PORTHOLIC Running Arm Bands for Cell Phone, Adjustable Workout Phone Holder Arm Case for iPhone 11/11Pro Max/Xs Max/XR/X/8/7/6s Plus Sports Jogging Band for Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8 Plus, Huawei P30


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  • 【Worry-free purchase】We provide 24 hours excellent customer service. your questions or concerns will always be addressed timely and to your satisfaction!
  • 【Size】For ALL PHONES with diagonal screen size up to 6.7 Inch(without any case). Both regular and plus size iPhone are compatible. The capacity is equivalent to an iPhone 8 plus in a slim case. Easily fit any arm sizes from 7.5 to 16 Inch (19cm ~ 40cm) in circumference with an extended strap.
  • 【RESIST SWEAT & SKIN FRIENDLY】 PORTHOLIC sports armband features NON-SLIP foam padding at the back, for superior comfort and resisting sweat; water-proof TPU as front cover; VENTED STRAP to keep your arm cool and dry during your most intense workout
  • 【FACE ID & TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE】The clear window offers protection while retaining touch screen and face ID functionality, so you’ll be able to change songs and reply to messages without having to remove your phone from the armband
  • 【EXTRA FEATURES】A built-in hidden pocket allows you to tuck in your credit card, ID and keys instead of putting them in a smelly gym locker; Reflective strip makes it ideal for night running and there are cutouts for easy access to headphone and charging ports



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portholic high quality running armband


for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 8Plus, iPhone 7Plus, iPhone 6Plus and phones with equivalent size; also compatible with smaller phone sizes.

Big enough even if your device has been put into other protector case such as slim Speck case. If, however, you have a mega-phone case like Otter Box Defender, please let us know.

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TOUCH ID & FACE ID Supported

High resolution, waterproof and highly sensitive TPU screen cover.

Quality Control

The armband is made of skin-friendly and allergen-free material.

Soft and flexible Lycra material, sweat-resistant, pleasant and durable.

Non-slip Feature

Keep your phone dry and Staying Put.Foam padding works as an interior moisture barrier to keep out sweat, while the bumper design keeps your phone raised slightly above your skin, preventing sweat from accumulating

Exceptional design

Tidy seams, no loose threads.

Universal headphone holes, card slot, key slot, cable winding and reflective strip.

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How to wear the Airband Elastic Armband - fits an arm with a circumference between 7.4'' and 18''

how to wear running armband

iphone x 8 7 6 armband for running

phone holder while running hiking walking to the park

high quality armband non slip stay put won't slip

Step 1:

Put your phone in to the PORTHOLIC Sports armband.

Step 2:

Loop the running armband in accordance to your arm size.

Step 3:

Put your arm though the "armband loop". Adjust the strap and tighten it, in a way it is not causing discomfort.

Step 4:

Shake your arm to check if the armband is fastened.

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Flexible and Lightweight Cell Phone Holder

Not every armband is made of elastic materials.

Ever have an armband so tight on your arm that it causes discomfort or even skin irritations?

PORTHOLIC armband is stretchy yet will not stretch-out over time. It will bend and move with you — whether you’re working out your biceps or on a long run.

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Product information Color:Black Package Dimensions 11 x 8.4 x 0.7 inches Item Weight 3.2 ounces ASIN B07ZJBBHQP

I have the iPhone XS Max and tried to find an armband at Target so I could keep my hands free while running. I did not like or feel safe using any of the armbands I tried on, and they were thick and uncomfortable. Found this armband on amazon and saw amazing reviews so I figured I’d try it. Why not.

The product is great. Well packaged, easy instructions and when I put it on, it felt secure. I thought, this feels like it’s secure enough to hold my $1200 phone. Took it for a HIIT workout around the lake and I never once felt like it would come undone. In fact, I was able to run harder during my intervals than ever before. The band is super breathable and LIGHT! I only felt the weight of the phone.

As far as the touch screen, I was able to do it all with the phone in the band. I’m even thinking about using it at theme parks walking around.

I was looking for three things in an armband: security, comfort, and usability and this product checks all of my needs. Great buy.

I have an Iphone X with a bulky cover and it fits very snugly inside this armband. It looks sleek and funny enough, the 1st time I used it, someone at the gym asked me where I got it.

One issue I have is the top is covered so when it tries to do face recognition to unlock the phone, it can't and I get stuck typing in my code like 5 times per workout so I can change my playlist or text someone back.

Second issue is I've only used it like 20 times now but I've noticed the velcro strap has poking me a tiny bit when I'm doing reps and it's very distracting. So the last 2 times I worked out I had to take off the armband for certain exercises.

Other than that, I love it haha

This armband is fantastic. It fit my iPhone 8 great and loved the credit card holder. At first, I put the Velcro going down but I didn’t want my credit cards to fall out so I just turned it the other way. Buttons worked great through the plastic. I went to an amusement park and don’t like carrying a bag, but wanted to bring my phone and didn’t want to lose my phone on the rides in my pocket and this worked perfect. O had my arms up on the rides and everything. Kept my pass in there and pulled it in and out. Loved the air holes in the band that goes around your arm. The last case I had was neoprene (this case is too) but I am allergic to neoprene and got a big rash up and down my arm. This case did not give that to me at all. I think it is because the neoprene is not near as thick and the air holes around the band. I plan to use this for running and cutting the grass, but haven’t gotten a chance to use it for that yet.

I feeling are a little mixed about this product. it has very good quality build no doubt and is great for jogging. The straps will fit most arm sizes as it has an extension if need be. Just don't expect to have this on during a sprint or some vigorous workout. Biggest plus- if you get the warranty which comes free with it but has to be activated on their website, customer service doesn't hesitate to replace when the occasion calls for it. I know cause the first one had a tear in it which I'm not sure what caused it and I got on with the customer service and they were quick to respond.Overall, I'd say it's good ,as I haven't used any others to make any comparisons.

First of all you have to love the customer service of Portholic. They go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. There is no reason not to try it as they will make sure you are happy. The product is nicely made. My iphone 8 fits nicely and the touch screen works fine through it. The armband is soft material that does not hurt my arm. It did not slip. I used it for working around the house and walking/jogging. It comes with an extension so it will fit a bigger arm (like mine!). All in all a great purchase for the price.

I've only used it twice, so I reserve judgment a bit, but this looks like a great product. Over the years I've used several arm bands for running and it was always difficult to tighten them enough (small arms I guess) and then they always ripped. This arm band is much shorter if you don't use the extra band, so that's great for me. It also appears to be way better made, stitching looks strong. Its a little bigger than I'm used to, but its not a problem. I can use the screen easily, although the side buttons (volume, screen off) are difficult to access. Key holder is a great feature.

I like this arm band, which I use for running and working out. The Velcro is quite strong, so I don't worry about it popping off. It also doesn't feel sweaty when I use it. The plastic on the front works well for transferring to the touch screen on the phone. I have an iPhone 6+ with an otter box case, so it was a little bit of a tight squeeze, but still worked OK. I think it would fit really well with a smaller case or no case. But what really stands out to me is the comfortable fit, and the strong Velcro. I would recommend this armband for running and working out.

I have used this armband for running over the last week, and I am so happy with my purchase. I bought different one first, but it did not work and I love this one. First, it fits my arm, which is key. I like to wear my phone on my forearm, and this one fits. Plus, I love the band. It is stretchy and very breathable. I was worried about the durability, but it seems better than my old one, which I used for 2 years. But my favorite thing is that even when my phone is in the case, the face recognition works. I was so annoyed with my last case that I had to enter my code every time, but not any more. I highly recommend this product!

It's very comfortable to have on your arm while running