Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case (2018) - Coral Blue


  • Dual-layered with shock-absorbent TPU and rigid PC for durability
  • Built-in card storage stores up to two cards and cash with secure closure
  • Sliding cover provides quick and easy access without open security issues
  • Minimal design is slimmer than wallets and sleek in appearance
  • Galaxy S9 Plus Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (2018)



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Simple slide closure

Ensures your cards are safely stored

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Dual-layered design

Rigid exterior with inner shock-absorbance

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Drop-tested protection

Designed to take the hit, not your phone

Slim profile

Streamline design stays pocket-friendly

Ditch the bulky wallet

Combines case and wallet storage

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Spigen Slim Armor CS Case for Galaxy S9 Plus (2018)

Combining the adventurous with functional. The Slim Armor CS remains a fan favorite for its ultimate card storage in a pocket-friendly frame. The back conveniently slides open and close for quick access. The card storage provides just enough space for up to 2 cards or cash for a quick on-the-go. The edges ergonomically curve to provide comfort the for the hand. Ditch the wallet and convert to the Slim Armor CS.

Product information Color:Coral Blue Product Dimensions 7.17 x 0.59 x 3.54 inches Item Weight 1.95 ounces ASIN B0789RJZ61 Item model number 593CS22953

I bought this Spigen case for S9 plus because the spigen case for my S7 was great! However they changed the design on this one and I do not like it! The slide from the back is awful. There are 2 tiny tabs on each side of the slide that easily get bent causing the slide not to latch making it the slide open way to easily. The tabs that latch eventually break. After 3months I have had to switch to a backup case and am really disappointed in Spigen for dropping the ball of this one. They let us samsung S9 and S9 plus users down. I do not recommend! Please see pic.

I don't usually do reviews but I had to do a review on this case after the event I went through with this. In the process of moving, things were stressful and somehow as I was going down the road at 65MPH and my phone went flying out of the window and as I looked in my rear view mirror I could see my phone bouncing off the cement 4 or 5 times. I was more worried about finding my phone and locating my license and debit card as I figured my phone was a goner! I was able to locate the phone and even thou the plastic part of the case was no longer in tact, the main part of the case was still in tact and the phone was still working! The back didn't even crack, the screen however was busted but that was because I didn't have a screen protector on it(my fault I know). This case helped save my phone and it only cost me the price of the front screen to repair! The guy that the repair shop was amazed the back didn't crack at all since its nothing but S9 plus is nothing but glass on the back! I definitely recommend buying this case if you want to protect your phone. I know I just ordered a replacement myself and will be a life time customer now!

Purchased this phone case less than a week ago. I love that I can securely keep my debt card or a couple of dollars in the hidden compartment. The door doesn't seem to open so easily that my cash or card might fall out accidentally. And it really is subtle unlike the magnetic card holders I often see in stores. My only complaint thus far is that it's already scratched up in such a short amount of time, hence the 4 star review.

Solid case and a great value. This case holds my drivers license, a credit card, and back up cash. It is solid and still leaves the phone slim. I have had other slider cases that add bulk to the phone. This one doesn't do that. The construction is top notch, and customer support reached out to make sure I was happy with the case. Spigen stands behind their design and it is noticeable in their quality design. I would definitely buy again. Samsung Pay works with the case and all items in the case, but the wireless charging in finicky. If I remove my credit card it works fine, but that is expected.

Frankly, I was disappointed with this case. I used a Slim Armor to protect my previous phone and it survived some spectacular drops. So I was excited to find this case with a card carrier and had high expectations. It is thicker than my previous case, but that's to be expected. I didn't find it too heavy or difficult to manage. My issue is with the card carrier. The sliding door is flimsy and poorly attached which prevents it from closing firmly and leaves a large gap at the bottom of the case which is pictured. I do not feel that this will keep my cards secure, so I will be returning. I'm rating a 3 because it seems it will protect your phone, but if you are buying because of the card carrier beware.

This is a great phone wallet case. It's slim, holds 2-3 cards with easy access, protects the phone, and is a good value for your money. My two complaints are that the back gets scratched fairly quickly after a month or so of average use and the wireless charging only kinda works. It is possible to charge it with cards in on a charging pad, but it has to be at an exact spot in order for it to work and this also applies to it without cards in the pack. I'm using the Samsung Qi wireless charger and the annoying thing is with the case on, it won't charge at the vertical angle you can set the stand to, only the exact spot when it's flat down on the charger.

Overall great case, but I wouldn't mind paying extra for a more high end wallet case with better material to make scratches less prominent and easier wireless charging capabilities

I compared this to the Vena vCommute (way too big, but well designed otherwise), the Trianium Walletium (way too big, and not well designed), and the Vofolen (similar size to this one, but felt cheap and the lip protecting the screen was smaller). This one is the one that won out and i kept. I've used these cases in the past and they've been great. I deducted one star because I think i like the previous design better where the cover slid to the side. We'll see how it goes. Note the vofolen is basically the same design as the old Spigen. I just didnt like the feel of it.

I love the space for keeping an ID card and either a credit card or a few bills of cash two-fold. Unfortunately, the sliding cover for that stash space quickly came loose along the bottom edge, as if the cover is not properly seated in the slots. The cover is partially separated from the case. So far, it has not caused a major problem, but it clearly is a cosmetic defect and seems like a design and durability flaw. I am afraid the cover will pop off completely and my military ID card and checking account credit/debit card will fall out. It's a good thing I actively check the cover all the time and keep my phone in a secure location.
I DO like the colors this case comes in. Some are a nearly identical match to the Samsung Galaxy S9+. I prefer OtterBox Commuter cases, but they produced only 2-3 color options for my device, and the only color that is acceptable to me is the solid black, but then it makes my phone nearly impossible to find on my black table, nightstand, and other dark surfaces. My search for a sturdy, 2-layer construction case in some colors I like brought me to this one. The combination of good durability and the "hidden" slot for 2 cards or some cash, plus a price that wasn't unreasonable, resulted in my purchase of this case. I wouldn't not buy it again, but I'd only recommend it after sharing my concerns about the sliding cover's low durability. As a protection case for my phone, the durability is great.

Once again spigen do a great job. I have been using these cases since my s5 and have never had any issues. None of my phones have ever broken and I'm super clumsy.
This case works as you would expect. It feels nice in the hand and it can hold 2 cards and a fiver no problem (it's what i had in it at the moment lol) I haven't had many issues with it sliding open when taking it out my Jean's but I could see how it could happen. I tried to use contactless with my card still in my case and it failed so i guess that's a good thing for security but would have been cool if it could do that.
I highly recommend this case.

I haven't used it because I could just see the card wallet part becoming so weak and sliding down every time I touched the back. The case looked nice but it just didn't look that sturdy. I really wanted to put one of those phone rings on the back of this case but as soon as I looked at it close up I decided there was no way it wouldn't keep opening. The case is still sitting in my draw, never been used a year later.

The case arrived well packaged and on time.
The case is a lovely colour and it is tactile
Make your phone quite a lot larger
Scratches very easily and the scratches really show up
Credit card compartment at the back started to lift at the corners after only a few weeks use, I had to keep snapping the corners shut all the time
Would I buy it again or recommend it? No I wouldn't

I love this case and love the colour too. I bought this for my Galaxy s9 plus and so glad I did it is durable and the colour is almost identical to my phone it has a card slot. If I had to buy a case again i would buy Spigen. The case fits perfectly and I would buy again if I had to and definitely worth it. It is definitely value for money. Delivery was in a couple days which was perfect. Highly recommend this case and brand so glad I purchased it

Offers good enough protection from bumps and socks.
BUT, has a design flaw.
Previously owned the same case for galaxy s8+ but the card slot had a different design and was able to close properly.
Now, in just 7 months of use the card slot cannot slide and close properly. Which is sad cause it was the big difference against competitors.
Another issue that I noticed is that it gets dirty easily.

I find this to be an extremely useful case generally allowing me to dispense with carrying a wallet for day to day activities. It will fit 2 cards comfortably but can fit 2 cards + a few notes or 3 cards and still shut. It also does an excellent job of protecting the phone from damage. The downsides are that it makes the phone significantly more bulky and the case has picked up fairly notable aesthetic damage after use for a few months (scratches, matte surface layer wearing off)

I've own 2 slim armours in various phones and they have all been great. But this S9+ slim armour is very poor. Firstly, the fingerprints...there is more every time I touch the phone. Fingerprints problem was never a factor for any of the other Spigen cases that I had before. Secondly, the card holder cannot be opened unless you use your finger nails to pry it open. Its down to the design really that is the problem. I bought the Black one and will have to return it.

I tend to get a Spigen case, whenever I upgrade my phone. This is probably my 4th or 5th one from them. Always durable, I have never ever damaged a phone. Like this one, although a little bulky, it has a secure insert for holding one or two cards, which saves me taking my wallet everywhere.

A great phone case,lovely colour and a perfect fit , and I love the slot in the back for keeping cards or money in ,and a speedy delivery,would definitely recommend this

I am alwahs losing my bank card out of the normal phone book style cases. So my partner found and brought me this one it is my favourite colour very strong and I havent lost my bank card once in the 5 mknths I have had the case. Ieven brought a second one as a spare due to value for money.

The idea of this case is great. In reality it just doesn't deliver. It scratches incredibly easily. The light plastic stains and the mechanism sticks and you have to "slam" it shut. Not impressed, wouldn't recommend.

Very disapointed with this case.
Scratches very easily. Card cover slides open far to easily. Many times it slides open in my pocket when taking the phone out.
Sent messages to spigen with no replies.

Sent back and waiting for a refund.
Will not buy any more spegin case's

Was dreading when I bought this as people were talking about problem if you have a glass screen protector. Nil issue noted and could put it on without damaging the screen protector. In fact I have removed it and put it back on a few times without problem.

Looks good&fits like a glove

Card slot sometimes doesn't close properly so have to click it back into place. Other than that it's ok but a bit stiff.