Oculus Quest Link Cable USB Type C to USB Type C Cable 10ft(3m), High Speed Data Transfer Fast Charging Cable Compatible for Quest and Gaming PC


  • QUEST LINK CABLE - Oculus Link connects Oculus Quest headset to a gaming PC so you can play a wide range of Oculus Rift apps and games.
  • 10FT/3M LENGTH - The ergonomic design reaches 10-feet(3-meters), providing a best-in-class experience with flexible, lightweight durability.
  • HIGH SPEED DATA TRANSFER - Tested at over 1,333 Mbit/s Data Transfer Rate with Oculus Quest USB-C to USB-C (LINK SOFTWARE COMPATIBLE)
  • 90 DEGREE ANGLE - USB C 90 Degree Angle End so it doesn't stick out & is easy to use with the Quest VR headset.
  • 100% GUARANTEED - Our cable is satisfaction guaranteed. Any issues please check out the possible solutions in the description below, or contact our team! support email: [email protected]



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Color:Black  |  Size:10FT(3M)

Oculus Link Virtual Reality Headset Cable for Quest and Gaming PC

support email: [email protected]

Play the best of both worlds with Oculus Link.

A high-speed USB-C cable that connects your compatible gaming PC to our all-in-one Oculus Quest headset. Its lightweight, flexible design empowers you to take on a wide range of games from the action-packed Oculus Rift library.

Charging Capability
The Qculus Link Cable allows you to charge your Quest Headset while playing. It will never run out of power while in the middle of your favorite game. Max Voltage Rating 20V/ Current 3A

10 FT Long Oculus Quest PC Cable
The ergonomic design reaches 10-feet, providing a good experience with flexible, lightweight durability. 16ft version will come soon.

5Gbps Transfer Speed
Oculus Link Virtual Reality Headset Cable for Quest and Gaming PC, USB C to USB 3.1. Transfer data to and from all your USB-C devices at speeds of up to 5 Gbps.

Compatible devices include:
- Oculus Quest Link
- Galaxy Note 8
- Galaxy S8 / S8+/ S9/ S10
- HTC 10
- Sony XZ
- LG V20/G5/G6

Enjoy PC-VR Games
Oculus Link connects Oculus Quest headset to a gaming PC so you can play a wide range of Oculus Rift apps and games.

Product information Color:Black  |  Size:10FT(3M) Package Dimensions 5.43 x 4.41 x 1.06 inches Item Weight 3.17 ounces ASIN B085L7JKDK

I've normally only played fully wireless Quest games on my VR headset but with the release of Half Life Alyx it was time to figure out how to connect it to my PC and play. I picked up this cable because the price is far better than other cables out there (the official Oculus cable costs 4x this cable and is sold out everywhere). When the cable arrived I quickly grabbed my headset and connected it up to my PC. The cable passes the speed tests within the Oculus software and achieved speeds of 2.8 Gbps (lower speed cables will fail the setup process within the Oculus software). I fired up Steam and away I went into an immersive VR world. If anyone is looking for a affordable alternative to the Oculus Link cable I highly recommend checking out this cable first and save your other $60 for a new game.

Does just what I needed it to.

I am able to play steam vr games with it and other games that are on the oculus store aswell. No delay and the battery stays full during gameplay.

The best part is its $60 cheaper than the official cable so I used that to get half life alyx and play it with the cable

I purchased in order to run my Oculus Quest as a HMD using my desktop computer and beefy GPU. This works wonderfully as a link cable, and it is way cheaper than the Oculus branded item.

Fair warning, recently Oculus enabled the use of the in box USB-C charging cable for Oculus Link functionality. I have not tested this myself, but from what I can gather you have to opt into the Beta options inside the Oculus Quest device settings.

I have also used this cable as a charge and play for my Nintendo Switch. It is great for that, and the 90 degree plug keeps the cable out of the way when playing.

This works great for my Oculus Quest. It charges the quest at the same time as using it. The transfer rate have no lags. The video quality was on par with the Oculus brand at a fraction of the price. Great product and would recommend for anyone who owns a oculus and a gaming VR PC.

This cable does not work with the Quest, has lots of trouble initially connecting and after I finally got it to work it quit working about 20 minutes later.

I use this for my Oculus Quest to plug into my PC instead of paying the absurd price for the Link. I have no complaints. The cord works perfectly, making the headset effectively into a Rift. If you're on the fence, get it. It's a great value and I have no issues whatsoever.

This does work with oculus link with the quest. Quality seems good under first impression. Right angle on both ends is a nice touch.

Worked for less than a week, now it disconnects all the time. Purchase something of better quality, stay away if you want to avoid the frustration.