rubber edges for a no-slip grip and meets MIL-SPEC standards for drop protection. This hard phone case has a no-slip grip and a patented, two-layer design to absorb and disperse shock on impact. A raised bezel helps to protect your screen from scratching and shattering if your phone falls face-down. Tested to meet MIL-SPEC drop standards, this case allows for wireless charging.

Product information Color:Azure Blue/Melon Pink Package Dimensions 7.4 x 5.04 x 0.79 inches Item Weight 0.634 ounces ASIN B07RJBMYQZ Item model number 123796-8059

I just got an iPhone XS, and I've been trying to find a case that was actually made for it, and not just something made for an iPhone X that doesn't correctly fit around the larger iPhone XS camera.

While this case was made originally for the iPhone X, its camera hole is large enough that the bigger iPhone XS camera isn't too far off-center. You have to get pretty close to notice the 1-2mm difference.

I've had both the CandyShell Grip and Presidio Grip cases for my other phones. The CandyShell Grip case is glossy, and I think that it gives you a slightly better grip than the regular Presidio Grip case does. Although, Speck now also makes a glossy version of the Presidio Grip, so I might try that case, next.

Both types of case (CandyShell Grip and Presidio Grip) give GREAT drop-protection. The front has a generous lip that protects the screen, and is far away enough from it to allow you to use your favorite screen protector.

This white candyshell grip has become my favorite cell phone case. I tried to go another way, another case that was just grippy enough, but left me a little concerned, so I returned to my favorite B&W Speck candyshell grip. My hands are small. and nearly always dry, and the wrap-around grip helps me keep me from playing dropsy! I'm not too keen on the other color options Speck offers, but do continually look to see what they have coming out. The grip is FANTASTIC. The shell is easy to clean and comfortable to hold and slips easily in and out of my bag or pocket. I replace my case as soon as I see any damage at the corner. I also have a glass protector on my screen. It's cracked only once in the many times my phone landed on the ground - and not because of the grip! My left hand is only half functional. It's not the case... it's me. 5 stars all around! Hey Speck... how about a White with Navy grip?

Chose the color so it would stand out because I am constantly misplacing my phone. I love the grip case. It’s the only kind of case I use because it really helps me hold onto my iPhone and I can lay it down anywhere even if it’s not a flat area -couch armrest, car dashboard, seat cushion etc. you’d be surprised how often the grip comes in handy! Plus, the more unusual case color keeps it distinct in a room full of black cellphone cases lying around everywhere at a party.

This is PINK! Fine if you like a pink, if you’re a man looking for a deep red you’ll be sorely disappointed. It’s a great case. Have bought it before in other colors and was looking to change up something for my new phone, hence bought this thinking a red would be nice change of pace from my usual black or blue. This is PINK! Hahaaaa

it's bulky feeling, adds weight, provides protection for the iPhone. unattractive though. does a better job of non-slip than another brand I bought earlier, however, if my phone is on the slightest slant it will slide right off. It seems that this may be due to the weight of the phone itself, but can't leave it without a cover, the surface of the phone itself is so smooth that it slides out of my hand without a cover.

I LOVE this case! I’m very particular about my cases especially since I have the iPhone XS now, this one is amazing! Very durable feeling, extremely grippy, the buttons are very easy to click on and off or up and down for volume. Before this case I had a big bulky case that I couldn’t grip for anything..this is the opposite of slippery! If you have dry hands you need this case. The only negative is that this case does look a bit faded or pink in the light..I will be returning it for the white and black one but the case itself feels amazing.

Been using these for years and still think they are the best. Every time I get a new phone, I try a few covers to compare but always come back to these. Love how durable they are, how the raised edges protect the screen, and the non-slip ridges on the sides and back. Dropped my phone many times and never had any issues nor damage to the phone- like new after 2 year contract.

This case is easy to grip and my iPhone Xs no longer slips out of my fingers. It's maybe a tad on the thick side but the extra protection is worth it. The cutouts are all in the right places and the button covers don't make it difficult to use the buttons. I love the look of the purple/red model.

Absolutely great case, premium feel and protects your phone well. However, the only problem I’ve come across is it’s grip. It’s very hard to get in and out of pockets which can sometimes be quite stressful.

Not as elegant as I’d hoped but protects the side and back. Doesn’t stop frame from damage

Amazing case, good fit, and protects all areas of phone, very impressed

It’s pink not red!

Nice case but not really for iPhone XS. You can still use it for XS without any issue.

This is actually a great rugged and protective case, but for me the wrong colour. The photos made it look like a dark red w black - it was actually a candy pink colour. It would have been a keeper if it was actually dark red as described.

Replaced the case I originally had for my 10x as the buttons were a little hard to operate (spongy and hard to see). This case is great. Buttons are very good. Easy to feel, and stand out a bit from the case. Good 'click' feel when pressed. Grip surface is attractive and functional.

Love it. As all speck cases I’ve purchased I’m 100% happy. Went from an otterbox to this case. I have dropped it a few times and no issues.

Nice case but easy to get dirt, the red part of the case are like brown now, only a week

Buen Producto y sobre todo a buen precio. se aprecia que es resistente a golpes, el color no es tan rojo, es mas claro (Rosa fuerte). y el envió rapidísimo.

Según el color varía el “grip” el mío en blanco resultó resbaloso, mi novia tiene un morado y tiene mucho más “grip”

I use this product to protect my iPhone - really love it.

I like it, because it's really protect your phone, I hoped it would be usable for more than 4 months :(

the colour was pink and not red. I returned it.

Best case, great quality!