New RMT-B107A Remote Replaced for Sony BLU RAY DVD Player BDP-S570 BDP-S370 BDP-BX37 BDPBX57 BDP-S270 BDP-S470


  • Compatible with Sony Blu-ray Disc: BDP-BX37 BDP-BX57 BDP-S270 BDP-S270/WM BDP-S370 BDP-S470 BDP-S570 BDP-S570/WM RMTB107A BDPBX37 BDPBX57 BDPS270 BDPS270/WM BDPS370 BDPS470 BDPS570 BDPS570/WM RMTB112A RMTB119A RMTB108P RMTB105A RMTB102A RMTB103A RMTB104A
  • Fit for Sony blu-ray players RMT-B109A RMT-B112A RMT-B119A RMT-B108P RMT-B105A RMT-B102A RMT-B103A RMT-B104A RMT-B105A RMT-B107A BDP-S470 BDP-S480 BDP-S490 BDP-S495 BDP-S550 BDP-S560
  • No programming required. Just insert the batteries in and it works well with your device or receiver.
  • Model: RMT-B107A Remote
  • FBA warehouse fast shipping



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Compatible for Sony Remote Models: RMTB112A RMTB119A RMTB108P RMTB105A RMTB102A RMTB103A RMTB104A RMTB105A Compatible for Sony Blu-ray Disc Players Model: BDP-S570 BDP-S370 BDP-BX57 BDP-BX37 BDP-S270 BDP-S470

Product information Product Dimensions 7.5 x 1.8 x 0.75 inches Item Weight 2.64 ounces Manufacturer UBay Factory ASIN B07PGZ4QLD Item model number UBay RMT-B107A

Remote for an old device. Surprised to find one still around. Thought I had lost the old one, so found a replacement for good price. Works well. Later found the old one, so I have a spare

The first one I received did not work but I had no problem exchanging it. The new one works just fine. Happy with my purchase.

Loved everything about my remote. No programming needed and very inexpensive.

Works great with my Sony DVD player.

Worked right out of the box. It does tend to be a bit fragile, but is easily put back together after it is dropped or even thrown(my kids).

It was lost in the mail

I got my DVD player used without a remote. I put batteries in this and it immediately started working perfectly

Great remote and worked perfectly with my Blu-ray player!