Micro Center Premium 64GB microSDXC Card UHS-I Flash Memory Card C10 U3 V30 4K UHD Video A1 Micro SD Card with Adapter (64GB)


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  • Micro SD Card 64GB. Fast Read/Write Speed up to: 95MB/s and 30MB/s respectively for high resolution photo capturing. Extended Capacity for pictures, musics, documents
  • 4K UHD Capable and Full HD Ready with UHS speed class 3 (U3) and video speed class 30 (V30). Cool travel gadgets for action cameras, DSLR, drones, laptops and more
  • Rated Application Class 1 (A1) for faster app loading and enhanced app performance. Great storage accessaries for tablets, smartphones, games consoles, android devices
  • High Durability with Waterproof, Shockproof, Temperature proof and X-ray proof. Keep your data security in dashcam, CCTV, surveillance and driving recorder
  • microSDXC card, look for the SDXC logo on cards and host devices to ensure compatibility. 3-year Limited Warranty. Includes Full-Size adapter for extended use



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Micro Center 64GB microSDXC Card UHS-I Flash Memory Card C10 U3 V30 4K UHD Video A1 Micro SD Card Read more Capacity 64GB (3) Card Type microSDXC card (1) Default Format exFAT Read Speed Up to 95MB/s (4) Write Speed Up to 30MB/s (4) Card Speed Class C10, V30, A1, UHS-1 Operating temperature -10 degree C to 70 degree C Storage temperature -40 degree C to 85 degree C Nintendo Switch, U3 V30 A1 video high-megapixel real time broadcasts SD High Capacity SD spec 3.0

Micro Center Premium microSDXC Memory Card

Ultra High-Speed microSDXC card rates UHS-1 V30 speed class, supporting high-resolution photos shooting and 4K UHD, Full HD video recording. AI Rated micro SD card for faster apps loading and better mobile device experience.(2)

It is also your go-to micro SD card to save precious pictures and videos, backup and transport important documents, and expand your mobile device capabilities.

Just load and play, capture and save.

(1) microSDXC memory cards can ONLY be used with SDXC host devices. microSDXC memory cards will NOT work with SD / SDHC host devices. Look for the SDXC logo on cards and host devices to ensure compatibility. Most host devices built after 2010 should be SDXC compatible.

(2) Results may vary based on host device, app type and other factors.

(3) 1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less.

(4) The read & write speeds are based on internal tests. Actual speeds may vary depending upon host device, interface, usage conditions and other factors.

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Ultral High Speed

Thanks to the high speed, this microSDXC flash memory card makes it faster to save high-resolution pictures and be ready for next one, and also improve the transfer performance between devices.

Read Speed: Up to 95MB/s

Write Speed: Up to 30MB/s

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Device

Whether you are looking for a micro SD card for photos, videos, or extra storage, you will find it useful for all-purpose. With the full-size SD card adapter, you can use it as SD card, and make it more compatible for not only microSDXC device but also SDXC host from Mobile Phone, Tablet, Drone to Laptop, Camera, Gaming Console and more.

Security and Durability

Built to work on harsh environment with 4 protection: Waterproof, Temperature-proof, Shock-proof, and X-ray-proof, your data will be kept in security. With premium flash, you will find it easy to achieve high photos and videos capturing performance with long-lasting durability.

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Even and Sustained Recording

Class 10 Speed microSD card for an even sustained recording. No dropped frames, no lost data and no choppy playback. Ideal for your Dash Cam, Surveillance System, CCTV, Body Cam and more.

Support Full DH and 4K UHD Videos

V30 Video Speed makes it handle high video resolutions and recording features a breeze. It is able to accommodate 360 degree capture, VR content or 4K resolution video. Perfect for Drones, action camera and vlog recording.

Optimized Application Performance

Rated A1, the microSD card is optimized for editing and updating app data. You will gain better smartphone/tablet using experience with faster App loading and better App performance. Ideal for Android Smartphones, Tablets, HD TV and supportable card slot

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Product information Color:64GB Product Dimensions 0.43 x 0.59 x 0.08 inches Item Weight 0.2 ounces Manufacturer Micro Center ASIN B089VVP61W

So i just received this today, for the price it's a good value.

Things to note:

Comes packaged In just a plastic pop case similarly to the the other micro center SD cards! So it's not sealed or protected. Mine luckily came undamaged and it's a legitimate sd card. The drive is NOT 512GB, It's 500GB, which when formatted gives 464GB useable keep this in mind as with a Samsung sd card you'll get 472GB useable so if that extra 8GB is worth it to you keep that in mind. I ran this through fakeflashtest, h2testw and crystaldiskmark it passed all of them without any issues at all, it actually is exceeding the read/write of 95/80 as mine was testing at 96/83 read/write respectively.

I'm only giving it 4 stars as for It only be 500GB not 512GB but for the price it's a very good deal if you need an sd card, I tested it in my nintendo switch and it works great so far, I can't say much for how long it'll last but so far no issues at all.

Warning, my 256 GB does NOT meet V30 speed, and 256GB only has 233GB real storage space.

Well, after reading the review, who posted the speed test results (for her 512GB) , that read is 96, and write is 83, and 256GB is 4 dollar cheaper than samsung evo select U3 256GB, so I decided to get this.

Big mistake.
I brought this as extended storage for my Samsung S20 Ultra, so I can record 4k 60fps on Microsd card.
After I inserted it into my phone, I got pop-up message saying due to the slowness speed of the sd card, 4k 60fps will be stored on internal storage.

I was like oh no...
Then I download 2 apps to test the speed of my new micro center SD card, and the results are disappointing.
Sequence write speed is only 48-54 MB per second, that is only half of what it is claimed.

Random write is only 3.3MB

No wonder S20 said I can't not record 4k 60pfs on SD card.

May be 512GB is different and better?
But, 256GB definitely not worth. Hard to return now, but from now one, I will stick with bigger brands, like samsung evo U3. Many people tested that sequence write speed can pass 90MB per second. With 4 dollars more, i can get more storage and faster card.

It hasn't worked with my Galaxy S8 plus. I ordered this size 512GB from "Microcenter" for myself. I ordered a 256GB from "Mircocenter" for my son. He has a Samsung too . . . an A10 I believe. I dont k ow if my phone is the problem or the sd card
My son's 256GB works GREAT!

As another reviewer noted, its actually 464gb, but otherwise appears to be a good value. Not a brand name, but at least a name, and Micro Center is local to me and I have no doubt they'll stand behind the warranty, though not as long as Sandisk etc. Fakeflash had a bit of an issue on the 1st go around with some bad sectors, but I formatted to NTFS then back to exfat, and all was good. Could have been user error, my first time using Fakeflash. Running for a few days on a Switch with cfw and all is good, as fast or better than the 256gb Sandisk it replaced. Breathing room now!

Nothing funny or hard about the way it was used...it just totally failed and is unrecoverable.
Computers won't even acknowledge that the drive exists (in and out of several adapters of different sorts -- other cards still work fine).
I have never had a card fail as completely as this one did. Unfortunately, it DID cost me a few hours of having to reshoot a charity concert, which was a huge hassle.
I've had minor drive failures over the years, but they are usually recoverable, but this one was a new low -- totally terrible.

You never know when it will come in handy to have a Micro SD card. Last use was for a Tablet when I needed to boost memory. Found this one on sale and had to buy. Just, always a good idea.

This card is a great value for the price! It is fast, and I was easily able to format it to fat32 for use in my nintendo switch. The speeds are great, and I'm hoping it lasts me a good long while. My only gripe is that when formatted as exfat or fat32 I only see 464GB of usable space. I know drives GB don't convert directly to advertised space but this card should still come in closer to 490GB. Either way I think this is a great card for the money and it seems to work very well in a nintendo switch!

Writes 71-82 MBPS and reads 85ish MBPS. Stays at a steady speed until the end in exFAT mode.
Works in dash cams and formats to fat 32 inside the cam with no issues.
Write speed is greater than published speeds.