Otterbox Defender Series Screenless Edition for Samsung Galaxy s8 - Frustration Free Packaging - Mint Dot (Tempest Blue/Aqua Mint/Mint Dot)


  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 (only, Not the Galaxy S8+)
  • Multi-layer defense: solid inner shell and soft outer cover (No Built in Screen Protector)
  • Belt-clip holster included that doubles as a kickstand for hands-free media viewing.
  • Port covers keep out dust and debris
  • Includes OtterBox limited lifetime warranty (see website for details) and 100% authentic.



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Color:MINT DOT (TEMPEST BLUE/AQUA MINT/MINT DOT)  |  Product Packaging:Frustration-Free Packaging

Worry Less While You’re Working, Adventuring and Living When You Defend Your Device Against Drops, Dirt and Scrapes. The New Screen less Defender Series Is Specifically Designed for the Galaxy s8 Curved Touchscreen. Combining a Solid Internal Shell With a Resilient Outer Slipcover, Defender Series Deflects the Action and Accidents That Come Your Way Every Day. Plus, the Included Holster Doubles as a Kickstand for Hands-Free Viewing.

Product information Color:MINT DOT (TEMPEST BLUE/AQUA MINT/MINT DOT)  |  Product Packaging:Frustration-Free Packaging Product Dimensions 6.48 x 3.49 x 1.3 inches Item Weight 4.2 ounces ASIN B06XD1VWQ2 Item model number 77-54533

Let me start by saying I have always been a devoted fan of OtterBox, purchasing the Defender series for all my family’s cell phones, to include my own. This is the first time when I can honestly say I am extremely disappointed with the product I’ve purchased. Yes, I bought the case knowing that it no longer had a screen, instead, I gave OtterBox the benefit of the doubt and purchased their Alpha Glass Screen protector to go with the new case. I am sad to say the results were still very disappointing. The cost of the two together, $90+.

The case - as always the OtterBox Defender series for the Galaxy S8 provide outstanding protection to the phone shell, but that goes without the screen protector portion. Now if you are still going to spend the money and buy the case, then save yourself the time, you are best served by purchasing a soft screen protector. The problem with most hard glass/plastic screen protectors, as it is with the OtterBox Alpha Glass screen protector advertised to work with the OtterBox cases, is that although it provides maximum protection, it also gets caught in the hard plastic edges of the case, which means it will often lift off the phone’s screen, causing the user to have to continually press down hard on the screen to make it function properly. If you are like me, I promise you after a couple of days of doing this, you will more likely to just throw away the hard glass/plastic screen protector because it will be insanely frustrating.

So I conclude by saying that without the one feature that has always made OtterBox Defender series unique and worth the cost, the defender series case has just become another case that could easily be purchased from another generic brand for about $10 and get the same exact level of protection.

My hope is that the designers of OtterBox reconsider the mistake they have made and re-integrate the screen protector to the defender series; it might take a little ingenuity, but well worth it if you can make it happen. Otherwise, I'm afraid you have just created an overpriced phone case, in addition to losing yet another customer.

My Advise to any buyer, don’t waste your money! This $10 worth case is absolutely not worth the $50+ of your hard earned money without the screen protector to go with it. If you pay $50, then know all you are buying is the logo on the outside of the box. The rest, can be purchased for a lot cheaper!

Good luck!

Awesome product. My dad dropped his phone and realized a couple minutes later that it was in a bonfire. The picture shows the back cover which melted a bit. Saved his new phone. He will only use otter box!

I'm writing this review mainly because there's a lot of misinformation on the warranty. There are a lot of people who complain that their lighter colored OtterBox gets really dirty or dingy after a few months of use. If you call OtterBox they will honor their warranty and send you a whole new case just because it's dirty. I personally know this and I've talked to other people who have done it. They have very good customer service.

There is one thing to keep an eye out for. Some cases are considered special edition cases and others are covered under the OtterBox Global Warranty. It's all in the fine print in the paperwork that comes in the Box. For example, the teal case only has a one year warranty whereas most of the darker colors like black and dark grey have a lifetime warranty. This is because the dark gray ones and black ones will not get as dirty looking.
Despite this caveat I personally know that OtterBox will honor the warranty beyond one year on these items. As long as they still make the case they will honor the warranty. If you don't believe me call them yourself. They'll replace cases due to loose outer skin, being dirty, damage from drops, pretty much anything you can imagine.


Since I recently purchased my GS8 and I know I am prone to dropping nice things, I decided not to skimp on the case for my device. The S8 is relatively small. With the Defender case, the width of the phone is increased by about half an inch across. Even though I can't touch my thumb and middle finger together with the Defender case on, it is still quite grippy. Unless this rubber starts to harden, I think I will never drop my phone because the case is too big.

UPDATE***** 7/26/18
I have dropped my phone with this case, and the only thing I can say is that it absolutely protects the phone, but the hard plastic shell on the inside constantly gets the brunt of the damage. The clips are the weakest points on this, and I feel they could have absolutely been made thicker to stop breakage.

The rubber on the case also has some issues. It starts to loosen after some wear and tear. I have wondered if by placing it in boiling water it would bring the edges back to its original shape, but I haven't tested this out. The corners of the soft rubber simply do not sit in the grooves of the hard inner shell like they used to which is frustrating.

The dust covers for the audio jack and the charging port are nice, but a little stiff. I've read that others cut them off, but I don't think I will need to because I can wirelessly charge through this case, and most of my headphones are Bluetooth enabled. I even have a Tetrax car mount magnet on the back of this case and the wireless charging works still with the case.

A lot of people complain about the Bixby button, but I cut the rubber on the inside of the case that presses the button and now I never accidentally press the Bixby button when I mean to press the volume buttons.

Overall, I do like my Otterbox Defender case. It will keep my phone protected. Is it bulky for what it is? No. If you want undeniable protection, your phone is going to have to grow a little in size to accommodate your needs. If you don't want to add a half an inch in width and height, then go with a slimmer case.

I started using Otterbox Defender cases since the galaxy s7 and this verion for the s8 does not disappoint. I have smashed both an s7 and s8 (both of which did NOT have the case on) but have never damaged a phones while the case was fitted. Its a good tight fit and makes the phone much more grippy compared to the glass which will slide out of your hand (you have been warned) If you want to protect your phone from drops then you can't do any better than this case.... trust me, i have tried and learnt the lesson the hard way. Dont hesitate just buy

Paired this up with the Alpha glass screen protector. After a few weeks of use (only being removed from the phone occasionally to remove dust etc) two of the clips that hold the case together have broken. Additionally it's first drop test of two feet onto carpet resulted in the screen protector cracking. Poor performance from a company whose products I have in the past highly rated.

S8. To be honest it was a bit of a pain to put on. There's a rubber cover to take off, so then split the plastic insert and the phone needs jiggling to get right. Then you need to put the rubber bit back on which is a faff, but once it's back on it feels very robust and will take a lot of abuse. The buttons work well. Not sure how the port flaps will last
I had a pelican case where the power button stopped working, but the buttons on this seem far better

The main 2 components of the case itself don't add much bulk and the texture is grippy and comfortable in the hand, although the clip is a bit bulky.

There are 2 pronounced lips on the short edges of the case which prevent the screen making contact with a surface when the phone is face down - however due to the curved screen the long edges of the case are not as raised. The screen doesn't feel overly exposed, but other Otterbox cases I've had in the past on flat screen devices have always had a pronounced lip all the way around the screen and worked with screen protectors more easily.

I've used otterbox cases for years. Either this one is not authentic or it's just a poor quality case. They don't have the usual case that protects the screen so that's a downside. I've used the case for just over a month and its peeling at the top edge. A piece of the plastic came apart from the rest of the case. The quality is very poor.

Very good cover for the Galaxy S8. It makes the phone easier to grip and still feels protective, while not interfering with the edges of the screen. The bumpers keep the screen slightly protected. I have dropped the phone a few times and no damage has occurred.
Other reviewers have noted that the outer case becomes slightly worn, and I have seen the same. The fit of the cover is not as tight as it was when got it a few months ago, but it is still great.

I had been recommended otterbox cases by various friends and family members and was under the impression that they were built to last (hence the higher sale price). This has not been so for my case - after 4 months of use the internal plastic clips have all snapped and the external rubber case gapes, has lost its shape and is too large for the phone meaning it offers ineffectual protection. It's possible I received a fake case but it's unclear where I should report this to receive an authentic replacement.

Outstanding strength and get what you pay for. I've dropped my phone numerous times without suffering a single blemish. BUT, you do need a gorilla glass to compliment it. No screen protection included. Hence low stars for the touchscreen rating above as it doesn't save your screen.

Still early days with this case but so far so good. Feels a lot better than previous cases I purchased off an internet auction site both turned out to be fake and fell to bits within a month. Checked out otterbox website and they advised buying directly from Amazon which I did. Over a month later the case has never budged still nice and tight around the phone. My advice pay a few extra pennies and get a genuine case unlike the others on fakebay.

Product is good but the ad should be more clear.. I used otterbox before and I liked the screen cover. This product comes without it and it's hidden in the picture description. Should be in the ad more clear. feel misled now

Great cover. Sturdy & raised edges protect the screen from drops. Not pretty but very durable.

Rubber fits fairly well, with a little bit of give in places. Don't bother with the matching Otterbox screen protectors, both failed in around a day. I Bason glass fits this case

Really does the job. Very happy with it. I had cracked my screen and this keeps it very safe.

So here we have a sound and solid device case, easy to fit and remove, time and time again (the locking clips will break if removed too often). Absolutely total protection, except for the most important part, the screen. To find a screen protector as good as the Defender would be a perfect world, but as yet I am to find one. I'll keep looking, and I guess I'll keep buying substandard ones until I do.

I dropped my phone the other day, about 1 metre onto a hard floor and although the phone survived, the OtterBox didn't. The hard inner casing that wraps around the phone (under the soft rubber/plastic exterior) cracked and started falling to pieces. Surely it should be strong enough to survive being dropped a small distance like this?
The replacement is now over £30. Why would I buy another?