OUNNE iPhone XR Waterproof Case, Full Sealed Underwater Cover Dustproof Snowproof Shockproof Waterproof Phone Case for iPhone XR (Clear)


  • Compatible with iPhone XR ONLY. Our cases are designed to fit their device flawlessly.Precise fit for stylish looks and durability.
  • IP68 waterproof iphone xr case. Fully submersible to 6.6 ft/2m, great protection for any underwater activities or outdoor use, completely no worry about your iphone xr safty in water.
  • Rugged 10xr case design. Resists shocks and tested to 6.6 ft/2m high, Full-sealed waterproof iphone xr case with high quality TPU material, safeguards your device in a variety of outdoor conditions with our iphone xr waterproof case.
  • Scratch-resistant design. Front cover with built-in screen protector of crystal clarity and back cover with TPU material can also prevent scratches, without sacrifice the sensitivity. Protects your device against accidental damage.
  • OUNNE iPhone xr waterproof case:Any quality problem under 12 months, we will help you solve it. Welcome to purchase with confidence.



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1.Designed for use with iphone xr ONLY. 
2.Easy put your phone on wireless charging surface for charging without taking off your iPhone XR waterproof case.

Warm Note: 
- Please remove the screen protector from the phone before installing this case. Or it will reduce screen sensitivity.
- Please follow the instruction and install the case correctly. Make sure all the hole and thin seam sealed tight.
- Please do water test before install the phone into the case.Ensuring that all the ports have been completely sealed. Otherwise the water test will fail.
- Please notice the width of your charging cable. Original size charge cable is correct. If the width of your charging cable is larger than case's charging port, the charging cable may can't charge your phone with the case on directly. 
- The water pressure under certain water depth might affect the operation of touchscreen, please take photos by volume button with this xr case.

Our store also sale other models waterproof case. If the case you bought is not fitting correctly, please make sure the model before your purchase.

Package Included
1 x OUNNE Waterproof XR Case
1 x Lanyard
1 x User Manual
1 x Cleaning Cloth

Product information Color:Clear Package Dimensions 7.3 x 4.2 x 0.9 inches Item Weight 5.6 ounces ASIN B07QRH6DKF Item model number iPhone XR Waterproof Case

Honestly, I have trust issues when it comes to “waterproofing” my phone. However, this case exceeded my expectations. I tested it three times before actually taking in the ocean with me. The clarity is unreal, as if you don’t have a case on at all. No water leaked into the case even after 2+ hours of being tied to my wrist swimming in saltwater and fighting a current. I only went about 4 feet under at most, so I can’t attest for anything deeper. The screen buttons did not work for me underwater, so I had to use the side buttons but that is probably more of a contact problem because of the water and not the case. Overall, you can not beat this quality for this price!

 I was really excited for this case as I love to take photos on hikes/vacations. I played around with the case in my pool. The case works great for videos, but I found that the touch screen is very sensitive when you bring the phone into water. I don't know if it's the water pressure on the screen or what. If I have my camera app pulled up and start to slowly put my phone under water, the screen automatically scrolls through the camera options (video, photo, slo-mo, etc.). It would sometimes automatically go to my home screen. I also found that I could not take photos under water. The touch screen doesn't work under water. For videos, you have to start it outside the water and then bring your phone under. Another small thing is that in the Snapchat app, nothing works underwater. I tried to take a video in the app, but the screen kept shifting from the water pressure. That's a small detail and I don't mind since the phone camera video works, just wanted to note that it doesn't work with other apps. Overall, the case passed the waterproof test and kept my phone nice and dry during the 3 hours I was out in the pool.

 The delivery came as promised. We had a tight turnaround from the time we ordered these. We got them right before our vacation.

The cases worked great. We did the tissue test to ensure the seal was good, before putting our phones in them.

As we same with the fish in the Bahamas, everything was great. Because it is waterproof the audio in/out is muffled, but that's a small price to pay to enjoy water activities with an electronic.

The one downfall, which it was major is the touchscreen wasn't as responsive in the case. This may be our fault, as we didn't take off the screen protector we previously had on our phones. We didn't take it off as we knew we were going back to the previous phone cases after our trip.

Overall, this is a great buy!!

 I bought this to take photos and videos while traveling - specifically for the thermal spas in Budapest haha. I can confidently say that it's sturdy, trustworthy to use; no water entered, good and clear quality PLUS the audio isn't too bad. FYI the video isn't the original so the quality here isn't giving it justice, this is just a screen-recording from what I posted on IG.

 I bought this for our snorkeling trip to Belize and it exceeded my expectations. I did the water test before we left and it passed but I was really anxious about taking it into the water. I did have to press the buttons above water but I was so impressed with this case. We got some incredible pictures and videos. My iPhone XR with this case took videos that rivals the Go Pro provided by our tour. 5 stars!

Great case!! Did the water test as pictured and it worked!!!! So far the only minor issue I find is when I do a video and zoom in by using the screen, there is a loud noise from your finger moving on the plastic.
Still warrants 5 stars!! Perfect for outdoor activities or every day use !!

 This phone case was awesome! I was able to catch the pictures and videos I needed while snorkeling out here in Hawaii!
Only downfall I would say is how hard the screen is to use when wet, but other then that definitely worth it!

I recently got a new IPhone Xr and I needed a new case. I had a LifeProof case on my 6s but there are a lot of features on this case that I like better. The mute switch rotates which is better than my previous case and the charger port seems more waterproof and it's easier to use. The case works flawlessly with FaceID and I have not experienced one issue with the case since I purchased it!