SanDisk 32GB X2 (64GB) MicroSD HC Ultra Uhs-1 Memory Card


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  • High storage capacity (2x32GB) for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos videos music and more
  • Optimal speed and performance for microSDHC compatible devices
  • Speed performance rating class 10 (based on SD 2 00 Specification)
  • High quality microSDHC card backed by 1 Year limited



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SanDisk 32GB X2 (64GB) MicroSD HC Ultra Uhs-1 Memory Card. COMINU049342 Information storage capacity essential content such as quality videos, and - Optimal performance for microSDHC devices - Speed rating: on SD - High card Year More record more Full HD play your mobile phone reliable SanDisk memory By adding more your mobile phone and Transport Photos.

Product information Color:32GB Product Dimensions 7.7 x 7.5 x 5 inches Item Weight 0.3 ounces Manufacturer SanDisk ASIN B00CNYV942 Item model number COMINU049342

I use these 32G Micro SD cards with SD adapters all the time with my cameras, phones, 3D printers. I also have used SanDisk SD and micro SD cards all the way up to 400G. I've never had a single failure from SanDisk. They are exceptional memory modules. The worst brand I've tried is PNY which almost always fail before a year has gone by. So yes you will pay a little more for these than you will for the cheaper brands. But I can tell you that these will last you longer and have less errors than the cheap brands. These modules are type 10 speed and are well suited to cameras, cell phones, extra PC or laptop or tablet storage. While the actual cards here are micro SD cards, having the adapters that come with these allows you to use them in slots that accept either standard SD or micro SD. The SanDisk brand is one of the better memory brands currently being made. So spend a little more for these and you'll likely be using them years from now.

A lot of people buying these seem to have gotten fakes judging from the reviews. Mine were examined and tested for speed and actual size and do seem to be the real ones as they passed all the tests and performed at speeds these are supposed to. But I would advise everyone who gets these put them through speed tests and tests of actually storing data in every cell to be sure. If your package graphics looks a little off or labels don't match what the chips look like in the ads, that's your first clue. You can get memory and drive testers for free on the internet if you don't have them. Test them thoroughly before committing them to use. Many of the fakes will tell you that they are a higher G but only provide a much smaller amount and cause corruption of data if any more is used. It is most common with the normally higher priced high G cards. But sometimes some unscrupulous distributors will know they have fakes (even if they didn't actually fake them themselves). And instead of clearing those fake ones from stock, like they should, they'll knowingly mix them in with good ones and sell at low dollar to end sellers like Amazon or stores. These end sellers think they are getting a good deal and pass that savings on to their customers. But the customers then discover the fakes and demand refunds. The manufacturers will usually just refuse warranties as they did not make these fakes or sell them. So the end sellers are left responsible to their customers and take the major part of the lost revenue. Unless every seller looks these over one by one (very difficult to do) or permanently blackballs distributors that do this to them, this practice will likely continue.

There is a catch to using SD type memory cards without ruining them. It is imperative that you properly eject/remove them only when power is down or when your OS is told to shut them down by software command before actually pulling them out of the sockets. When people complain a lot about lots of their memory modules dying, you almost always find out they refuse to use the OS approved device removal prompt. If your device does not have a way of properly shutting them down via software, you should power down the device before inserting or removing them. Also be careful with SD slots that are spring loaded. Not getting them to spring clip into place can ruin them and the device if power is on or the chip is inserted upside down from the devices intended direction. Use SD cards correctly and you won't have a lot of date losses. Pull them out without properly ejecting them is almost guaranteed to kill data each time you do this.

When I tried to use the cards they would get errors, I ran h2testw, and the card got errors, it kept saying card 57 GB and would not format in 32 GB. Could be the seller didn't know this. These cards are not in the original blister packaging. when ordering sd cards, run the test to verify they are not counterfeit

We bought the two pack because my husband and I wanted one for each phone. I will note that it came as two single packs wrapped together in a white plastic envelope and then shipped in another bubble wrap envelope. Each one has it's own adapter. These are great for putting your photos and videos on to save room on your phone and then you can use the adapter to put them on your laptop, PC or printer. I was hoping they would come with a hard storage case like some do, but these don't. After putting mine in my phone and turning my phone back on, it showed that I have the micro SD card to use. On the package it says there is an app you can use and it is called SanDisk Memory Zone App. These are made in China. The package states they are water proof, temperature proof, shock proof and x-ray proof. They have a 10 year warranty.

This item arrived with one of the two “adapters” NOT working. The two micro SD memory cards worked perfectly. It was just the one adapter that was defective. This surprised me. I have had always had great luck with the many “SanDisk” products I am now using.

Well to my very “PLEASED” surprise, a person named Mr. Neal N. from “WCI Customer Care” sent an email through “Amazon” the same day I received this item. He thanked me for my purchase and politely asked me to verify my “complete satisfaction” of this purchase. I used the “respond” button in Mr. Neal N.’s email to tell him that one of the two “adapters” does NOT WORK at all. Well to Mr. Neal N.’s credit and to the credit of “WCI Customer Care” (also known as “World Class Sales LLC”), Mr. Neal N. responded within MINUTES. He apologized for the defective “adapter”, confirmed his desire to insure my “Complete Satisfaction” and immediately sent a replacement “adapter”.

I received the “adapter” he sent within two days and all is “good”. I still like “SanDisk” products. I can accept a “random” problem but even more, I appreciate GREAT SERVICE and SUPPORT. Thank you very much Mr. Neal N. for insuring my complete satisfaction.

I would still recommend “SanDisk” products and heartily recommend buying them from “World Class Sales LLC” through “Amazon”.

Thanks again Mr. Neal N. from "World Class Sales LLC".

Bought this micro-SD for our security cameras but unfortunately the other one is working and the other one was not, we tried to reformat it many times in the computer before inserting it in the security camera but it just kept on saying formatting not completed, and if you remove it from the computer with the adapter, it felt kinda hot to touch. The other one is defective and it just cost me more than save for a piece of a 32 GB micro-SD. Not really happy with it

Solo una pequeña observacion en su foto indica que es una memoria con velocidad de 100 mb/s y la que a mi llegaron es de 98 mb/s,,digo no es mucha diferencia, por mi no hay problema, pero solo es una pequeña observacipon, todo lo demas esta excelente y cumple con la descripción del producto.

ordered for Garmin Edge 1000 map storage, it works unlike Lexar, maximum storage for my product, just what I needed and had to be SanDisk .

These cards are high quality cards but they are rated class 1 and they do not come with a MMC adapter. The cards work great in my raspberry pi device.

Bien pratique d'avoir un lecteur de micro-carte plus, un petit boîtier est fourni avec le lecteur de carte! Je recommande cet article!

Used it for dash cam, works great

Packaging was irregular


Compatible con Xiaomi Redmi Note 7