[3 Pack] Screen Protector for LG V60 Thinq(Not Work with Dual Screen),Scratch Resistant Anti-Fingerprint HD Tempered Glass for LG V60 Thinq with Easy Installation Tray


  • NOTE--- Specifically designed for LG V60 Thinq with 3 Packs with Easy Installation Tray. Designed with 2.5D arc edges that snug fit with the screen. This screen Protector is non-full that can not completely cover the full screen.
  • ULTRA THIN--- Ultra-thin thickness of 0.33 mm makes your phone seem to have no Protective film, restoring the original HD quality. It also offers you smoother and more sensitive sense of touch, helping you to win the peak in the game duel.
  • FINGERPRINT FREE--- The surface is made of oleo-phobic coating to prevent fingerprints and oil stains. The drops of water will not fall apart, which is waterProof and sweat-Proof, and easy to clean. No bubbles left.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT--- Our tempered film can effectively prevent scratches caused by keys, knives and other objects.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE---We will bring you the best customer service, you can contact us at any time for Product related Problems, we will be happy to help you.


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1.It is completely in conformity with the cell phone, it is not easy to have dust in, and it is not easy to hurt the finger.
2.High light transmission, no impurities, reducing image quality.
3.Explosion-proof, strong hardness.

Package Included:
3x Tempered Glass Screen Protector
3x Wet Cleaning Cloth with alcohol
3x Dry Cleaning Cloth
3x Dust removal sticker

Step to Install´╝Ü
1. Gently clean the screen then completely dry screen with the dry wipe.
2. Peel off the film on the back of the screen protector.
3. Align the screen accurately and paste the screen protector.
4. Gently press down and remove the air bubbles.

If you have any product problems, please feel free to contact us, we will answer your questions within 24 hours, and handle the return or refund measures according to the actual situation.

1.When purchasing a product, please pay attention to whether the product matches your phone model.
2.When receiving our products, please confirm whether the products are damaged or different or not.
3.Please read our installation instructions carefully before pasting the phone film.
4.Please pay attention to the sharp edges of the tempered film to prevent scratching your fingers during the filming process.
5.If you encounter problems during the filming process, please feel free to contact us.

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I recently purchased a LG V60 device and so It needed a screen protector as a device of its caliber should have. I'm sure most of you would agree. They are a necessity for a $1,200 device like this. {period}.

Knowing this you don't want to skimp out on buying cheap screen protectors on a $1,200 device you want to get something that will actually protect your device. Notice how I keep saying $1,200?
Well, I was assuming the worst with this. Because. Honestly... Could you blame me?

The name is completely unknown to me, and the price seemed to good to be true for looking almost like AT&T's Tempered Glass protectors and they run for $45!!! But, I finally learned don't judge a book by its cover, truly and fully. This is an absolute jewel of a screen protector.

It doesn't just look similar to the AT&T store ones, It provides the exact same kit with wet and dry wipes and, the dust stickers. It is absolutely amazing for the price. Frankly, you should get this right now.

Maybe I just got lucky, but I've been unlucky my entire life so I'm assuming it's just a good product. It features rounded edges and an easy no lint / bubble application technique with the tray mine went on flawlessly. By the way; THERE'S ENOUGH SUPPLIES FOR ALL 3! What is AT&T Doing?

I am below average at this kind of stuff. I am impatient, and easily annoyed. So take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. The first application was a disaster. Had to throw out. Second application was worse. Had to throw out. Third and final piece: got it to go. A couple of sesame-seed size bubbles in there that I cannot work out (maybe they'll disappear over time), but they're not annoying enough that I couldn't get used to them.

So, I had a bad time getting the installation to go.

HOWEVER, it is a good piece of tempered glass, a thousand times better than a plastic film, and my touch screen works fine with this on. A patient person with a knack for this sort of thing will be very happy.

Easy application especially with the installation tool. Seems to be just fine so far except, after 2 days there is a chip in the protector. I didn't even drop my phone or anything on top of it. You get 3 protectors so I'll just install another. I just hope that one last longer. Update later.

Update: Before removing the first screen it had about a 4mm crack. Because of removal it had about a 3cm crack. After some time at a resting state, the crack was going across the screen protector.

I really like this screen protector for the LGV60. Fits well and easy to apply. The key is CLEAN SCREEN. Take your time to clean the screen completely. If you have any oil on your screen the protector will not stick in those areas.

I bought these for my daughters phone, they were easy to put on and didnt leave bubbles after. I really liked the cheaper price considering it's on a kids phone. I will update my review later on to reflect how well the protectors hold up against daily wear. So far they've done well over the last few days.

This screen protector does the job. It is thick enough to provide a solid barrier.I've had the phone for over a month now and not a scratch even though I'm pretty rough on it. I have dropped my phone a few times, and picked it up to discover no scratches or issues.
Recommend it!

Not intended to fit the LG v60's dual screen but it's a 3 pack so I put one on it anyway. Works fine on the screen its not supposed to fit. Slapped one on my actual v60 too and I still have a backup screen protector.gotta love it!

I didn't even bother installing these generic screen protectors. The fit would leave big gaps on all sides of the screen. Deceptive description.