Stylus Pen for Microsoft Surface with 4096 Pressure Sensitivity 500hrs Continuous Use & 180 Days Standby Applicable for Surface Pro Series/Book/Go/Studio/Neo


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Heiyo Surface Pen

Surface stylus pen with magnetic charging cover

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Naturally Writing Experience

Precisely 4096 pressure Sensitivity that respond to the lightest touch. The tip of Surface Pen to your screen with virtually no lag, just like you would with a pencil write on paper.

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Precise Drawing Experience

The surface pen has a 1.50mm fine Plastic POM and Anti-friction material tip and sensitive technology offers the better accuracy, feels natural, accurate and smooth, ensures the most natural writing feel and superior control and traction against tablet screens.

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500 Hours Play Time

Professional Surface pen support 500 hours of play time and 180 days of standby use. When you stop using the stylus, it automatically turns off.

POM Surface Pen Tips

Plastic POM and Anti-friction material tip with 1.5mm diameter. The tip was designed to be durable and should be able to cover over 20km before getting worn out.

4096 Level Sensitivity

4096 level pressure sensitivity allows you to adjust your pressure to create thin, light lines or thicker, bold lines while writing, sketching or drawing.

Compatible devices´╝Ü

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro(2017)

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Book Series

Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Go

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Product information Product Dimensions 5.67 x 0.59 x 0.39 inches Item Weight 0.6 ounces Manufacturer Heiyo ASIN B07L62QJBB Item model number Dia Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

I am a heavy user of Surface Pen. This will be a substitute in my bag when the surface pin is turned off or forgotten.

This new pen is lighter and longer than the surface pen. It holds more like a real pen (surface pen is heavier than real pen). But of course, the surface pin gives a better feeling due to the aluminum alloy housing.

The best part is that it is rechargeable. Whenever my surface book is available, I do not have to worry about power. (The battery of my surface pen has been replaced three times).

The "eraser" button is now in front, which is more convenient. The writing experience is fluid and fluid without delay.

However, the spring is not as good as the original pen. The spring of the new is made of plastic rather than rubber. It feels more like the "Wacom" pin for Surface Pro 2 (which I used 2 years ago).

Anyway, the price for such a quality is quite worthwhile for me.

 This pen looks like a real quality pen. It connects easily to my Surface Pro 6. All I have to do is press the pencil with the top button. that's it. I was surprised to see the functionality of the pen with the surface. It has a right mouse button and an eraser button built in. the indicator light looks cool too.
- 500 hours of continuous operation with a single charge, which is enormous.
- Easy connection to Microsoft devices without Bluetooth or Wify
- easy to transport
- modern appearance
- writes fluently and precisely like a real pen on the screen
- not noticed yet.

 This stylus pen is super easy to use. It is lightweight which makes it easy to control your hand movements, and there is an erase button and a click button you can drawing and writing easily, which is super cool.I can draw on the touch screen, without activating any bluetooth. I love it. Writes as good as the original stylus. Great product, if you are a designer it will be very useful, also you can use it to take note in your class and office.

 The packaging of the pen is simple and clean. It comes with the charging cable and arrived charged for me.

As a student, I write non stop on my Surface Pro 3. It writes smoothly, and the buttons work perfectly. The only difference is while writing, the circle cursor appears, whereas with the Surface Pen, it does not. Other than that, the pen is perfect. An additional plus is that it is rechargeable and the magnetic charging cap keeps the aesthetics.

The pen is slightly longer than the Surface Pen, but does not hinder its writing capabilities. It is much lighter compared to the Surface Pen. The grip provides a slight nonslip surface which is nice. The material is decent. The body is metal but the grip is plastic.

In all, the pen is definitely worth its price. highly suggested if you need a replacement pen for a cheap price.

 The pen has a great balanced feel to it in your hand. The buttons work well switching between mouse and writing. It has a wide sensitivity ability with your work on the tablet. It isn't just great for using paint tools, but also great for lecture capture or writing on PowerPoints for a class. It glides across the screen with no drag and while pressing it has good feedback feel to how you are using it.

 I lost my surface pen, and don't really want to get another one for $100+. This pen has a good touching sensor and comes with a eraser and a mouse right click buttons. That's actually better than the original one. However, it doesn't have the top button. I actually like it better.

I'm a professional freelance illustrator using a Surface Pro 4 Tablet with Clip Studio EX.

This is an excellent pen. Long battery life. I love that I can recharge it.

Tip of the pen has "grip" to it so it doesn't fly across the tablet or feel like I'm cutting into the screen with plastic. Provides much control.

It has buttons on the pen but I never use them.

I love that I can charge it. Pink light indicates "charging" and green light indicates that it's fully charged. It lasts 500 hours. I've used it for a solid week at about 12+ hours per day without charging and it was still going strong.

Good weight to the pen. Good thickness and size. Feels like a quality product.

I could use something with more range of sensitivity but I'm pretty happy with this pen for the price.

I have been using this pen since I got it with my Surface Pro 4 and I love it. I've charged it once and it is still going strong even after quite a bit of usage, so on that I am highly impressed!
Took me a while to figure out how to turn it off as well (press and hold the top button until the light turns off after blinking a few times). My only problem is that it is pretty easy to turn the pen on by accident. My case has a place for the pen so the fact that it doesn't magnetically attach itself to the Surface isn't that big of a con for me. But the button seems to keep getting pressed and turned on as you only need to push it. The pocket clip on the pen doesn't move so it doesn't allow me to set the pen in such a way as to keep the button to be pushed so I just check it every now and again, or just sigh and turn it off when I see the light is on.
It works quite well through a Glass Screen Pro screen protector and I have no problems at all using it. I've used the pen to write notes, send emails, wander around the web, color, draw and play games. Saves me from having to continuously wipe my finger prints off the screen. I do highly recommend this pen, especially if you are going to pay this price on one.