Stylus pens for Touch Screens Pencil with Disc & Fiber Tip 100% Compatible for All capacitive Touch Screen Devices Including Stylus for ipad, iPhone (Black)


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  • ✅【FEATURES 】stylus pens for touch screens, works with all capacitive touch screens. TistaR stylus pen. 2 TIPS STYLUS PEN one is fine tip with transparent disc other end soft silicon net tip . Transparent disc with fine tip are highly accurate for Drawing, Design, Note taking, sketching, signing, writing, and so on. This stylus pen for touch screens come with head so that you can easily take it to outdoor.
  • ✅【DESIGN 】Have three unique part for this stylus pens, for touch screens the body made of aluminum to keep the weight low but make it strong enough . transparent disc let you see what you are doing. Rubber grip makes sure your comfort. Behind the soft silicon made net tip makes sure this stylus pen for touch screens and will keep your screen out of scratch .
  • ✅【COMPATIBILITY】Universal compability . TistaR stylus pens for touch screens, works for all capacitive touch screens . Stylus pen for ipad, iphone, Samsung note, iPhone 8 Plus, iPod, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone 11, iPad 2018, Apple iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, All Huawei devices, LENOVO, Blackberry, and rest available tablet and smartphones .
  • ✅【PACKAGING】We design our stylus pens for touch screens, with our own logo on it as well as this stylus pen for touch screens comes with nice brand packaging .TistR stylus pen can be a perfect GIFT for your school & college going children.
  • ✅【WARRANTY】We will REFUND you if you found ure defectany manufact or damage in transit of our stylus pens for touch screens .Each and every of our stylus pens for touch screens, tested by our expert inspection team but if it still don’t meet your requirement we can refund or replace upon your desire.


TistaR Stylus Pen

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2 in 1 Stylus Pen The stylus pen comes with two tips, the transparent disc tip can provide much better flexibility and accuracy as you can see exactly what you are marking;
The soft fiber tip can protect well your screen from scratches while playing games such as Fruit Ninja.
There is an excellent hand feeling as the lightweight pen body, it can relieve your hand after working for a long time.
Features -Instead of our fingers, it can provide more smoothness and accuracy while writing or drawing.
Lightweight, made of aluminium and steel, give you a pretty comfortable feeling when use it.
With silicone grip on the pen body, which can provide more stability while marking.
With clip for outdoor use, just clip it on your pocket, you will not worry about it may lose or waste lots of time on looking for it here and there.
100% Compatibility : 100% Compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices including Apple iPad, iPad Pro, iPad 2018, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPod, Samsung , HUAWEI, LENOVO, Blackberry, Surface and other tablets or smart phone.
Product Specifications:
Color: Black , Blue , Silver , Red , Pink
Size: 5.5*0.6*0.6 in
Disc diameter: 0.27 in
Fiber tip Diameter:0.24 in Weight: 0.8 oz
Material: Aluminum & Silicon & Plastic Contains: 2-in-1 stylus x1

Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 5.5 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches Item Weight 1.58 ounces Department Boys Manufacturer TistaR ASIN B07VNPDRS6

I am using this Stylus Pen Touchscreen Pencil with Fine Point Disc sold by TistaR Stylus Pen for more than a month . This stylus pen is really so nice to write or art on your iphone , ipad , samsung or any other Touchscreen. You can draw write by this Stylus Pen .Since it has two tips one is transparent and very good for drawing in my experience .And other tip which is made of soft silicon and very smooth to use while playing game or taking note .The body is made of aluminium which insure TistaR Stylus Pen is metalic good quality but light . I like this Stylus Pen Touchscreen Pencil with Fine Point Disc sold by TistaR Stylus Pen for another reason is it's price it's just as perfect as it could be . I would like to recommend if you need a stylus pen go for this Stylus Pen by TistaR Stylus Pen.

Arrived early and exactly as described. Both stylus ends have perfect touch sensibility for the iPad! As a beginner to procreate, it's a wonderful first stylus if you're looking for a more accurate touch.

Artwork was done by me and with Tistar :)

I use stylus for ipad . I used several brands from amazon and almost all of them was good but this stylus pen is the best one . It’s sensitivity and precision is well enough to do fine work . Have two tips both works fine . I use the fine tip to take notes or drawing my figure for homework . And the silicon net part is for rough use usually use for normal browsing such as Facebooking or mailing or playing game . Forgot to tell one point that it have the head which will keep the fine point secure after use and keep the transparent disc clean as well as you can carry with you for outdoor use . After all a satisfied customer and I recommend this stylus.

For $10.99, the cost of a cheap case or a decent screen protector, this stylus is an easy decision. I couldn’t wait to try it out and compare it to my cheaper products, which only have the broad tips. It came very well boxed and the extra tips are well thought out.

Pro’s— well made with a handy cap that covers the tip not being used. This is not the typical stylus with a flimsy pocket clip. I used it on my iPhone X with the app, Sketches Pro. The fine, flat tip performed very well with pens, markers, and brushes. I’ve been playing around with the broad tip with typing, dragging and the 3D pressure function of the iPhone screen. Nicely controllable and accurate once I practiced.

Con’s— I debated giving this a 4 star review due to the heft. My first reaction was that it was tiring to type. But I have arthritic hands and I doubt this would be an issue for healthy hands. Indeed, the more I use it the more I appreciate the increased control in drawing and graphics—Unlike the cheap and featherweight stylus versions, it’s acually possible to produce fine details with this stylus.

For $10.99 this is a real game changer.

WITH WORD OF CAUTION: The method in which the precision stylus with clear disk is attached to the "barrel" is a cylinder of durable rubber. One purpose of this configuration is to allow the user to hold the stylus at various angles, just like one does with regular writing pens, and still allow the writing disk to maintain perfect contact with the device's screen. The stylus was everything advertised in terms of smoothness, sighting that allows for thin lines and the precision of a ballpoint ink pen.

Except... the problem for me, and possibly others, is that my screen is not very sensitive. I'm not sure of the significance of "capacitive" but if it means a screen's ability to sense touch, then my screen is quite insensitive. Therefore, I had to apply additional pressure for the screen to register the stylus' contact. The extra pressure caused the rubber cylinder between the disk and pen barrel to buckle. Whether this "buckling"would ever occur with newer screens and more sensitive screens, I personally doubt it. But, if you currently own an older tablet (like I do) and find that you must apply extra pressure, the same "failure" may occur for you.

Once you will buy it you will fall love with it .This is a brilliant pen. Can't believe it is so cheap. Was concerned about my tablet screen as I had put a thick screen protector but it still worked perfectly. Easy to hold as is just like holding a biro pen. I use the disc shaped nib and it works like a swivel so no matter which angle you move the screen it works. Great accuracy. Pen can easily clip on to tablet cover or pocket. The color is nice ( I got an orange and a black one. Spare nibs are brilliant and you can buy them separately as well. No need for a battery like a more expensive one I have and this one is softer on the screen. It's great to have a spare one. If I missed place this one I have another until I find it again. You get so attached to it that if you can't find it it is like losing your glasses!

It's a fine tip stylus pen along with a silicon net . The fine tip i use to draw to do fine works such as taking notes or playing game . However this fine tip have a transparent disk so please make the disc clear before you use it otherwise have chance to scratch on your display . I think this is the best one i ever used . so i believe you would love it.

Works great, very smooth and easy to use. Ideal for updating spread sheets.