SIKAI Remote Case Compatible with Vizio XRT122 Smart TV Remote [Eco-Friendly] Silicone Case for VIZIO Smart LCD LED TV Remote [Shock Proof] Silicone Cover for Vizio XRT122 Remote with Lanyard (Blue)


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  • !NOTICE: All SIKAI Silicone Products have passed the RoHS test (UK) and CPSIA test (US), safety non-toxic, ensure health, conformity with environmental legislations.
  • √SIKAI Remote Case compatible with:Refer to the picture and the subject title
  • √ Made of environmental silicone, shockproof, skin-friendly, durable, washable, durable and comfortable.
  • √ With hand lanyard, and bright colors, easy fo find, never worry about the "hide" remote. Fit for almost all the Roku Remote.



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SIKAI Remote case for universal VIZIO smart TV remote XRT112 XRT122 XRT132 and XRT500 Silicone case for Vizio Smart Remote
NOTICE: Please confirm your remote with the photos before order. If you can't sure, please contact us, we will help you out.

Product information Color:Blue Product Dimensions 7.87 x 1.57 x 0.39 inches Item Weight 0.634 ounces Manufacturer SIKAICASE ASIN B07538MRJ1

I was looking to buy another remote b/c the back of my remote will no longer stay on. Then I stumbled on this. Started reading reviews & seeing that the back coming off this remote seems to be a common problem. So decided it was probably better to buy this which will hold the back on & essentially solve the problem. Made way more sense. Also a lot easier to locate my remote my 5yr old loses on the daily. I like the feel of it. Holds the back on & fits nicely. I left the handle off bc I’ll never use it & I seen many reviews saying it breaks off. Thought I’d just avoid that problem. We all love it. Thanks

TLDR: Good remote cover. It fits the Vizio remote (as shown in the picture) perfectly! I would buy it again.

My review: This cover, fits like a glove! My family loves that it glows! It’s pretty bright if you charge it under UV for a few seconds before putting it in the dark. This feature has definitely come in handy when looking for it under the couch and other dark abysses that your remote likes to hide in. I got this remote cover because my kids broke my original remote and I had to order a new one. So I thought this would work as a form of protection, and it has been effective so far. The blue color I purchased was brighter then I expected, which is not a bad thing, I like it. Originally (probably my low brightness computer screen) I thought it would be muted blue almost teal or blue green and it’s more of a light electric blue. The only reason I gave 4 stars on durability is because the string holder that came with the remote has to be tied on, and the spot is a bit weak. My kids were playing with it the first week we had it, swinging it around, and that string ripped from the place on the remote where it was attached. Naturally I had to fix it, pretty simple fix, I just made a new hole through a thicker part of the silicon and to date my modification has held up. One last thing to note, the shipping dates are correct this is coming from mainland China so it takes at least three weeks to get here. With all that said,in my honest opinion if you have kids this thing will pay for itself!

We have the same model television in several rooms. I bought various colors of these cases to differentiate which remote goes in what room in the event one is misplaced. The case has a nice feel to it and is of good quality. It fits the remote very nicely and the silicone avoids slipping off of tables, chair arms, etc. For the price, it is a good buy and I highly recommend. I don't really see the point of the wristlet but you don't have to attach it.

Funny.. Havent dropped my remote once since buying this.. my other remote control is demolished from multiple drops daily to my hardwood floors .. but dare I take it off... ohh no because the second that I do its going down.. ohh yeah I had to buy a new remote & this extra lil security is worth it !!!

This silicone case for our remote was a great find. My kids always decide that throwing my remote is a good idea and I was so tired of the back breaking off. Has to order a new remote when they completely busted mine. This will help you keep it protected some. They also tend to lose it all the time in the couch. The bright color of this cover helps us to know where it is at all times.

Maybe one of my best purchases ever, a genius product, my remote no loger slips between the couch cushins and down to the floor. This has a texture like rubber so it wont slip in between small spaces."Buy it."

It’s ever so slightly loose on the remote but still works great and feels protective enough. This remote is a POS and extremely fragile. One drop and it’s history. This is a brilliant case. Blue color is really pretty, not that that really matters lol Like that it glows in the dark, should make the game of “where’s the remote” easier. Arrived 1 day early.

... to keep from falling apart constantly. Makes the remote less slippery and less prone to sliding all over the place, and a little easier to see and find when the cat throws it into the great black hole of remotes. Strap is useful for hanging remote up by TV, color coincidentally matches cushions and throws. And it glows in the dark (if you hold it very close to a light bulb)!

The part that holds the batteries in my remote keeps falling off, so we ordered this case to hold it in place. The case is better quality than expected! Thick and durable and very easy to slip on. Stays in place very well!

Muy buen producto a precio accesible. Por el precio pensé que iba a ser un producto de baja calidad o que no iba a encajar perfectamente con mi control, pero todo lo contrario. El encaje es perfecto, sin movimiento alguno y proteje bastante bien al control. Por otra parte la textura es muy cómoda al tacto y proporciona un buen agarre al dejar el control en superficies lisas.
La cuerda que trae para que lo cuelgues la veo poco funcional, pero es de excelente calidad, así que se podría utilizar para otra cosa ya que es opcional si la pones o no.
Eso sí, el envío es muy tardado, pero dentro de las fechas que Amazon proporciona.

nice feel nice grip sometimes glows in the dark. I got 2 of them in different colors for my 2 remotes.

Wish I had it with my first remote. Live and learn. Nice case.

Works, and easier to find

Has done a good job of protecting the remote from drops etc

How it glows in the dark and it’s a snug fit to the remote

Fits well.good deal.