【Mini PRO 4】 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones TWS Stereo Touch Control Earphones with Wireless Charging Case Mini Car Built-in Mic Headset,Compatible for iPhone/Android(2020 New Earbuds)


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  • ♬【2020 Newest Bluetooth 5.0】:Bluetooth earbuds adopt the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology which provided more stable connection (connection distance up to 45ft), faster paring(just need 2 seconds ) and universal compatibility.
  • ♬【Smart Touch-Control】:One touch-control button supports a lot of functions such as play/pause music, answer/hang up a call, the next/previous song, activate Siri and so on. Needn't hold the phone in your hands, very comfortable and convenient.Enjoy your music everywhere even in a loud environment.
  • ♬【Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality】:Authentic Sound and Powerful Bass Performance,The level of the output is HD stereo audio for our Bluetooth earbuds is to the Ergonomic design makes it more comfortable, relevant and cool to put on your ear.
  • ♬【One Step Pairing】:Just pick up earbuds from the charging case,the last-paired device automatically connects. And only one step easily enter mobile phone bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds.
  • ♬【SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】:You made a great choice shopping with us. Every product includes a 365-days worry-free warranty. We truly care about our customers. If you have any issues with our products or have any questions, please contact us right away. our friendly Customer Support team will quickly work with you until you are happy and completely satisfied.



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【Mini PRO 4】DOEDH NEW BLUETOOTH 5.0 3D STEREO SOUND(2020 New Upgrade Earbuds)


√ SUPPORT FAST CHARGING - Charge for 15 minutes, use 4 hours. 

√ SUPPORT FOR BINAURAL CALLS - With built-in microphone on both sides earbuds, allows you to make hand-free calls from either one. 

√ EASY TO OPERATE - Intelligent touch control to switch to music or phone calls. 

√ FAST AND STABLE PAIRING - Bluetooth V 5.0 technology, easy to be pairing with your devices. 

√ SWEATPROOF - Sweatproof material of shell to ensure high quality sound when sports use. 

√ BLUETOOTH RANGE - About 48 feet (15 M). 

√ BATTERY CAPACITY - 35 mAh (Bluetooth Earphones) / 350mAh (Charging Case). 



1. When pairing for the first time, remove the wireless earbuds directly from the charging case and press and hold the headset for three seconds. 

2. Search the Bluetooth on the phones, then connect. 

3. The wireless earbuds will stay as STANDBY after pairing. 

4. After the first-time pairing, the Bluetooth earbuds will be automatically connected to your mobile devices once they are on. (If you use the iOS 11 or higher version of the iPhone, when the headset is removed from the charging case, the iPhone will automatically pop up the window pairing). 


2 x Bluetooth Earbuds. 

1 x Charging Case. 

1 x Cable.

1 x User's Manual.

1 x Beautifully Packed Box.

Any questions please send us a message. 

Product information Package Dimensions 23.7 x 2.99 x 1.42 inches Item Weight 3.98 ounces ASIN B08CMTTH5L

I searched for awhile before purchasing. I have perfect pitch in my ears and sound distortion drives me insane. I also wanted something that would allow me to put my phone down and give me some distance.
What I didnt expect to LOVE is the battery display. It counts down to show how much battery is left in the case and this is a fantastic feature.
Sound quality isnt that of Bose, however, for the price, it is excellent.
If these ever die, I will certainly purchase them again. They fit my ears great and dont fall out unless I sweat a ton.
Phone call sound quality is excellent.
The only negative I have found is getting used to the touch options. I have accidentally hung up on a few people and have turned the volume up instead of down a few times.
Overall, these exceeded my expectations.

"Headphones with ample battery life, the design is comfortable and very discreet, it synchronizes quickly with the cell phone, for my ear it is easily added and it seems that it is not.
Regarding the sound has lows that reach a good level, fine are easy to improve with the other pads. The shipment was the product as the photo, with caution and delivery on time.
The reproduction system is very complete the sound is clear and good. also with my cell phone matches well, the place where it came was covered and almost without any damage, the battery is good. The answer of the change of song totally sensitive and for the water is very, very comfortable, I think I would buy more of these in the future. The design is elegant since the color combination is very cool. The Bluetooth 5 improves the connection to the device a big point in favor for this technology. The seller was punctual and very specific. I hope it lasts a long time as I use it"

I am writing this review after using these earbuds for about 2 weeks. The price were unbelievably good. So far they've exceeded my expectations! They are very easy to use - you take them out of the case and put them into your ears, immediately they will show up on your nearby phone or computer's Bluetooth device list. One touch (click) to connect - never fails. And they will automatically reconnect to the same phone/computer the next time you use them, unless you manually disconnect and reconnect to a different device. This connection process is almost as easy as using the Apple Airpod - "almost" because if you use the Airpod with an iPhone the first time, you don't need to open the bluetooth device menu. This is a tiny tradeoff for not paying Apple's brand premium. The sound quality is comparable to Apple Airpod Gen-1, definitely adequate for everyday listening. Note that there is also hands free microphones in the earbuds, although I initially wasn’t aware of it.

Nice earbuds. I picked this pair partly because of the shape; hate the shape of the Apple earbuds; they hurt my hears. This pair is very comfortable. Nice sound. Nice little charging case they come in. Pairs easily and quickly.
My only suggestion would be the instructions need to be rewritten. Opening & charging directions don’t match the functionality of the ear buds but they are fairly self explanatory.

I never got into the whole wireless earbuds stuff because of uncomfortable and expensive they were. But it had been very hard to workout using my over the head earbuds plus they were getting old and it was not holding charge at all. After searching on amazon for a couple of days, I decided to purchase this earbuds and I could not be happier. The earbuds arrived in very well package with a case and and charging cable. I left the earbuds in there for a couple of hours to charge before using them. Looking at all the reviews my expectation was high but also I was not confident because how cheap it was.
I was blown away by the fit and quality of sound. I have ran almost 100 miles wearing these and none of those times once I had to adjust the fit. Battery life is pretty good too, on average I get around 4-5hrs. Sound quality while listening to music and calls is pretty good, obvs its not as same a Bose but for the price it's an absolute bargain. During calls the person on the other side had no issue hearing me and was pretty clear.

"I like the design and is easy to pair, the only thing I don't much care for is the left side looses connection or goes in and out a lot. I thought I'd give it some time but I've had them a month now and not getting any better. Only happens on the left side. I've noticed lots of reviews complaining about the same thing. I use them to watch videos on my Amazon Fire tablet and I'm only a foot away from my face. At this point I'm not real happy with them. When I does work they sound fantastic.

After pairing with my LG Smartphone, there is no problem and quite happy with these ear buds. Great sound, clear voices and deep bass. I can only say that maybe some devices have a better connection than others. My apologies for the first review. I take it all back."

Update to original post: The company reached out with an option to replace my earbuds and I accepted. The new pair of T6 earbuds are great! The quickly pair with one another and so far there is no crackle or loss of signal or sound. I am very happy with the new pair and am very impressed with their customer service. I would recommend these earbuds for anyone. They are very easy to use.

The left earbud will not stay connected and when it is it crackles. I have tried everything! When they both work they are great! But 9 times out of 10 the left will not connect/stay coveted or just cuts out. I’m just not happy with the product. Not sure if I could return them since I don’t have the box they came in.

The first time ear buds were used the microphone came off bottom of one of the ear buds. They were charged overnight and play time was only 30 minutes before they died. Speakers rattled when music was played as if they were blown speakers. Also one earbud kept sticking in case and was very difficult to remove, repeatedly!!