Leaglee GT01 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker, FM Radio, MP3 Player with a Flashlight and Superior Stereo Sound, BassUp Technology, 5-Watts, IPX6 Water-Resistant,Perfect for Home,Outdoor Sports


  • A very "Beep Pager-like" look,Compact and Portable,easy to clip to your belt or fit in your bag or backpack. perfect for Home,Outdoor Sports,Travel,Bike, Cycling, Climbing, Camping, Hiking, Running, Fishing Use. The integrated mic provides great ease that answering phone calls with hands free call function.
  • GT01 is not just a Bluetooth speaker, it is also an MP3 player, an FM Radio, and a flashlight
  • Unbelievable Sound----5W of pure audio power with stronger bass and higher quality sound
  • Long Playtime----Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery up to 10 hours playtime at 50% volume on a full charge, playtime varies according to volume level and audio content
  • IPX6 Water-resistant----Splashproof, rainproof, dustproof, sandproof, snowproof shockproof, perfect for beach, shower, pool, boat, golf cart, home or yard party. IPX6 rating water resistant speaker cannot be partially or fully submerged



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GT01 is one of our innovative products. We designed it as a Beep Pager, mainly for portability, so that you can carry it anywhere easily. We also give it a lot of practical functions to enrich your music journey.

GT01 Features:
● Bluetooth Speaker--Bluetooth 4.2, 10m distance
● FM Radio(Frequency Range: 87.5-108MHz)--Built-in wireless FM signal amplifier to improve its sensitivity and enhance its reception, supporting most of radio stations
● MP3 Player--Maxmum support 32GB
● Flashlight--Built-in a highlight LED, it is not only perfect to keep in your rooms for prevention of a sudden power failure, but also a great torch for outdoor activities
● Hands-Free Calls--Built-in high-sensitivity microphone, support for hands-free calling

● Mini Size--80X51.5X33mm
● Weight--93g
● Speaker--40/4 ohm/5W
● Long Playtime--More than 6 hours at 100% volume on a full charge
● IPX6 Water-resistant

Parts List :
● USB charging cable X1
● User manual X1
● Audio input line X1

Product information Product Dimensions 3.15 x 2.01 x 1.3 inches Item Weight 6.4 ounces Manufacturer LEAGLEE ASIN B07PYQ9QDY Item model number GT01-1-1 Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Ok, maybe a thousand bucks. It sounds fine. Compared to my other clip-on speaker (the Polk Boom Bit) it is about three times the size but about ten times as loud. It's still perfectly sized to clip to a shoulder strap or whatever for biking (which is what I use it for) and it is loud enough to use in a pinch for other get-togethers that require music. The buttons and functions are very easy to use without looking, although the power button is very sensitive and easy to press accidentally. The FM feature is a real bonus for me, but it is a little hard to navigate the stations without any visual feedback on the device. Still, a lot better than no FM at all. This is exactly what I was looking for functionally, even if it's not the most stylish thing around. The flashlight is a bonus too, and this will be my one device for late night bike rides home at the beach.

Great small little bluetooth speaker. connectivity is not a problem. Everything works as expected. DO NOT expect miracles from the FM radio. The antenna is a small ribbon on the bottom inside of the unit - you will only get the strongest stations. I had ONE ISSUE with my device when I received it - it rattled. The rattle drove me crazy and made it seem cheap > I opened it up and discovered the speaker was just placed in the unit; no glue or foam holding it in place.
Two drops of glue stopped the rattle - that being said, I'm sure I voided any warranty and may have compromised its waterproofness - we'll see. All in all, a decent speakere - except for the rattle.

I absolutely love this product. I bought it to use at work. I clip it to my bra and place it on my shoulder. No one can hear it other than myself, but it is loud enough to over power the radio stations music while still being able to hear when they page people over the intercom. My husband is going to be buying one now. It really is perfect for what I got it for. I would recommend 100% Sound quality is amazing too. Worth every penny.

What an amazing little speaker! Without boring you, I will go straight to the facts of daily use and what will make this speaker to be beyond amazing!
If they upgrade to v2:
*Better speaker sound quality.
*Better LED light.
*Make the buttons recessed to avoid speaker turn on when in backpack or pocket.
*Be able to connect 2 speakers for stereo effect.
*Be able to remove the clip to make it less pocketable.
Now what is good as it is:
*Is small
*Battery last whole day (on low to medium volume)
*It connect to phone super fast
*The function of the buttons is correct not as another speakers I tried. (When you press the volume/skip works by controlling the volume first and if you hold it then skip the songs, other speakers I try function was backwards very annoying.

Over all!
*Long battery life
I will recommend this for anyone looking to amplify your phone sound without breaking the bank and also sacrificing portability.
But seriously, make make v2 keeping it same size.

I love the idea of this speaker. I work retail and we can listen to our own music during non business hours (yay being essential lol). This pairs with my phone and has mediocre radio.

The disappointment came when I tried to put an sd card in so I don't need my phone on me as well. For whatever reason, it will not read all my songs. I have tried several sd/tf cards and only certain songs play. I've formatted my sd cards and re uploaded the songs. There is something wrong with the device being able to "sense" the song's presence.

+ great speaker (clear and loud)
+ easy controls
+ convenient size
+ retro nostalgic feel
+ light weight (surprisingly light)
+ bonus flashlight (not super bright but like another reviewer said, comparable to a key chain led)

- sd/tf card issues

If I could figure out the sd card reading issues this would be a 5 star product, but this only wants to play 1/3 of my music library :(

I did also try connecting the device to my computer hoping it would allow me to see the card (or update software?) but the micro usb is only for charging.

I will keep trying to troubleshoot but my original purpose of getting this device was so I could listen to music and not need my phone.

But if you are looking for a convenient blue tooth speaker, this is really great for the price

I got this for the mp3 capability at work. It's surprisingly loud in a warehouse environment, and the battery has consistently lasted throughout 10 hour shifts the entire week I've had it. The radio part isn't great, but it's a warehouse, so ALL radios I've tried have been mostly static. The Bluetooth was easy to sync, and played clearly at full volume. I like that I can clip it to my shoulder or cart while I work and skip/pause without having to look at it (once I memorized button location) All in all, its a great product if you're unable to have earpieces and don't mind others hearing your music.

Just got the speaker and wow...I have to say I'm impressed! Music is life for me and sound quality is very good for the size with good bass (using my micro SD card). A little on the lighter side but I think that's for the better considering I'll have this cliped to my vest for work. I would say the LED light is comparable to the little led keychains you put on your keys just a tad bit brighter. On the FM radio mode you can hear some stations but it's all static so I'll go ahead and say it doesn't work. Overall I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase and for 20 dollars I would definitely recommend picking one up. And it did come with a USB cable, an aux cord, and a lanyard strap. The ONLY negative for me is I looked at the packaging and read the entire user manual, but I cannot find any information on the battery capacity.

Speaker technology must have really picked up over the years. I remember the little transistor radios from way back and they had the tinniest scratchiest sound. This little thing is quite clear, surprisingly so.
It is small. Clips on a pocket well. No hassles with earphones or buds. Very practical device.
Fm and mp3 player work well. Bit of a trick finding a Fm station would be my only complaint but once its locked on the station no problem.
I can't comment on bluetooth. Didn't try it and don't care. Battery life is good.
Unavailable now. Hopefully they restock so I can buy another.

The sound is just great, for such a little thing. Easy to operate. Everything works as expected: FM radio and TF card slot included.

When trying to clip this on, the buttons on top are definitely in the way. The trick is to use 3 fingers: one on the clip, and the other 2 on each top corner. Bingo. Highly recommended, without hesitation. Will very likely buy again.

i have owned one of these devices for close to a year and liked it so much that i went to Amazon to find another - found it so i bought another two as backups - this little super speaker is fantastic - it stands up on a table real stable - you can clip it to anything it can grab - its small and has at least 6 hours of battery life - i never worry about running out of juice during the day - i use it as a speaker phone when connected to cell - as a backup hands free speaker in the car - with the memory chip you can hold all your songs - its blue tooth is solid and you can also connect to it with a 3.5 connector - but wireless is much better - just turn it on and work around the house - its crystal clear and you can hear it across the house - it really is amazing - its the size of a retro pager but it is all high quality speaker - its all heart - i now own three of these - there are other types on the market but this one clips on to what ever and does not move around - clip to your pack - its water resistant - the gizmo even has a small flashlight as a backup - all for thirty dollars in Canada

Just got it , but already love it for the many options to play music.
1 -With the aux wire i was able to connect it to my ipod nano (2010)
2- with a micro usb card (not included, but combined with the price of the device, really not expansive)
3- you got the radio
4- bluetooth : cellphone, blutooth mp3 player, etc

Wanted to love this, and did initially.

Stops connecting to bluetooth.
Um yeah, what I just said. Stopped connecting after 2 weeks, so it's useless as a bluetooth speaker.

Basically the smallest of the "useful" bluetooth speakers. There are smaller ones out there, but they have limited features, like no volume buttons. This one has it all: easy to use, great sound, and it's the size of a deck of cards so you can easily take it anywhere.

Sometimes the pros outweigh the cons. But in this case, I like when my bluetooth speakers actually connect.
** Of note, even before the total failure, the unit wasn't that great about connecting to bluetooth. Even just a few feet from my computer, I had to connect and disconnect multiple times on my computer before the pairing would work.

The power button is in a annoying spot when you try to clip it on your finger his the on button. Otherwise a great little speaker that I clip to my vest at work and listen to tunes all shift.

was a total surprise!!! great sound, was nice that it has a speaker. However with the buttons on the top it is way too easy to change the station, and then fun begins, trying to find the station you were listening to. I ended up throwing it out because I don't have the time to be continuously searching for radio stations.

I do liked this product very much and use it now all the time. Absolutely wonderful when you need a small but well sounding external speaker. Excellent!!!

This little speaker work amazing! Nice clear sound, loud, good price. Only thing I do not like is the port for the AUX and the charging port, little hard to get at. That being said I’ll definitely be buying more.

Love this little thing. Awesome sound for the size. Gonna order another when they are available again.


Great little speaker. I work in construction so it’ll fit in your vest pocket

Great product ! Easy to use and sound good. I give 4 stars because the Lanyard was missing in the package.

Fonctionne bien

Hard to find radio stations. There was no lanyard included as avertised.