Bluetooth Earpiece Mpow EM16 V5.0 Mini Bluetooth Earbud Smallest Wireless Headphones w/CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling Mic, Invisible Car Bluetooth Headset w/8 Hrs(One pcs, Two Charger), Black


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  • cVc 8.0 NOISE CANCELING MIC : Built in cVc 8.0 noise cancelling mic, Mpow upgraded Bluetooth earpiece offer hands free calls with crystal-clear sound, which can filter out external noise & enhances the sound of your voice, allow you hear and be heard in louder environments.
  • UPGRADED MINI BLUEOOTH EARBUD : Adopted the high professional CSR chipset and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, make multi-data transmission is stable, wide wireless coverage range, low power operation saves power, compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth products. And this Bluetooth earpiece also.
  • 8HRS CONTINUOUS PLAYBACK : Mpow mini Bluetooth earbud supports 8 hours playtime and 300 hours standby time with only just 2 hours charging time. It also comes with magnetic inductive charger, quickly charging anytime.
  • UPDATE HD STEREO AUDIO : Update clear HD audio with less sound loss, for listening to Audiobooks, Podcasts and Netflix, decent for music and calls. Easily to answer/end calls, play/pause music through the multi-function button.
  • SMALLEST & LIGHTEST DESIGN : Weighs only 0.1oz (3g) and small enough, you can barely notice it while inside your ear. Also, the button is bigger and easier to operate than others. Wear comfortable, hidden, suitable for a variety of scenes



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MPOW specializes in consumer electronics and accessories, and we offer innovative products to our customers. MPOW’s products have been spread all over the world such as North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania.

Mpow EM16 Wireless Bluetooth Earbud

Easy One-Button Control

The single button delivers many practical functions in different operations, such as power on/off, answer/hang up, play/pause, redial, etc. Operations can be read in the user manual.

  • 1. Improve your communicating efficiency at work. With cVc8.0 noise reduction technology, Mpow wireless earphone ensures a clear and crisp conversation during the phone call without voice echo.
  • 2. Enjoy music on the go. Adopted with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset as it has lower battery consumption, now you can enjoy music for 8 hours wherever you go.
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8-Hour Play/Talk Time

With upgraded battery, Mpow EM16 Bluetooth earpiece now has a longer playing/talking time for almost 8 hours while the charging takes only 2 hours. Battery status of the earphone can be noticed on your phone.

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Bluetooth 5.0

Compared to Bluetooth 4.2 of other product, Mpow wireless earphone has equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 for 2x faster wireless transmission, 1.5x faster connection time, and lower battery consumption.

Left/Right Ear Available

Due to its compact and symmetry design, you can put the earbud in your left or right ear. 4 changeable ear tips (3 silicone ear tips: S, M, L & 1 memory foam ear tip) bring you excellent wearing experience in comfort.

Wide Compatibility

Mpow EM16 Bluetooth earbud can be connected with any Bluetooth-enabled devices like cellphones of iOS/Android, tablets, MacBook, Laptop, and more. Its multipoint connection allows to connect with 2 devices simultaneously for easy switching.

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Product information Product Dimensions 2.99 x 2.91 x 0.98 inches Item Weight 0.106 ounces ASIN B07VFC55CB Item model number I8X-TWS Batteries 1 Unknown batteries required. (included)

I was really on the fence when deciding weather or not to order this, but am now glad I did. I am no professional reviewer, but I am no stranger to Bluetooth earpieces. I have been using them for many many years and probably owned most all of them at some point. Typically, devices of this size have been nothing but a big dud. This MPOW however, defies all others. The sound quality is very good for its size, and people can hear me really well on the receiving end of the call. If I had to nitpick at something, it would be that I cannot turn it off with the multi-function button. However, it turns off when putting it on the very nice magnetic charger.

Update; After a few days of use and experimenting, I have learned that I just needed to hold the multi-function button for five seconds or so, in order to turn off this device.

ive bought several products from this company and have never been let down or disappointed. the only time ive had an issue with a product was when i accidentally dropped an ear bud and stepped on it. cant really blame the company for that. i work night shift and as many 3rd shift workers know it can drag on since there is very little work to actually do. i had one (the one i stepped on) that lasted 6h and would die shortly before my shift was over. but i never had issues with it so i just thought i would buy it again. but as i was searching for it i came across this version which claimed an 8h run time. which was perfect for me and my 8 hour shifts. i went ahead and ordered it and i cant praise it enough.

its got great sound quality for what it is. no its not on par with some expensive studio headphones. but its crystal clear with decent bass and more volume than you can comfortably use.

battery life is indeed 8 hours. the only exception being if im blasting music at full volume then it might last me an hour less. its small and its snugly in the ear.

and it surprisingly has a good microphone as i can use my phones voice to text feature with it and i frequently take calls from my supervisor with no complaints of quality issues from either line.

curious thing is that it came with 2 chargers. which is weird as ive only ever gotten one charger for these products. might of just been a mistake at the factory but as far as mistakes go this was a good one.

this device has never given me any problems and i would recommend 10 times over.

Love it, I use it everyday. I bought two, one charges while I'm using the other one. Coworkers say they can hear me clearly on calls. Two thumbs up.

All I have to say. If it breaks I'm buying another one.

I like to listen with just one earbud, so this does the trick. Very easy to set up, and comes with several earpiece covers to suit various ear channels. The sound is just fine, even for music. I use the Musicolet Android app--best music app for non-streaming, no ads, all features. It has an equalizer to adjust frequencies for preference, which I did use. The earbud as standard is a bit tuned toward speech, which is to be expected with a single earbud...most folks probably use them for phone or podcasts. But the equalizer gave me a nice music balance capability. Musicolet also has a preamplifier setting, so you can lower or boost volume compared to other apps. Plus, the customization can be configured for bluetooth vs plug-in phone vs etc etc, one or all of them. Great program.
But back to the MPOW, comes with a nice zipper case, and has a 24 month warranty with email address and phone numbers. Lacks features that some more expensive units might have, like skip to next song, or control volume from the bud, but I don't miss that. Not interested in fiddling with tiny controls in my ear...I'll do it on my phone. It does have pause/play, answer/hang up, phone on/off on the bud.
So exactly what I wanted.

Eeally the best Bluetooth earned I've found. Especially for the price. It's actually better than a set I paid twice as much for! So good, I bought one for my brother and, when I lost mine, bought another immediately despite having several other Bluetooth earbuds on hand. It's the one I use the most!
It's a comfortable fit in the ear, great noise-cancelling without making you feel "hollow"/deaf in one ear. I can use it AND listen around it with no problem.
Excellent battery life and a convenient little magnetic USB charging adapter. Both fit nicely in a pocket or earbud pouch.

I have tried other brands and this is by far my favorite! It is long lasting. I have warn it in the shower and it is fine. I ran it through my washing machine and dryer and it still works though I would not recommend doing that frequently. It charges quickly. I have slept with it in and Ken lay on it. With the button being so small it does not turn itself off when I lay on that side. This stop button is fantastic for that reason! Also, when the battery is low there is not an annoying loud beep but a gentle voice comes on to let me know the battery is low. It repeats maybe two or three times and then they will shut off. As far as quality in this price bracket it is absolutely fantastic!! It comes with two chargers and when I first opened the package it was already charged and ready to go!

It is my second time buying this headset. The quality is great and it is affordable. I am a Uber driver and I do not want to use GPS navigation in a speaker. This headset has made my work life so much easier. Comparing to name brand headset, it has the best pricing and better quality.

What a load of crap I have wasted a lot of money over the years this just adds to it. Couldn't have picked a worst item with my eyes shut. If you wish to be disappointed buy this crap total waste of money thanks amazon.