Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case (2018) - Gunmetal


  • Dual-layered with shock-absorbent TPU and rigid PC for durability
  • Built-in card storage stores up to two cards and cash with secure closure
  • Sliding cover provides quick and easy access without open security issues
  • Minimal design is slimmer than wallets and sleek in appearance
  • Galaxy S9 Plus Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (2018)



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Simple slide closure

Ensures your cards are safely stored

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Dual-layered design

Rigid exterior with inner shock-absorbance

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Drop-tested protection

Designed to take the hit, not your phone

Slim profile

Streamline design stays pocket-friendly

Ditch the bulky wallet

Combines case and wallet storage

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Spigen Slim Armor CS Case for Galaxy S9 Plus (2018)

Combining the adventurous with functional. The Slim Armor CS remains a fan favorite for its ultimate card storage in a pocket-friendly frame. The back conveniently slides open and close for quick access. The card storage provides just enough space for up to 2 cards or cash for a quick on-the-go. The edges ergonomically curve to provide comfort the for the hand. Ditch the wallet and convert to the Slim Armor CS.

Product information Color:Gunmetal Product Dimensions 7.17 x 0.59 x 3.54 inches Item Weight 1.95 ounces ASIN B0789SXD7W Item model number 593CS22949

I like this case. I like the Spigen protection that I have tried, tested & loved for the past few years. I like that you can fit your license, credit card & some cash in the back for going out without having to lug around a clutch or purse. The only thing I do not like is how easily the back cover slides down. I have a pop socket on it, and I'm always finding the back cover sliding out when I go to pick the phone up by it. I'm always correcting it. It's not the most horrible thing and may not even be an issue for some people. The only other negative besides that I could find was that the finish of the case is easily tarnished. I've noticed the top corners are already losing the coating probably from shoving the phone in my back pocket and laying it roughly on surfaces, but overall not a huge deal. The sides of the case extend past the beveled screen edge on the top and bottom of the phone, though I do have a screen protector on as well. I haven't dropped the phone yet (trying my best not to...), but I'm sure this case will hold up just like all the other Spigen cases I have had in the past.
Overall good buy!

I got this for occasional use - when I don't want to carry a purse & can get away with ID & one credit card. It works pretty well. I felt secure about my cards. It wasn't too fat. My only beef is that it is just a bit too shallow too protect your screen if your phone falls on its face. I don't drool my phone much, but I think the screen would be damaged if I did. It's supposed to be a wallet second, a phone protector first.

I used a similar case on my last phone and loved it so I immediately purchased one when I got my new S9+.

However I looked to save a few bucks and purchased a different, cheaper brand. It broke within a month because the plastic was so cheap and brittle.

The spigen case is high quality. I've dropped my phone many times on concrete and other hard surfaces and the screen doesnt even have a crack. The sliding door also has not jammed or broken. I highly recommend this case.

Its ok. Only problem is it slides open way to easy. I have a pop socket as well and my case is always opening. I would recomend they have one where ot slides in at the base and doesnt slide from the back. My last one was this way. I will probably order a new case since this one is opening all the time. Do not recomend. Also its slick af.

I had the same case for the Galaxy 8 and, for some reason, that case was much more durable. I had that one for over a year and never had any issues after dropping it or anything. This case for the 9+ seems less durable as the sliding part on the back is now broken and won't close properly or completely snap to the rest of the case after 2.5 months. I do wonder if the durability has to do with the fact that the 8 case slid from the side and the 9 case slides from the bottom. That's really the only difference that might play a factor. Anyway, I need a new case to protect what I keep inside of the space and I'm not sure if I'm going to go with this case again.

It's been years and I still have it. At least over a year or close to 2. I am still loving it. The only thing is that the color is coming off the back. But it is old, the slide is still wonderful and have not broken. I would buy it again. But wishing for a brighter and cuter color.

Love this item but the latch on the card holder does wear out after a bit. I'm on my 3rd one but I love not carrying a wallet anymore. Only holds 2 cards Max and don't try to jam cash in there.

Once you start using a wallet case, you can't go back to anything else. It's just too convenient. I can fit my license, my credit card, and the magnet (taped ) for my phone holder.

The case is good and sturdy and provides good protection. Placing the phone face down on a table the screen doesn't hit the table as the corners are slightly raised, it's not much of a gap maybe a sheet of paper could slide under it.
The main problem I had was with the card storage. Because the card is behind the phone it makes paying with the phone via AndroidPay very problematic. Sometimes it doesn't work at all and sometimes you get a duplicate card error. Getting into the card storage is a little bit fiddly, there's no grip on the card cover so the thumb can slip when trying to open it, then once it is open it's not the easiest to get the card out. I've ended up not using the case due to the problems with the card storage as it has effectively disabled AndroidPay on my phone.

Have always used spigen phone cases for all my phones and never had issues. Usually very good quality and can rest assured my phone is well protected and looks stylish. On this occasion very dissatisfied I purchased 2 of these and in a month both have fallen apart where you put the cards in. Its says will hold 2 cards but this isn't true so the first one broke quite quickly, so the end case I only kept one card in and again the slide piece would not shut properly. I've gone back to a normal phone case again from spigen but wouldn't recommend these ones. Luckily no cards were lost but I wouldn't trust these again.

*Overall Pleased*
- Dropped my phone many times and this has proved extremely durable
- The card slide section works but sometimes I have to do it multiple times to get it closed
- I wish there was space to add one more card or even some bank notes
- Doesn't interfere with the tempered glass which I use

Great case....this is my second one! Bought one earlier on in the year for my S9plus and it works brilliantly. Mu phone looks like new under the case. I am on the samsung upgrade program and in a few months time am looking to send my S9 plus back to be offered a chance to upgrade.....this cover will ensure that my phone is pristine!
Great and durable case....would definitely recommend!

I like Spigen cases, I had one for my s7 too... The only issue with this one is that the card compartment opens vertically, so every time I take my phone out of my pocket, the card slot open. Gets quite annoying

Does the job

The best case for the S9+

Seems a good quality case for only £3.99

Una delle mie cover preferite,permette di tenere sino ad un massimo di tre carte, il telefono rimane abbastanza coperto è pronto per attutire qualsiasi colpo.

I have always liked Spigen’s products, and this one is no exception. Right away I can tell that the case is sturdy, and definitely will offer the phone decent protection. Tested the card slot and it indeed does fit 2 cards as described. I was able to fit 3 in there, however when opening the slot the top card sort of slides with it because it’s so packed, so I would at most stay with 2 cards. Note that the hard shell also separates from the inner layer. I do not have S9+ yet, but once it arrives I will update the review. Overall a great case!

Edit: the phone fits perfectly!

This is a decent case for how cheap it is..but you get what you pay for. The back is scratched really bad even though I'm very careful with it. Also the card holder doesn't stay closed all the time, and seems to come off its track quite a bit which is frustrating. Overall I would not buy this again.

Feels solid and protects the camera and screen sections very well.

However, the card door doesn't stay closed and opens very easily. Fixing it is easy, just put some tape on the door rails and slide the door closed. Now it's nice and sturdy and remains closed.

After one day my camera glass broke. I've had the phone a year with the same brand case with no issue and this one doesn't protect the cameras. And the back door never stays closed.
Garbage! Don't buy it.

The quality of the case is very good and it fitted perfectly. With the card holder increase the thinnest a little but its not too bad at all. It still work with NFC and wireless with the case on.

Sehr sehr enttäuscht von spigen!!!! WARUM geht die Klappe nach unten auf ?! Eine sehr bescheuerte Idee da jedes mal die Klappe auf geht wenn man das Handy aus der Hosentasche holt .
Bei Andere spigen Hüllen ging die klappe seitlich auf und dies war top !!

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