Slim-Pro Stand by Amusent-Ultra Slim Portable Phone Stand, Kickstand-As Small As Credit Card, Pocket Size-Foldable, Adjustable, Multi-Angle, Compatible w/iPhone, Smartphones & Tablets (Venice)


  • ENJOY WATCHING VIDEOS HANDS FREE: Forget about having your hand stuck to your phone whenever you want to watch your favorite videos, browse through the news or read a book. Just set this amazing portable phone stand, kickstand on the table and you're good to go - hands free!
  • FIND YOUR OPTIMAL VIEWING ANGLE: Unlike many other phone stands, the Slim-Pro Stand is made to have a 130 degrees adjustable multi angle, so you can find the viewing angle that fit you perfectly.
  • EASILY FITS IN YOUR WALLET: The Slim-Pro Stand takes the term "portable" to a whole new level. It's collapsible, has the pocket size of a credit card and it only 2.2mm thick. This means it can easily foldable and fit into one of your wallet's card slots!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING: This great portable phone stand is designed to be universally compatible with almost every smartphone, tablet, e-reader or other portable device. It will even work well along with most smartphone cases!
  • DURABLE & STABLE CONSTRUCTION: When it comes to our Slim-Pro Stands, Kickstand and mobile device accessories, we make a point of using nothing but superior steel-reinforced plastic and precise, top-of-the line production processes. This way we can be certain they will conform to our customers' - your - high standards!



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Amusent Slim-Pro stand (portable/ adjustable/ foldable credit card sizes phone stand) is a slim, light weight and durable mobile phone stand. A simple, convenient and great feature to use. We are the small numbers of mobile phone mounts providing you the durability and yet the portable pocket sizes stand that can be tucked comfortably into your wallet or pocket.


With super light weight and as small as a credit card, only 2.2mm thick, which can be easily tuck into your wallet or pocket. It is convenient for you to bring and use in everywhere. Our Slim-Pro is made of stainless steel fortified with molded sturdy plastic. The structure of the Slim-Pro is strong, durable and quality is guraranteed.


Strong and stable construction Slim-Pro stand can support almost every smartphones, even a iPad mini. It works pretty well along with most smartphone cases!

Another good feature of Slim-Pro is putting the favourite patterns on the stainless steel. Our shop is currently offering 29 patterns and more patterns are coming for selection. There must have one of the pattern that can be admired by you.


Slim Pro is a considerable design, the stand can be adjusted incline with 12 steps from 110 to 130 degree to give best viewing angle. You do not hesitate to free your hand and find a comfortbale viewing angle standing the phone to enjoy video and reading.

Product information Color:White Product Dimensions 3.31 x 2.07 x 0.09 inches Item Weight 0.36 ounces ASIN B01N7JTOVL Item model number STD-800-00011

If you're looking to get a phone kickstand I highly recommend getting this one over the Spigen U100. This stand is slim enough to fit inside a wallet comfortably. Durable enough to survive in one without breaking too. Though you may notice some bending depending on where you keep your wallet, considering how slim the stand is. After using it for a while I could only come up with a few downsides. There isn't any silicon/ rubber padding on the bottom to prevent the stand from sliding when tapping on devices. It's also not stable enough to hold larger devices like the iPad Pro, but it wasn't really made for that. Though it can hold an iPad in landscape mode if you don't tap on the screen to much. Just keep in mind that this stand seems to favor slimmer devices, so if you have a large phone or a bulky case you're probably going to have a rough time with this one. Other than that I recommend giving it a shot if you're curious.

I've just received it and it seems to be really good (time will tell how long the flex points hold up). I have tried my 9.7" iPad Pro, with the basic leather case and cover (no keyboard) and it fits. Of the 12 angles, if my iPad is in portrait mode, the 3 that let it lay back the most are not very stable, but the other 9 seem quite usable. It will make a great combination with my TextBlade keyboard (sorry, but it is still in beta testing and not released yet). Both super tiny, super light, and really useful. I did, somehow, order the wrong design but really not a big deal. Besides, I really am "amazing'. I'm going to use it for a few more days and, barring something unexpected, buy some more!

Update: I just came from the Apple store and tried this with the new iPads. For the 12+ inch iPad, forget about portrait mode! But it will work in landscape, though the closer to the most upright position the better. I'd say the lowest 3-4 positions wouldn't be good. The rest would depend on how hard you push on the tablet when using it. The 10.5" is, naturally, better, but still can't use all portrait positions.

I bought this stand because I want a small portable option to prop my phone on tables to watch media without having to use a case with a built in kickstand. There are lots of cases with built in kickstand but alot of them have ones that are flimsy and break easily not to mention many of the best most protective cases (I.E Otterbox, UAG, Tech21 and others) don't have kickstand. This stand allows me to choose to use many different phone cases without having to worry about not being able to prop up my phone to watch media on a table. The stand is very affordable but I find the stand to feel a little on the flimsy side, but it's portability and its functionality do make up for that.

Not a bad little phone stand. I think it works well to prop up the phone to watch hands free videos and whatnot. I specifically bought this to take photos on a trip and the angle is a little to relaxed to be perfect for me. It doesn't make the phone stand up straight enough if that makes sense. Also I have a pop socket on the back of my phone and find that if I leave it on the phone doesn't really fit into the stand well.

When it comes to being credit card sized it definitely fits the bill but it is about twice as thick as a card so if your wallet card slots are tight it might not fit well.

So, five stars for this if you just want to prop your phone up to watch something, 2 stars if you want to use it to take photos.

After looking at the other reviews and seeing photos that were posted, I finally figured out how to set this up. This item lost a star because I burned precious time trying to figure this out. But... though it be small, it is mighty! It holds my ipad in both portrait and landscape positions, and has no trouble with my iphone either - and that's with cases on both as well. I'm going to be going on several trips, so I'll be able to see how well it holds up. It's great that it's so small - that helps a ton for sure!

Works well but is cheaply made. This stand doesnt have any hinges just thin places in the plastic that allows different parts to bend out allowing the stand to be erected. I do like that the pieces snap into position when flat to ensure the stand remains flat in your wallet. I think this stand is a bit overpriced for how it is built. I dont expect this stand to last forever but it does function well as of right now. If it had hinges built in it would be a perfect 5 review.

When I first received this I was WTF is this? I didn't open right or hold my phone, until I realized my mistake. Now it collapses to the size of a credit card and holds my Iphone 11 perfectly in portrait mode with it's small case one. Great for watching movies on the plane, and when done it just slips right into my wallet without any extra phone bulk. Definitely worth the few dollars this cost. My only wishes, would be for it to tilt back a little further and if it had come with instructions how to fold it out the first time, but still 5 stars.

The kickstand is very great and durable. I love the color of it, and it is very cheap. It was smaller than expected, but That is not where the star is lost. There isn't any mechanism to lock the phone and kickstand in place, and that is why I only give it four stars.