i-Blason Magma Series Case Designed for LG V30/V30 Plus/V30S (2017)/V35/V35 ThinQ 2017 Release, Heavy Duty Protection Shock Reduction Full Body Bumper Case with Built-in Screen Protector (Black)


  • Textured TPU bumper helps prevent damage from drops and falls
  • Transparent, damage-resistant back
  • Front protective cover for LG V30 with built-in screen protector
  • Allows full access to all ports And Buttons; multiple color options
  • LG V30 Case Compatible with LG V30 / V30 Plus / V30S (2017) / V35 / V35 Thin 2017



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You can count on our Magma case to completely engulf your LG V30 in total protection. This comprehensive case boasts a slim profile with a translucent, scratch-resistant back. Its built-in screen protector effortlessly keeps your screen intact and scratch-free and a refreshed bumper design features textured TPU material to keep your LG V30 safe from drops and falls.

Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 6.57 x 3.87 x 1.38 inches Item Weight 5.6 ounces ASIN B075YGQVWY Item model number LG-V30-Magma-Black

I was worried that this case would turn out to be another cheaply made case but this case reminds me of how Otterbox used to be like. You can't beat the quality of this case for the price. I may end up ordering another one in a different color down the road. I am impressed!

IMPORTANT: The cover for the charging port WILL break your phone! It is so strong & it pushes on the charging cable & it will loosen the charging port until ot no longer works. I know from experience.
That being said, I've done a TON of research and I'm on my 3rd phone case & 2nd V30 and this case is the most protective case they make. The easy solution to the charging port cover is to just cut it off with a sharp knife. Even after breaking my first phone with this case I did not give up on it. I've dropped my phone many times with this case on (a few times on pavement) & I've gotten water all over it and it saved my phone from any damage. I also disagree with other reviews regarding the screen protector. It looks great on my phone and I've had zero problems with glare or interference with sensitivity.
Bottom line: Perfect in every way except for one very serious design flaw, but with an easy fix.

I'd probably give the case a 4.5 and the screen a ~3.

Case:The case has worked extremely well against the couple drops it has faced so far, with no visible damage yet. The dust and dirt covers are great. Just one visual caveat... I got a bamboo d-brand skin, and didn't realize that there was light grey, frosted tint on the back of the case based off of the pics, so the skin ended up looking kinda weird.

Screen Protector: Bunch of tiny micro scratches, and is a finger print magnet. The protector itself feels cheap and plastic-like, like most 2 in 1 cases. I honestly would've went with a case and a separate glass screen protector, but all the ones on amazon are full of fake reviews, or are garbage.

This is just what I needed to protect my phone from clay dust and glaze in my studio. I answer using Bluetooth head phones while I'm working, but I still end up having to pickup the phone sometimes to choose music or start an audio book. Just having the phone sitting on a table exposes it to dust and wet clay, glazes and water. I needed a case that covered the phone fully and I tried many. This one has a sturdy plastic edge to absorb shock from drops. I have dropped the phone twice already and no problems. The built-in screen protector seals the screen off entirely there are no exposed edges for clay dust to settle into! It also has the covers over the headphone jack and the charging port. The covers are thick and a little difficult to open, but they are sturdy and do the job. The screen protector is smooth and easy to use. I have tried some other non-glass screen protectors and I noticed a lot of drag or friction. This one is smooth, not as great as glass protection, but those break so fast and most glass protectors eave an exposed area some place that gathers dust. There is a light dot pattern on this screen protector which is more noticeable in the sunlight. It does not affect my use of the phone, however and now my screen can stay clean. If perfect clarity is more important to you, you have to go with glass. Since I am working on clay all day, cleanliness is the most important need. Also, after reading others reviews, I knew to put the volume keys into the case first and I have no problems. Reading other people's reviews really helps!

This case is really nice! I am really picky about my cases having come from an iPhone 6 plus with a LifeProof Fre. I have also had several Triton cases - all were much more expensive but not any better. This case will keep dust out well, screen protector is completely flush with screen, it's not too bulky but looks like it will take a good drop, the port covers are extremely effective but not so stiff that they impede cables. Not waterproof, but phones are water resistant these days. This case won't disappoint you and may even surprise you as much as me.

It didn't play well with my glass screen protector but I pulled the plastic screen protector out and it's perfect! Good grip and roomy access to the charger and headphone jack.

The case for my v35 is perfect. Super UltimateDad vibes and it came with a clip carrying case. Its bulky but not TOO bulky and the screen protector doesn't inhibit the screen sensitivity. The ONLY THING wrong with this case is that the volume buttons on the side dom't allow me to reach the actual volume buttons on the phone, so everything stays turned up lol. Its super annoying and inconvenient but I'll probably end up fixing it somehow in the future.

Edit below!

So the buttons on the case get stuck but all you have to do is push them really hard to put them back into place! They'll make a snap noise and voila, perfect phone case.

Now, I work in a kitchen and have gotten water, grease, and even sauce on this thing and its protected my phone from it all. I've also dropped it outside, inside, on a wet floor, and on the street and again, nothing! It has super minor scratches that are hardly noticeable, no dents, and has protected my phone against my own clumsy mistakes.

This phone case is pure gold to be honest. In the months of using the phone case I wanted to update my review and give it 5 stars because it has literally been up against it all and hasn't diminished the quality of my phone at all. My phone still looks stock brand new when you take it out of the case and I swear the case itself was made with the Nokia phone in mind. If you understand that reference then you understand this IS A CASE THAT WILL NEVER FAIL YOU.

I am in love with this case. I purchase another case before this one and was not please so I ended up purchasing this case for my new phone. It was super easy to install. I love that it has a large bumper around the screen so when the phone falls it does not touch the floor or wherever if falls. The case is still lightweight and does not add a ton of bulk to the phone and it still feels really good in my hands and even in my pocket. I love that the screen protector and case is all one piece and it adds a level of protection. I am so please with this case I talked my sister into buying one since she got the same phone.

I read some other reviews on this case and was a bit apprehensive but to be honest it works really well. So long as you purchase the one for the correct year model of the V30 you should be OK. It isn't the easiest case to fit but so long as it doesn't have to be taken in and out a lot it doesn't really matter - just make sure wen you snap the bottom half on to seat the rubber edges properly so they line up with the volume buttons. It does give a good degree of protection and even though the phone is quite large the clip on belt carrier doesn't get too caught up on clothes either. I use it with a Spigen wireless charger and it charges no problem, I have even used it with a magnetic car holder having the metal plate in the back of the case and that worked too, but removed it for wireless charging. The only thing missing is a flip-out rear stand and it would be a 5/5.

Awesome product, if you are considering one of these, stop considering and pull the trigger; you will not be disappointed. This case was on my new V30+ as soon as it was unboxed and SIMM and microSD inserted - even before I set the phone up. Peace of mind. Some reviews have stated that the volume buttons do not work - that is because the reviewers have not fitted the case correctly - they work like a charm. *****

Useless case. Doesn't fit properly and when it's on the volume down key doesn't work. Plus there is no grip on the sides so the phone then becomes quite slippery and is likely to cause the phone being dropped. At this price I most assuredly would not recommend it

Looks very good, cool colours. I have owned another case, of the same brand, for another phone and it saved my phones life over and over. This one though get scratches a lot faster, and more visible scratches, than my previous one so i will only give 3 stars. Everything else about it is great.

It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened - i dropped my phone!