HIJIAO Silicone Cover & Face Pad for Oculus Rift S Standard Facial Pad, Reusable Sweatproof Lightproof (Blue)


  • ♦Professional Design:Designed specifically for Rift S, sweat proof, preventing light leakage, washable
  • ♦Easy to Clean:The silicone surface is very easy to clean, wipe with alcohol or paper towels, and enjoy the fun of VR with family and friends.
  • ♦Enhance View: Good Face Cover replacement enable you to enjoy a good field of view, enjoy your vr from the most comfortable and with a better field of view,Use high-tech design to prevent light loss and feel great on the skin.
  • ♦Material:Made of high quality silicone material, soft and elastic, very comfortable to touch with the skin,and no irritation to the skin
  • ♦Simple to use:According to the link picture mosaic, it is very easy to remove and clean, don't worry about it, it is not fragile.(Package:1xSilicone Cover)



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Silicone Cover & Face Pad for Oculus Rift S Standard Facial Pad, Reusable Sweatproof Lightproof

Product information Color:Blue Package Dimensions 5.2 x 3.7 x 2.1 inches Item Weight 0.81 ounces ASIN B07ZHVS91D

This works very well! I do wish it sucered a little better but it's really not a problem. This really takes the scratchy hot feeling away from the foam. It's also kinda nasty when you realize just how much sweat gets absorbed by the rift S pads. This actually makes sliding on the headset easier too! For me personally this is the way to go.

It just goes over the foam padding that it comes with. If you're on the fence on removing the foam pad completetely for another solution, you can consider buying this as cheap alternative that works. You also may want to consider that even though it fits perfectly over the foam, it is still prone to coming loose when taking it off and putting it back on, other than that, it feels just fine during long sessions.

While the cover does make the headset more comfortable than what the headset comes with, there are issues with the fit. I have tried removing the piece from my headset to get the cover to fit better and it still comes off in certain places.
Best way to review this product is a pros and cons list, so here you go:

No more sweat inside the headset
No digging pieces of plastic in your face

Does not fit well and
Top piece will move and interfere with the sensor inside the headset
Has become more uncomfortable to use in only one weeks time

Looking for a replacement after the first week of use because it has become more of a hassle to continually adjust and get it to stay on and out of the way of important sensors.

This thing didn't stay on my headset too well. Half the time when I take off my headset, the bottom corners of the silicone cover are yanked off.
I also use a lens cover when my headset is put away and I always have to be really careful when taking it out to not yank the silicone cover off when it's time to play again.
I was hoping it would fit more snug. It's definitely more comfortable than the foam but it wasn't worth the trouble. So I returned it.

Went with black because I thought it looked the cleanest with the all black headset. It fits very well and was easy to put on, didn’t even have to stretch it at all it went right in. This is something I feel you MUST have especially if you play games like beat saber, because the stock face mask already began to wrinkle due to sweat before I got this. I also don’t know why comfort is an issue to some people, because I think this makes it even more comfortable! But to each it’s own I guess. Overall I recommend getting this before using your headset. Makes you wonder why Oculus doesn’t makes these come with it.

I like it because it is easier to wipe off with a wipe then the fabric already on the rift S. but man something about the friction of the material on my face gets MAD uncomfortable after a while of use. I tell myself I must suffer in order to not have a headset infested with my friends germs.

This silicone face mask fits the Rift S perfectly and eliminates sweat face!

First, DO NOT rip anything off your Rift S/Quest if you buy this. Simply place it over the OEM padding. Its a thin and doesn't snap on or anything amazing but once on properly, it stays. It also doesnt add any bulk, actually fits better, if anything. It's great if you want to share your headset with others and clean the part that touches your face the whole time. Without this or something like it, your sharing face grease and dirt with others. I've had no problems with comfort, view or it falling off. You will notice sweat accumulate a little if you play something intense like Beat Sabre. It is silicone and not being obsorbed into the padding like it would by default (and what I wanted to stop happening) Happy with the purchase and Sellers prompt shipping.