NANW Screen Protector Plus Charger Compatible with Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch (Not for Versa), (Can Charge with Versa 2 Bumper Case On), [2+1 Pack] Soft TPU Plated Bumper Screen Case with Charger Dock Station


  • Compatible Models --- Perfect accessory case with screen protector created for 2019 Versa 2 only (Not for Versa, Versa Lite Edition and Versa Special Edition), fits from weekends to workouts, that's ready for anything.
  • Exclusive 2+1 Set --- Comes with 1pack versa 2 charger couple with 2 pack versa 2 screen protectors; Designed to give your versa 2 the screen protection while charging properly without taking off the case frequently, also do not need to take off the versa 2 bands while charging.
  • Full Covered Protection --- Precision cutting versa 2 screen protector case comes with all-around surface protection, which will protect your versa 2 screen from scratches, shatter, collision or other potential damages.
  • Safe & Stable Charger --- This versa 2 charger built-in overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and over-temperature protection, which will provides a safe charging environment for your precious versa 2.
  • User Friendly Design --- Made from high quality TPU with surface plated and smooth finishing, ultra thin design makes our versa 2 screen protector case provides an external surface protection without compromising usability.



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NANW versa 2 Screen Protector + charger, more convenient to charge your smart watch!

Material: TPU+VBS
Case available: Available to charge with protect case on.
Wide Use: Plugs the USB port any USB-enabled devices.
Compatible model: The stand works for versa 2.

Package Included:
2pcs Versa 2 Screen Protectors + 1pc versa 2 replacement charger

Product information Color:Black+Blue Package Dimensions 6.85 x 4.53 x 0.59 inches Item Weight 1.76 ounces ASIN B083GMRG3Q

I just switched from the versa to the versa 2. I always wore bumpers. They always worked. I just purchased 2 of this item, so each set came with 2 bumpers which only 1 on each, so out of four only 2 bumpers were tight enough for the side button to work.. other 2 you had to press in REALLY HARD. So I was going to get a replacement until I noticed that I can not use the touchscreen to go down to see my text notifications. I tried really hard several times, I took off the bumper then it worked again. UGHH..., I really wanted these to work. I love the bumpers on my versa 1. THE CHARGES WORKED with the bumpers on, however I can't go without seeing the notifications by scrolling down.

I like that this combination package was very affordable.
It is convenient that it comes with two screen protectors and a charger.
What I like about the charger is that you have to leave the screen protector on- otherwise it will not charge.
I found the original charger that comes with the Fitbit to be a nuisance because I would have to always take the screen protector off.

My only issue is that occasionally- very occasionally it doesn't charge correctly.
I have gotten an error stating something along the lines of not enough sufficient power to charge.
I simply move the charger a bit and it seems to work.
I haven't cared enough to move the charger to another location because it hasn't bothered me enough.
It could possibly be my outlet- and that too many items are plugged in.

I was hesitant to buy because the one I had prior I had a hard time removing to charge. They come with chargers but my last FitBit barely lasted 2 years and I suspect the foreign charger might have contributed to its EOL. Anyway this cover comes off easy and can charge with the actual Fitbit charger without issues. I love how this includes the screen cover for protection. Highly recommend!

Every time I took off my jacket, these would fall off my Fitbit. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a screen protector! The touch screen worked perfectly and it was easy to charge with the case on using the charger. The charger worked great - it charged my device quickly. I just wish the actual cases would stay on better!

One of the best products I have bought! The watch protectors look like a million dollars, very expensive looking! Fit's Versa 2 perfectly, yes I would buy again. So much better than the one I bought for my Versa. The charger works well, I like not having to remove protector case. Matter of fact I am going to buy more cases in different colors. I can't speak to how long the cases will look good, but as inexpensive as they are it is well worth the price! Very well made.

This is great for the value! The face is a little larger than i would like and sometimes it has a hard time with the touch. But not enough for me to really notice or mind. Overall I really like the product. Great value for the money!

I really like the product. It protects my screen and the charger works with the protector screen on! You just have to remember to clean inside the screen when you change protector screen. I find that it does tend to get water behind it during a shower. Small price to pay for the protection I receive.

totally does what it is supposed to do and keeps my new fitbit protected. I love it that i can charge it with the screen protector on.