Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Tronsmart Mega 40W Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Speakers with 15-Hour Playtime, TWS, Dual-Driver Portable Wireless Speaker with Built-in Mic, NFC, Deep Bass, LED Backlight


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  • ❤【40W HIGH POWER SOUND OUTDOOR SPEAKER】28 core high-fidelity large subwoofer horn capable of producing louder output up to 40W.3D digital sound integrated with DSP technology for pitch perfect output in any setting of your living environment.
  • ❤【INTUITIVE TOUCH PANEL WITH GESTURE 】Tronsmart Mega portable bluetooth speaker's amazing and remarkable touch interface makes it fairly easy to control the mood and energy of any party by giving you fingertip control of the tracks you're playing, their volume and more.
  • ❤【TRUE WIRELESS STEREO FUNCTION】Thanks to TWS function, pair any two Mega speakers, you can achieve true wireless Bluetooth playing for left and right channels separated of two Tronsmart Mega speakers. Just control the TWS master device, then audio can be played in sync on both devices with double enhanced stereo sound.
  • ❤【MAKES MUSIC LAST & LAST】With 2*3300mAh rechargeable battery, One full charge of our Mega lets you play your music for 15 straight hours before needing another recharge (Varies by volume level and music content). So Tronsmart Mega wireless bluetooth speaker is the best choice for a trip, a camp, a picnic, a golf time, a pool party, etc. Just enjoy your music time from day to night.
  • ❤【SIMPLE AND EASY TO LINK】Equipped Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology which ranges up to 20m for optimal connection with all your device. You can also quickly connect to the speaker by tapping your NFC-enabled device to the check-in area to the right of the controls . Compatible with a variety of electronic devices and It can also be connected to non-Bluetooth devices via the included 3.5mm audio jack cable.



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High Performance Ratio Bluetooth Speaker Up to 40W

Dual 20W drivers with passive radiator deliver impressive stereo sound for full-range listening experience. Tronsmart Mega bluetooth speakers offers very crisp and clear sound, with technology that almost eliminates distortion (<1% on top volume).


Supports NFC

Featuring Advanced Bluetooth technology ,connection to any bluetooth device is quick and simple. NFC chip for touch pairing from compatible devices.

True Wireless stereo

Just control the TWS master device, then audio can be played in sync on both devices with double enhanced stereo sound.


15-hour Playtime

Tronsmart Mega wireless portable speaker 40 watt (Max) built-in 2*3300mAh battery, which means you can play music up to 15 hours. A perfect choice for those who like to enjoy the music from morning to the evening and do not worry about battery life.

Built-in microphone

No need to disconnect your phone – make calls hands-free due to high-quality sensitive microphone.


So, whatever you were looking for in a portable bluetooth speaker, you have found it in Tronsmart Mega.


Model: Mega

Compatible: All Bluetooth enabled devices

Specifications Bluetooth: 4.2

Transmission Range: ≥20m (Open field)

Output Power: 20W X 2 (Max)

Battery: 2*3300mAh

Power Supply: 5V/2.1A

Frequency Response: 115Hz-13KHz

Distortion: ≤1.0%

Driver Unit: 4Ω 20W/53mm

Playing Time: Up to 15 hours

Dimensions&Weight(Main Product)

Dimensions: 193mm x 57mm x 82mm

Weight: 662.3g


Package Contents

1 x Speaker

1 x User manual

1 x USB cable

1 x Aux cable

Product information Product Dimensions 7.48 x 2.17 x 3.15 inches Item Weight 2.03 pounds ASIN B07HQ99VQ5 Item model number US-Mega

Tronsmart Element Mega

Today I received a bluetooth speaker from Tronsmart. The Element Mega. My initial
thoughts were, "What a nice sounding speaker." Now, The speaker does sound nice.
The louder it gets the less bass you hear, which is normal for speakers in this
genre. The sound was very clear and very loud. Using this thing outside would suit
most peoples needs. As a general review comparing this with other speaker similar
that I own, I would say it is about the same. The thing I would say is that when
giving something the name "Mega" I would think that it would be capable of more
when it comes to bass. If Tronsmart was going for "Mega" in the loudness capabilities,
they nailed it. It is much louder than some of my smaller speakers and clear to hear.
As I said earlier it is expected to get bass drop when turning it up, but I have heard
speakers about this size not called "Mega" or giving any indication that it should be
"greater" than other speakers that have better bass at louder volumes. Hense the 4 stars.
Overall though, I really like the speaker. I like how clear it is when at max volume. I play
outdoor volleyball and this thing is plenty loud to give the area music at enjoyable quality.
The last thing I want to give mention to is the modes this speaker has. Yes it's a
bluetooth speaker, but Tronsmart went ahead and added a spot for a micro sd card and
a line in for 3.5mm head jack. Pretty cool. I like the idea of putting music on an sd
card and not having to worry about connecting a phone. This would only be convenient
if the sd card was a mix. There is no navigation. So if you are one to listen to albums
at a time and you want to pick what to listen to, just use the bluetooth feature. They
make it super easy with NFC connection.

I have a JBL flip 3, JBL clip 2, Anker Soundcore, and UE MegaBoom. This speaker from
Tronsmart is absolutely better than the Anker and JBL clip 2, but those are smaller
speakers and I would expect nothing less than better quality out of the Tronsmart.
Compared to the JBL flip 3 and UE MegaBoom, I would have to say that they all sound
very similar. This was kinda of a disappointment cuz I wanted the Tronsmart to out
perform these speaker since it is called the "Mega". The UE MegaBoom would be the
exception. Same consept. All 3 of these are very similar in sound though. The louder
they get the less bass. At a normal volume they are all very comparable. So if they
are all comparable, what should you do? The Tronsmart doesn't cost as much as the
other two speakers. So get the Tronsmart. There is only one advantage to the higher
cost of the JBL Flip series and the UE MegaBoom series, water resistance. Tronsmart
doesn't have anything listed in the way of water resistance for this speaker and I
don't really want to test it myself. If you want a quality speaker at a great price
look no further I really like this speaker.

I would recomend this speaker to anyone looking for a good, loud, clear speaker. If you
need something for your outdoor parties or just to fill a room with music, this is a
great option. The price is hard to beat for the quality you get here. The additional modes
this speaker has on top of bluetooth is a nice touch. 4 stars because something called Mega
should have Mega sound even at greater volumes compared to speaker of similar size that don't
use the Mega label. Mega should mean what you think and this has Mega Volume, but bass quality
gets not so Mega.

First of all, I am by no means an audio expert but I do know what pleases my ears. I purchased two wireless speakers at the same time. The OontZ Angle 3 Ultra and this Tronsmart Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Tronsmart Force SoundPulse 40W IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Speakers with 15-Hour Playtime, TWS, Dual-Driver with Built-in Mic, NFC, Deep Bass (Force). The OontZ was purchased to be used indoors by my wife and the Tronsmart, being waterproof, is intended for the garage and while working outdoors. In sound comparison and first impression the OontZ delivers a much more pleasing sound than the Tronsmart even with the lower rated wattage. They both pair quickly and are easy to use. So far the play time in standalone mode is as advertised for both speakers. The OontZ seems to have better bass output and an acceptable mid range and treble level. The Tronsmart less so with the mid range and treble out pacing the bass. Both fill a room with sound nicely though. Volume control on the Tronsmart is controlled by either the speaker or the blue tooth device. By that I mean when you turn up the volume on the speaker the sound level indicator on the iPad or iPhone also shows an increase or decrease in volume. So volume can be controlled by either device. The OontZ volume control is independent from the blue tooth device. Explaining further that means the sound level on the iPad or iPhone may be set at max and then the volume level is totally controlled by the speaker plus and minus buttons. Or vice versa, the speaker is set to max and controlled by the i device. Volume is directly related to battery life. The higher the volume the more "juice" the device uses. So having said that the i device when paired to the OontZ speaker and set to full volume will use device battery at a faster rate. Whereas the Tronsmart speaker and i device will be more "mated" or equal battery discharge when it comes to battery usage. I find both acceptable for what I purchased them for. Time will tell what speaker will be a more satisfactory purchase. A word of caution! I did read in another review to be cautious when charging the Tronsmart. The reviewer stated the Tronsmart did not take a charge greater than 2000 milliamps (2 amps) without damaging the speaker. I am not going to test and verify this person's statement by using a charger with greater than a 2 amp output.

Just bought another one after having my first one for a year. Blows every other speaker I've used out of the water. The sound is rich, the bass is deep, and the TWS pairing function where you can pair two speakers together for true stereo sound is amazing. It took me about 5 minutes of fiddling with the two speakers to connect initially, but once you get them set up for the first time, they will both connect to each other as soon as you turn them both on without having to do anything. And unlike every other Bluetooth device I've ever owned, the range on these speakers is really, really good. Walking behind walls does not cause the signal to break. While tripping on mushrooms, I decided to call it The Music Gem. This thing is my baby.

The sound is lacking around 20-30 kHz on the low end and about 3 kHz on the top end before I would consider it to be a high end audio experience. It just sounds a bit muted but I didn’t have super high expectations for the price point. Super easy to setup. It was out of the box and playing music paired within 2 min. It also has a nice box and I really like the light feature. The volume Andy other “buttons” aren’t buttons but just a touch feature which is nice. Less components to break. I think it will be a great speaker to take around and not have to worry too much about getting stolen vs. a higher end speaker.