TAMPROAD Desktop Wooden Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD Sound and Bass Support Mobile Phone Stand, USB, TF Card, FM Radio, Owl-Shaped Speakers for Camping, Biking, Partying, Travel


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  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND, EXQUISITE APPEARANCE: Natural and accurate sound features with loud clear clarity,high quality stereo sound and rich bass, high-grade wood grain appearance, exqusite workmanship.
  • LARGE CAPACITY, ENJOY IT: The battery capacity is up to 1500mAh and it can support up to 6hours of playtime at normal playtime volume on a full charge.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Connect 3.5mm audio playback device (PC,MP3,Smartphone,or CD Walkman), no matter indoor or outdoor, Camping, Hiking, Partying, etc, you can take it with you.
  • ACCESSORY FEATURE: Support mobile phone stand funtion.
  • EASY TO PAIR: Quick& easy to pair Our Bluetooth big speaker & Bookshelf Home speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, so it pairs with portable devices much more quickly than other portable Bluetooth speakers. Unstoppable Music: FM,TF support ( mp3 player), AUX capability provide endless audio



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TAMPROAD Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

- Portable Bluetooth Speaker, built-in bluetooth wireless transmission, working distance up to 10 meters.

- Support Hand-free when answer calling (with MIC), receive calls

- Compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablet PC, iPOD ...

- Bluetooth chip, clear sound and perfect quality, powerful bass and can enjoy unfettered stereo music anytime, anywhere when you are out.

- Built in Lithium Battery 1500mAh, support rechargeable battery

- Support playing MP3 songs stored in the TF card, U-disk

- Support mobile phone stand funtion

- Support FM radio function.

Stereo Sound

Multi-function speaker

Exquisite Decorations

Stereo Sound

360° full-range dual - speaker driver unit, immersive stereo design, creat immersive music experience, the depth of the scene to restore the original sound

Multi-function speaker

You can play music through the USB; TF card and AUX input (such as mp3, mp4 player); or stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device easy to pair (such as Android, iPhone, iPod, tablet)

Exquisite Decorations

Not only can you bring a wonderful sound, but also a delicate wooden ornament, which adds to the beautiful taste of life and improves the quality of life.

Imagine a cup of coffee, a book, a nice wooden speaker, a courtyard or a window sill, how wonderful it is.



& [M] BUTTON: Mode switch, can switch among BTS, USB, TF CARD, LINE IN, FM

& PLAY BUTTON: Short press for play or pause song under BTS mode, USB, TF CARD, AUX mode and manual search under FM mode; answer and end a call. Long press for full frequency automatic searching under FM mode, decline phone call

& [ANT/AUX]: Connect 3.5mm audio playback device (PC, MP3, Phone, or CD Walkman); when the audio signal line is inserted, it does not switch automatically, press [M] key switch to AUX mode

& [MIC]: Talk to the microphone can enchance the call effect

& [LED]: Red indicating lamp: charging lamp. Blue indicating lamp: Flash means that the BTS device is not connected; slow Flash means that the BTS device connects successfully

& [DC 5V]: Charge jack, it is charging for built-in battery, when charing cable insert into USB adapter or computer USB port, the red LED lights will light up

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What's In The Box

1x Wooden Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 1x Mirco USB charging cable 1x 3.5mm Audio cable

Product Specification

Material: Wood

Style: Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Loundspeaker: 2.5inch x 2.

Output Power: 4W x 2

Frequency Response: 60Hz-18KHz

Relationship Signal/Noise: ≥ 80dB

Power Supply Voltage: 0.5A DC 5V/USB

POWER Item Dimensions: 210 x 130 x105mm Packing

Size: 234 x 156 x 128mm

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Product information Product Dimensions 8.27 x 5.12 x 4.13 inches Item Weight 1.65 pounds Manufacturer TAMPROAD ASIN B07HD9DZX5 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

 Portable speaker with a very light weight and solid build. I got it for my working desk to play some music in a small room while i want to relax. The volume is so loud and i can hear it clearly from 30-40 feets away. The sound is clear and sharpe. It was impressed me with its capacity and sound quality. It has a voice reminder when it is low on battery or bluetooth connected. It is good for kitchen or small office room with clear sound.

Tried to keep it simple

this speaker uses bluetooth,aux,microsd,fm radio,etc

its not too big it fits inside a amazon small-med size box i would say its a compact bluetooth system that incorporates the wooden ported design that ive seen before

this style reminds me of the old school boombox mixed with a jukebox which is kinda what drawed me to buy it in the first place

Small room Compatibility:
since i have a small room the loudness isn't an issue as it worked just great for my room but its not over the top ill admit

Speaker loudness:
now this isn't gonna win any awards for loudness but it really depends on what your expectations are for this bluetooth speaker

Device stand:
since it was designed with a fixed stand it limits what devices you can prop up on top of it although some devices won't fit if they happen to have a case or happen to be thick

Overall Experience:
i bought simply because i liked the way it looked i really didn't look more into this bluetooth speaker other than pressing the picture and buying the device but overall its not the best ive seen but the price seems just right for the size and the performance but thats up to whoever buy its to determine if its suitable for them but if you of course have any questions go ahead and message me

Attractive looking speaker with good sound. Sound filled the room as expected. Nice balance. Could use a bit more bass, but that’s not what it’s used for in our house and for the price it’s an excellent value. We use it to listen to podcasts and stream music while working in the office or our artist studio. Nice full sound for podcasts and news broadcasts and videos on the computer. Worked when paired with my computer and connected to the AUX cable.

Some features:
* Easy Bluetooth pairing
* Decent battery life. Kept its charge after five hours of continuous use
* Clear radio signal
* lightweight
* space for usb memory and memory card
* Able to connect speaker to aux cable to play on my laptop and phone
* Cool sleek, clever wood grain look.

The only minor quibble is that it could use more bass, but that’s minor. It still delivers a full sound and is an excellent value.

This speaker looks nice and is very lightweight, however, it arrived broken. The Bluetooth worked fine (aside from a bit funky "Bluetooth Mode On" sounds), but the AUX port and other buttons did not work. For example, the volume up and volume down buttons that share the same buttons as the next/forward buttons only next/forwarded my music. I am disappointed and will return this ASAP. Perhaps it was damaged in shipping, that said:

I have noticed a huge increase in items arriving broken from Amazon lately. I would say only 50% of my purchases arrive in working order and I order from Amazon frequently. I have had defective alarm clocks, rice cookers, headphones, and now this. Maybe it's time to head back to the big box stores.

For under 20 bucks on sale this is a nice unit. Sound is what you would expect at this price range, and folls the room decently. Bass is a little weak, but if you have an equalizer on your smartphone you can compensate for it.
The four little legs are rubber and non-slip which is anotber benefit. The little space holder on top for the phone works great and allows you to watch without having to hold your phone and that is a Fantastic little addition that puts this cute speaker box over the top.

Pros: It looks good and sounds great. I use it when I'm out puttering the garage. or out in the yard. It's light weight. So far, I love it.

Cons: It does not come with a charger (it does come with a USB charger cord), but I knew that when I ordered it. I had a spare phone charger so I use that. The phone holder doesn't work for my thick Otter box clad phone, but again, I figured it wouldn't. I keep the speakers up on a shelf so it's more convenient to keep my phone near me anyway.

Best $18 I ever spent, I'm returning and selling BT speakers that cost me 2 to 3 times the amount of money!!! This thing is better than the $70 sound bar that I got for my TV! I'm an audiohead, musician, all around A/V Tech dude and I swear on my dead mothers grave that unless you get a fluke, a dud/lemon, this is a by chance scenario, and if you get a dud, return for replacement because this is way worth the money! First of all I do believe it has a frequency response of like 60Hz- 20kHz or something close to that and there's absolutely no EQ adjustments, no bass, no treble, but once again I cannot express anymore how INCREDIBLE this thing is! I shouldn't even be telling people because anyone who is smart and with times being as tight as they are...... this thing is so mint!! Great BASS response too, for a couple little woofers, I'm sure the sound is coming out so nicely because the speakers are sitting in that little wooden box which has a great timbre to it! Every note is clean, clear and again..... for the price and size... I'm completely amazed, I think I'm going to get another one and see if I can link them together for a super stereo surround sound!!!!

volume was really low. looks alot better then it is.

Good for the office

Its lovely