Double Bear Overhead Phone Stand – Phone Mount for Filming, Crafting, Baking, Drawings, Recording – Design for Various Purposes


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Are you looking for the perfect thing to hold your mobile phone while you record your tutorial or anything? Well then look no more!

Even though our phone mount ensemble is lightweight – 4 lbs and super easy to carry around, it offers your phone maximum stability because of its main rod made out of iron, has a wide base and strong clippers to hold your phone.

If anyone around you makes videos and uploads them on social websites, or just likes to record and preserve their videos – then this is the best gift for them! This overhead stand is an excellent choice as it is portable, stable and just perfect!

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Product information Package Dimensions 17.9 x 5.8 x 3 inches Item Weight 4.19 pounds Manufacturer Double Bear ASIN B081B6LGZK

I LOVE this thing! I stumbled across it and thought the counterweight design might just solve the issue that every other design I have tried lacks. All of the other phone holders I have tried use a bendable arm to hold and position a phone for taking hands free photos - and none of them can hold my phone without the arm slowly falling down from the weight of the phone. This one is fantastic and is made of mostly metal - very sturdy! I placed little felt stick on pads on the bottom of the hefty metal base to prevent scratching my countertop — love it.

The stand is exactly what I was looking for - it’s heavy and stable, and you’re able to adjust the height and arm length. The mount that attaches to your phone is horrendous. The springs busted out as soon as I tried to attach my phone. It was horrible trying to get them back in, and once I did fix it I could see there was no way this thing would hold anything. I tried several times and the springs kept coming out. It’s cheaply made. Very disappointed that I now have to search for that piece somewhere else. The stand is nice though so I’ll keep that. But for this price they should have included a phone mount that’s not so cheap and junky.

I bought this to use when filming some online classes, and it's definitely working out well. I can have it closer to the paper I'm working on so students can see better, and it doesn't shake when I write! Another bonus is that the way it clamps in to the holder leaves the entire screen free so I can see what I'm filming as well as any messages or anything else that pops up.

One big downside is the spring-loaded clamp that holds the phone itself. I find it really difficult to get it around my phone with the case on. I saw another review where someone said theirs snapped, and I'm honestly just waiting for that to happen with me. And more challenging than getting it in the clamp is getting it out. I pinch my fingers every damn time it snaps closed, and it HURTS! I've started sliding the phone out rather than lifting out from the front, but there's still the snap back once the phone is completely out. I think an adjustable clamp would be more helpful here so I could tighten and loosen it as needed. (I may look into seeing if that exists elsewhere.) But otherwise the overall design is sturdy and it's incredibly versatile for my needs!

Heavy enough to hold my Pixel 4XL without moving. The design allows you to move the phone in so many ways, it's easy to get the perfect product shot while using. Really pleased with this purchase and would recommend.

I would give it 5 stars but it slightly tips at a certain angle. It's easily corrected though.

So disappointed to receive this and there are only the sticks. No base and no phone attachment. Have to wait to return it and then hopefully get what I paid for.

Highly Recommended

It is all that I expected and more!!! Very heavy base and very sturdy!!!