Sony SRS-XB31 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Black (SRSXB31/B)


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  • Feel the power of EXTRA BASS with Live Sound Mode for an immersive 3D sound experience
  • Waterproof and dustproof IP67 design for worry-free usage
  • Listen all day and night with up to 24 hours of battery life. Pick it up and play with the lightweight, portable design
  • Connect and add more speakers (up to 100) with Wireless Party Chain
  • Build energy with a multicolored line light and flashing strobe
  • Add an extra speaker for stereo sound. In the box: USB Cable


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Give your party a boost with the Xb31 wireless speaker. Give the party a boost with extra bass. Live sound mode uses unique speakers to give a three-dimensional music festival atmosphere. Party booster adds more fun to the occasion, and the IP67 Waterproof1 design takes the party anywhere. Note-do not use or leave the system in an extremely cold or hot environment temperature outside the range of 5 to 35 degree Celsius. If the system is used or left in outside the above range, the system may automatically stop to protect internal circuitry. At high temperature, the charging may stop or the volume may reduce to protect the battery NFC: Yes; Input Output Terminals: Stereo Mini Jack (IN), USB A Terminal (DC OUT only), micro USB (DC IN)

Product details
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Product Dimensions : 10.5 x 4.4 x 6.8 inches; 2.16 Pounds
  • Item model number : SRSXB31/B
  • Batteries : 15 CR2 batteries required. (included)
  • Date First Available : March 21, 2018
  • Manufacturer : Sony
  • ASIN : B079V8WGCT
  • Best Sellers Rank: #313 in Portable Bluetooth Speakers
    • #3,949 in MP3 & MP4 Player Accessories

This speaker lowers the volume as soon as battery goes down and CAN NOT be used while it is charging. I have owned many bluetooth speakers and never had such an issue. I called Sony and they claimed it's a product LIMITATION, but they stand behind this product. No one should own a speaker that is unusable while charging. That it is 3 or 4 hours. It should work while the speaker is charging. Please go with something else like BOSE or another brand. One of the representatives from SONY admitted that the number one complain on their center (operating from El Salvador) is related to this speaker. They are so well groomed in how to defuse the situation that it is shameful. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT PLEASE.

After researching a ton of portable, mid-tier options, I bought a pair of XB31s to use in stereo mode. Once synced, they provide clear stereo separation, and the light show feature (if activated) links up as well. I was a little nervous about the range, because the documentation I found online says the speakers need to be within a meter of each other to work in stereo, but that's true only during the initial set up. Once they're synced, you can put them as far apart as you like (within reasonable Bluetooth range, of course) and continue getting the stereo effect.

Overall, I'm absolutely delighted by their sound quality: clear, crisp highs, mids, and bass, and I appreciate the ability to switch between "extra bass" and "live sound" modes; the latter mostly just weakens the bass a little to bring the highs and mids to the front. One of these two modes always sounds slightly better, though the one to choose depends on the genre and your personal preference. You can also tweak the equalizer settings in the app to configure them more precisely, if you prefer.

The light feature is cool and attractive; I appreciate that it doesn't look cheap or tacked on, yet when deactivated you wouldn't guess that the thin white bars around the grill are lights. My one complaint about the lighting feature is that I wish there were more options that didn't involve the little strobe lights at the edge of the interior grills; I find them a little obnoxious and attention-seeking. I'd prefer if this were a separate toggle, independent from the settings controlling the colors of the side bars. As it stands, there's only one lighting option, called "random flash off" that responds to music without including the strobes. You can also set the lighting to "calm" with 5 different color settings, which uses a steady color scheme for the surrounding LEDs without flashing the strobes.

The "party booster" mode - the thing that turns your speaker into an electronic percussion instrument - works as intended, though I turned it off after a couple minutes and never see myself using it again. I don't exactly want to encourage my friends to grab and hit my speakers.

All in all, though, I adore the hardware, in terms of aesthetics, build quality, and sound. The reason I rated it 4/5 stars, though, is that it would be difficult to overstate how awful the Sony Music Center app is. It's poorly explained, awkward to navigate, and malfunctions constantly. For example, when you initially set up two speakers, you need to set each one up independently while the other is turned off to avoid confusing the app. After you do this, when you want to use them in stereo mode, you need to establish a Bluetooth connection with only one, then turn the other one on and add it to the first. I initially tried (foolishly, apparently) to pair my phone with both speakers. This confused the app, and only by telling my device to forget each speaker and re-pairing them afterwards could I get it to work. Even once I set everything up correctly, the app still shows 5 different "devices" when I have the two speakers on: 1 for each speaker, 1 for the stereo pair, and 1 phantom copy of each speaker that says it "needs setup" (don't click on this! it's a trap! it will break all existing pairings until you reset everything!).

The good news is that once you've set up a stereo pair, that pairing will naturally remain for future uses. The bad news is that the app randomly stops working and fails to connect to or control that pairing unless you turn everything off and back on again. This almost always happens if you leave the speakers idling for a few minutes without playing anything through them, even if you have "standby" mode turned off. It also happens when changing music sources (i.e., from your music library to Spotify to iHeartRadio). Sometimes it happens for no apparent reason whatsoever; you'll be in the middle of playing an album, decide to open the Music Center app to tweak the equalizer or light settings, and hey, guess what, the app can no longer see your speakers (even though your music is coming out of them!). Once the app tries and fails to connect, it'll disconnect your device from the speakers entirely, and suddenly you're playing music out of your phone despite the fact that your phone is still connected to the speakers via Bluetooth.

In short: I love the speakers. I hate the app. I would happily change this review to 5 stars if Sony would make the app even half the quality of the speakers.

I’m editing to add two things. 1) In response to the person who commented to ask what device/OS I’m using for the app: most of my use is with iOS devices, an iPhone 7 and a 6th-generation iPad, though my friend testing it on his Android phone had an identically irritating experience. 2) After about a month of testing, I can state that the battery life is fantastic. I’ve gotten at least 15 hours with the lights on and more than 24 without, playing the speakers at around 30-40% volume. Personally, I find that that’s as loud as I want them for listening by myself or with a few friends on my balcony. Of course, my using two speakers together means I’m likely to set each one to a lower volume than if I were using only a single speaker, but my experience with the XB31’s battery life has been great.

Heck yea worth every preorder penny!!! Love this little dude like I love all of my JBL's!!! This thing is epic it's literally like A mid sized all-in-one speaker! Has always been curious About buying one of Sony's speakers just to give it a shot but last year's models styling was just not my taste! But when I 1st laid eyes On this on CES video on YouTube It caught my Eyes, I said this is it this is going to be my 1st Sony speaker! Man am I glad I ordered this it stole first place for my favorite mid sized Bluetooth speaker but JBL charge 3 is still on its tail in second place. Referring back to the statement all-in-one having a light show being a portable battery bank as well As the durability In really good stereo sound with the nicely spaced apart drivers! The speaker is described by Sony is a fun speaker and they are right in the dark with the lights flashing it's really cool and also what they mean by phone they are probably aiming at in audience that likes party music R&B hip hop and EDM trap, It please them all like they're supposed to be heard especially in the live sound mode which Definitely seems tailored to these specific gen' Definitely seems tailored to these specific Genre's. The app works well with it for changing the lights and music settings works A-OK on my S8 plus! Awesome large room filling sound while managing to keep bass present is excellent for a speaker this size! I thought I would have to wait for JBL charge 4 but nope this took the spot at least for now!

Point is if u like lively party music or even something chill this is one of the best stylish/good sounding options out there! U cant go wrong with this purchase!!!

Abismal instructions for what appears to be a versatile unit. Had to search online for awhile before I was able to find a downloadable pdf and print a well written 89 page instruction manual. All this set me back a couple of days in being able to use it effectively. Biggest gripe is it did not come with a power supply/charger. All that was supplied was an 18" usb to micro usb cable! Seriously not long enough to reach from a wall outlet to the floor. You are advised to find yourself a charger capable of 1.5 amps+. While you are at it get a 6'+ cable that will allow you to leave the unit plugged in near where you plan to use it. So add these to the price of the unit which is already pretty high. Yes it is a Sony...but guess is made in China :( The unit has some gimmiky features like lights flashing to the music or being able to tap the unit to the beat to add some precussion. Useless to me but who knows, it may be what some like. Oh, and good luck turning the light feature off (default is on) without finding that 89 page instruction manual online. It does have the ability to bluetooth several of these units together which is a good feature but remember you will need to purchase a charger and cable for each. If the unit came with an appropriate charger and 6' cable and sufficient instructions for the same price I might would have given it 4 stars....maybe.

It’s the go-to speaker for Trance and EDM.

Updated on 21/2/19:
After using for a month, I still say it’s a fantastic bass speaker; however, I’d like to update about the charging procedure. I checked on Sony USA website and it is recommended to use a charger of 1.5 amp output or higher. I then bought a Nextech charger of 2.4 amp along with a Tarkan brand high speed cable. The speaker now gets fully charged within 4 hours. I had earlier asked about this issue and no one was able to give a satisfactory reply, all just quoting from Google. I have uploaded a screenshot of the Sony page for reference along with the charger and high speed cable.

I never thought of that a Bluetooth Speaker could have a quality like Home theater. It's a speaker which is not only cheaper but also provide the best Output result without loosing its bass and vocals. I assure you that you will never find speaker like that in this price. Its Bass is like punching you if you play this in a room. I don't have words for that. It's worth for money you spend.

Only one problem. Bluetooth is disconnecting. I was thinking it's just a normal problem but After 10 days of using this speaker I found that Bluetooth is disconnecting many times. And I have to always switch it off and connecting again to my Mobile. I am going to replace this. I don't like replacing a device because Its not good for our image and Seller image. But Small problem may become big problem in future that's why I am replacing it. So finally I decided to replace it. But yes Speaker is mind blowing. In future I would like to prefer Sony Brand Speaker. Quality is awesome at a reasonable price.

- good build quality
- awesome sound
- long battery life
- live sound is amazing

Chose this speaker over JBL flip, Bose

This speaker pumps out some good sounds for being so small. I'd have liked a longer sleep timer on it because I use it in work presentations and it keeps switching off, but other than that it's a nice speaker. I'd also like Sony to stop using code names for their devices; my Bluetooth list is too full of S, X, 100 and the rest! I'm glad I was able to turn the disco lights off, though, not too effective at work!

Awesome speakers!!! Make sure to download the Sony Music Centre app. Bass is heavy and Live Sound preset is admirable. For low bass fans there is a Standard preset. There is a basic Equalizer in the app. This speaker has many great features. You will be shocked to hear the amazing sound this little speaker produces and also enjoy the amazing light show. Overall worth the money.