Hocase iPhone 6s Plus Case, iPhone 6 Plus Case, Heavy Duty Shockproof Protection Hard Plastic+Silicone Rubber Protective Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus w/ 5.5" Display - Peony Flower/Rose Gold


  • Compatible with iPhone 6s Plus & iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch display ONLY (NOT for 4.7" display models)
  • Hybrid dual layer design ensures excellent protection against accidental drops and falls
  • Showcase your iPhone with this beautiful floral print case
  • Raised edges are designed to guard the screen and camera from scratches and direct impact
  • Precise cutouts for quick and easy access to all buttons, ports and features



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Color:Peony Flowers / Rose Gold Pink

The beautiful peony floral design case is perfect for women, girls and kids
Dual layer construction withstands accidental drops and falls
Front frame is designed 3mm higher above screen to prevent scratches and direct impact

For iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5" display

Product Note
1. This case DOES NOT contain any built-in or separate screen protector
2. It will NOT fit iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch display

Package Contents
1 x Case for iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6 Plus 5.5-inch

Product information Color:Peony Flowers / Rose Gold Pink Product Dimensions 6.61 x 3.54 x 0.59 inches Item Weight 2.39 ounces ASIN B076DXLGZM Item model number 6P-ST-F03RsGd

Very fun, cute, and shiny! the plastic is sleek and shiny. The silicone layer is perfectly shaped and easy to put on. We’ll see how the print withstands time, but I’m happy with it!
I’d give this five stars with three nitpicky improvements: 1] skim down the case width next to the silence on/off switch so there’s a small concave in the overall case profile around that switch (currently very difficult to reach unless you have long fingernails) 2] match up the patterning on the phone’s side panels for a more seamless look 3] make the pry-open tabs on the side with the power button slightly smaller/narrower so they look less clunky.

This is exactly what I expected. The case is sturdy and has a nice shock absorber. Color was a perfect match, it was easy to slip the phone int and the rubber on the corners will be very protective. The does make the phone quite large, however after paying $140 to replace the glass front of my phone I am happy to deal with the extra bulk. I also purchased a glass screen protector. I would buy this again.

I generally like this case. It's a girly, cheaper version of an OtterBox. However, the front panel of the case covers too much of the phone. I can't even press the home button without issues because my nail (which isn't very long) hits the case. I have to turn my finger sideways every time I hit the home button.

The bottom panels also come all the way to the bottom of the screen, so when I'm typing I constantly bump into the part of the case surrounding the home button. These are minor issues I suppose, but they are very annoying and 1 day into having it, I'm ready for a different case. The case is also quite slippery, and heavy (although I expected it to be heavy and don't mind that), but it's something to keep in mind.

Otherwise it's pretty and will definitely give your phone good protection.

Not usually this clumsy but, I dropped my phone in this case 5 times this week onto various hard surfaces (brick, concrete, tile) and it just bounced. My phone was fine, the case still looks new. Once it fell flat, screen side down—usually a screen killer— and it also was just fine. The design is showing minor wear on the edges after around two months from being shoved into a small, overcrowded purse but it’s only visible up really close. I expect it will need replacing if I want it to look nice after a year, maybe a bit longer.
***edit**** I still like the protective properties of this case, but in the summer heat of Texas my phone started to heat up when I was outside on my phone for long periods of time. I had to get something else that is easier to take on and off for when it gets hot. And, it definitely kept showing wear pretty consistently as I used it--although it never really looked bad. But for the price and the level of protection, it still gets the 5 stars.

I am in love with the quality construction and solid feel of this beautiful phone case. All of the iPhone buttons are easily and readily available through the case cover. The silicone liner which fits between the cover, and the back of the case, make the phone quite well protected, at least from a reasonable fall. The corners are completely protected. The design is gorgeous, and there are other designs available. The phone with cover fit easily into my small purse. Absolutely thrilled with this phone case.

I love the look and feel of this case. The plastic outer shell has a satiny feel to it that also aids in keeping a secure grip. I installed a tempered glass screen protector from JETech under this case and it did not impede the fit at all. Fortunately I haven’t dropped my phone since installing the case so I will update if/when the durability is tested to report how the case performed. So far completely satisfied!

UPDATE: I still love the case but want to note that when changing the ring/silence switch, the prying motion sometimes disengages the clip in that corner but it snaps back together easily so it’s not that bad. What is frustrating is that the four corners and two short edges are entirely made of the soft, pliable silicone and which grabs when you try to put the phone in your pocket. It will not easily slip into a back or hip pocket in jeans. Loose pockets like a hoodie or coat are fine. I would hate this case if I had to carry it in my jeans all day but as I don’t need to, this issue isn't that inconvenient for me. Keep shopping if you need to have your phone in your pants pocket all the time.

UPDATE: The durability of this product was tested today when I laid my phone on our porch handrail and it took a 42” fall onto concrete. The initial impact was on one corner, followed by a toppling bounce where several other points hit the ground with less force. I picked it up and it was still on, no damage to the case, screen, or phone itself. The case didn’t unclip at all. I do have a screen protector that didn’t come with this case which could have assisted in the screen not cracking.

It fits my 6s+ perfectly and is very protective. I would like for it to have covers for the open ports, but for the price, it’s fairly impressive. It even fits just fine over a tempered glass screen protector.

The big issue is that the design is applied as a soft silicone(?) coating. It began to peel off after about a month of use. Overall, it’s still a darn good case for the $6.99 I paid at the time, but the peeling design leaves a lot to be desired.

Was not a fan. It was really pretty but had three faults I just couldn’t ignore. The first was that the case is slick. Usually cases have enough texture for gripping. This did not. It would constantly slide out of my hand, and since I have children I’m usually always using my phone one handed. The second is it was way bulkier a case than I’m used to. I almost never use the feature where you can lower the screen to click on things and I had to with this case. Granted I have small hands but didn’t have problems with other cases. The third is that it clicks together in the center. The case would not stay together properly. I’d fear if it ever did drop the case would just separate. It did work the final time I took the case off as if knowing I was going to return it. It’s pretty though thus why I gave it two stars.