Solar Speaker ABFOCE Portable IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 15 Hours of Playtime Rich Stereo Bass Shockproof Dustproof for Home and Outdoor Wireless Speaker-Black


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  • 【Excellent Sound Quality】 This portable bluetooth speaker in fashional design, with F52mm magnetic speaker ,5 Watts high-performance drivers enable its clear stereo and rich bass,gives you a over-expected sound experience.
  • 【Solar Charging】 No power? no socket? No problem! T83 solar bluetooth speaker has a built-in strong efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panel,Half hour sunlights,30 minutes music playtime. It can also be charged through a wall outlet if no sunlight available.
  • 【Outdoor Solar Speaker】 Built-in high-capacity battery, it can play over 15 hours after fully charged in 70% voice volume, perfect for camping, cycling or traveling.
  • 【Solar Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker】This rugged solar speaker uses ABS+environmental silica gel, Fully sealed design. silica gel in a highly elastic material, very durable. IPX6 waterproof/shockproof/dustproof, suits for pool, beach, shower etc outdoor activities. Even drops from high place, still maintains original.
  • 【Bluetooth 4.2 Technology】Compatible with all Bluetooth devices including tablets, smart phones and laptop computers.builit-in microphone, enable a handfree phone call, 3.5mm AUX connection supported to non-bluetooth music players.


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Designed for travelers and wanderers especially, ABFOCE ES-T83 is constructed for durability too. it not only has clear loud quality,also has a solar charging function,ABS+silica gel completely sealed, IPX6 waterproof/shockproof/dustproof, solar charging--simply place the ABFOCE ES-T83 in direct sunlight, and the internal battery will charge safely and automatically, if no sunlight, you also can charge the speaker with cable via wall socket.

Note: Solar charging is for emergency use, not primary charging source, Please fully charge it via a USB cable before travelling or hiking.

In extreme temperatures, ABFOCE – you guessed it – is a real survivor. This speaker can withstand temperatures from -68ºF (-20ºC) or 113℉ (45 ºC), so whether you are in the middle of a blizzard or heading out into the desert, you can carry it with you.


Portable Outdoor and Home Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Founded in 2004, ABFOCE is a professional service manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and sales of “Environmental Protection, Outdoor Sports”electronic products.We mainly produce and sell solar bluetooth speakers, solar power banks and solar earphones. All our products have proprietary intellectual property rights patents.Provide customers with great safe and reliable product experience.Indoor or outdoor,ABFOCE is the that you need for your thrill-fraught life!




Household portable speaker

Fashionable and solid appearance suits for outdoors and home, It will not occupy a big space when you enjoy music, the clear sound can fill all the space.

With the built-microphone, you can make a handfree call. If no bluetooth music player, you can connect it to the non-bluetooth player via 3.5mm AUX cable.

Rugged and portable

ABS+silica gel fully sealed design ,Silicone----highly elastic and soft, ensure better shockproof performance. Even you drop it from 1 meter high, the speaker will remain excellent without any damage, terribly solid.

Measures just 3.6*3.6*1.8 in,Its weight clocks in at just 0.57lb, so you can slip it into your bag and forget that it is even there until you need to use it.

Superior Sound

The ABFOCE ES-T83 is amazingly powerful and cool for a speaker of this size. The frequency it projects at is between 100 Hz and 18,000 Hz, and with a sound distortion rate low than 0.1%, this is a speaker that audio lovers will be impressed with , true high-definition!

built-in 2000mAh lithium ion battery, which enable the speaker play 15 hours at a moderate volume.

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Easy to carry during

Comes with environmental lanyard, there is a screw hole at the bottom, you can mount it on your bicycle handlebar(easy to carry during cycling) It is very convenient for your outdoor activity. You can carry it anywhere any enjoy the music while you are climbing or camping.

solar charging

No power outlet? No problem! Solar charges! Every 10 minutes of charging in the sun equals half an hour of music play time (Depending on the volume of music played and the intensity of the sunlight).Speaker can also be charged with traditional wall outlet as well when there is no sun available.

Waterproof / drop / dustproof

Because of theIPX6 waterproof rating, this is a speaker that you can bring with you into damp areas. Camping, rafting, fishing on a river, or lounging around the pool, it can withstand water jets from any and all directions. The inner body is always protected from water!

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Product information Product Dimensions 3.66 x 3.66 x 1.85 inches Item Weight 9.1 ounces Manufacturer SHENZHEN ESHINE INTERACTION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD ASIN B07YTG48P7 Item model number ES-T83 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

I have an obsession with speakers. I love music it makes my soul happy. I can never have enough. We recently accidentally left our expensive portable speaker outside in the rain and well it no longer works as it should. I went on a hunt to find one that would not only survive outside but this baby is solar powered, so the sun will actually recharge it. It is the perfect beach speaker. The sound quality isnt bad and it goes loud enough for me to hear but not obnoxious. If I decide not to use the solar charge it does have a plug to plug into the wall. I was able to connect to bluetooth with no issues and it plays the entire time I am at the beach. I havent had any issues with it so far it is working out perfect and even if we accidentally leave it outside I dont have to worry it will get damaged.

So far so good. I take a speaker kayaking and it always looses a significant amount of battery life over the 7ish hour trips. I was looking for a solar, Bluetooth, waterproof speaker about this size. It's perfect for my needs! This was at 90% when I started today and ended at 90%, streaming Spotify the whole 6 hour trip. I attached it with a caribeaner to my front tie downs, flipped it over so the solar panel could charge while floating. The volume gets very loud, and I had no issues hearing it even flipped over. I love the green light indicating solar charging. I'll also use this out by our pool without having to worry if I charged it before or needing to drag chargers out there. This price was perfect too!

We were looking for a small waterproof bluetooth speaker with solar power to use by the pool. This one had very good reviews and our neighbor had the same one. After getting it I charged it up and tried it out in the house and it sounded okay. Next day we brought it down to the pool and was kinda disappointed in how it sounded. It wasn't very loud and sounded tinny. I didn't really crank it up in the house and I guess being outside it lost a little but that's what this speaker is for, the outside, hence the waterproof & solar charging. The power did last the whole day but the sound was not quite there.

 About hand size, but its outputs are satisfied . Solar battery is great for picnic or work out side.. I can listen music up to 12hrs. Don't need to worry about charging, just put it under the sun light.

I was looking for an easy to use blue tooth speaker; one I could just turn on and use. This speaker is just that; turn it on and choose on your device! I leave this little guy outside every day on my patio. It is under a canopy cover and receives some sun and also rain. The rain has not affected its performance at all. When I am using the speaker, I make sure it is in full sun and the battery has lasted a whole day while working in the yard and hanging out by the pool. The sound level could be a little louder, but it's a small speaker and does an adequate job. Would this work if you are having a party with lots of people, probably not. But for personal use in the backyard or elsewhere it's a great little speaker at a reasonable price!

I love this. My backyard and deck get immense sun, making this device perfect for my needs.

I got lucky - it fits snugly between the two bars of my deck railing, with one strip of velcro to keep it in place. To further minimize rain splash, I keep it near the deck storage box.

Every day, I hit the power button and drink my morning coffee on the porch. It runs entirely on solar and constantly wavers between 70 and 80 percent power.

Best $26 I ever spent. But remember - it's ONE SPEAKER. The pics lead you to believe there are two.

It is smaller than I thought. I can grab it easily with one hand. The sound is good. It has been used for about 10 hours in total and still do not need to charge. I believe t is a product of good quality. My husband choose it and he likes it, But I still hope they can upgrade the surface to make it looks a little more gorgeous. There are many speakers looks cuter than this one.

Great little speaker! After a failed attempt with another brand, I found this one at half the price. It connected without issue, had 70% charge out of the box and came with an aux cord and a charging cord (no outlet adapter included). It is a little quiet to use in an older vehicle. However, it is perfect for using while camping, hiking, gardening, etc. I have not used it for calls, but it has the feature. The solar charge works great, and can run all day long without any issue. Recommended!

 *** Bon comme appareil pour le simple dehors sur une table, peut-être la plage et le parterre mais inadaptable pour le vélo, la marche, l'excursion ou les autres sports.

Les plus +
- Le son est potentiellement bon, mais.... - Le boitier est robuste - Asser compacte pour la table - Beau boitier noir unis (sans marque désagréable) - La puissance est bonne a bonne distance - La connectivité bluetooth semble parfaite sur android mais moins sur PC -

** Les moins -
- Il manque un fond de basse et un peu de finesse pour les +mélomane - *La VIS UNIVERSELLE (femelle) est DÉFECTUEUSE sur celui reçu (trop petit), donc impossible de l'adapter a un vélo ou autres accessoires promis - Aucune fente mini SD - Sans radio FM - Sans fonction de recharge de téléphone et plugin d’accessoire USB - Trop gros et carrée pour un guidon (prend au vent et ne peut se faire sans la vis universelle) - Recharge solaire peu utilisable en même temps qu'il fonctionne...voir plus loin - Le prix est élevé pour ce qu'il est (avec ses défauts et non utilisabilités promises) -

* Je n'ai pas pu essayer la fonction solaire parce que l'été est encore loin. Je me demande encore comment je pourrais recharger en cours de lecture si le haut-parleur est vers le haut (ou du mauvais coté) et le panneau solaire par en dessous. En cas de survie la fonction solaire peut être pratique..., a condition que la pile du téléphone ou la source bluetooth fonctionne. Il n'y a pas de radio FM, fente SD ou fonction de recharge (non powerbank) d'ordi-téléphone ou autres (donc pour la survie..?)...

* Le retour se fait par Poste-Canada, livré aux normes d'Amazone.

Products that have the option to be charged via solar power + regular micro USB is a great thought. It's priced reasonable cheap for everything you get. The solar function does in fact work, mind you it takes longer than charging by outlet still a neat feature.

The speaker is rugged and able to take a fall or two has a rubber-like texture on the sides giving it a good feel. I always have music going on be it at the park or beach, so must have a decent battery I have gotten a little over 12 hours of playback music via 3.5m. Speaker also has bluetooth soon as I turned it onto Bluetooth mode popped up on my phone was instantly connected. Will only have to do that once will remember for next time. Comes with a small lanyard, micro USB cable, 3.5m cable and of course a manual. Even able to pick up calls! Love it for a 5W speaker it sure bumps out some good vibes.

I like the design and the sound quality is good too. From my perspective - it’s has solid appearance, and easy to set up. Very portable in terms of the size for travel and just casual outdoor use. Good thing this is solar backed so perfect as outdoor/camping accessory. Battery life seems ok.

Great choice of speaker at this price point. It is well made and connecting the Bluetooth was a breeze. The sound is pretty darn good as well. Overall I'm impressed.

Got for our garage when we are working out. Works great connects easily & loud sound!