YUYOND Silver Back Rear Camera Glass Lens Replacement for Samsung Note 9 N960 (All Carriers) with Adhesive Sticker Pre-Installed + Tools Kits + Clean Cloth


  • Brand new real glass camera lens with strong adhesive pre-installed
  • It is used to replace the broken/scratched/damaged camera glass lens.(repair tools in the package can help your DIY easy)
  • Color:Silver (Please check the color you need before placing the order)
  • Compatible with samsung galaxy note 9 (All Carriers)
  • Please becareful when you replace the old glass and deal with the broken glass in proper way.there don't have the instructions in the package.If you are the first time to do this job,we suggest you check the video in Youtube



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Color:For Note 9 Silver

YUYOND Silver Back Rear Camera Glass Lens Replacement For Samsung Note 9 N960 (All Carriers) With Adhesive Sticker Pre-installed + Tools Kits + Clean Cloth

Brand new items. it is use to replace the damage/broken/scratch camera glass lens.can help your device work well again
Compatible with samsung note 9 (All carriers).Not for note 8

Package includes:
1x 1pc New Silver camera glass lens for note 9
1x 1pc Black tweezers
1x 1pc Mini screwdriver
1x 1pc Blue plastic spudger
1x 1pc Clean cloth

Product information Color:For Note 9 Silver Package Dimensions 6.6 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches Item Weight 0.81 ounces ASIN B07QZFPJX4

Replaced my wifes screen on the camera while we were on vacation in the Florida Keys. This was a very easy task as everything was included. I would recommend buying a can of air to assist in getting all the little shards out. It has the scraper and tweezers you need.

Really have to be careful about getting any glass slivers out of camera lens before putting on new glass, but looks great and easy to do! Thought I cleaned it out well, tried using alcohol on Qtip and canned air, but still have 2-3 small pieces in there. Sometimes camera works great and other times, have problem getting it to focus and can see the slivers behind new glass. Might order another and try again. Would suggest trying to use camera a few times with glass removed if there's any chance you have slivers.

Update it's been a little bit since I've had this glass on the back of my phone I discovered it was blurry cuz there was still a piece of glass on the lens I missed not because of the product. The phone recently got smashed and literally the only thing that isn't broke is this replacement glass for the camera. honestly I think this might be better glass than factory for the rear camera so if yours is cracked or anyting this is definitely the product you want to get and trust me I am very hard to please

It fit my phone. But it's a lil blurry. Not sure if its the glass or my camera I guess I'll never know the man go buy a new phone in the next couple days.

Good purchase. Great replacement camera glass for Samsung Note 9, which I discovered was recently shattered. Thought I'd have to pay alot for replacement. This was reaasonably priced. Just received today, so can't speak to staying power and hopeful it wont fall off. It fit well and my camera works fine. Before applying the replacement glass my camera wouldn't focus.

PERFECT for repairing my phone so I could do a warranty exchange

Went to different repair kiosks first but nobody would help me with cracked cover. Got this product and very happy with it. Just need to be careful removing old cover: small pieces of plastic may start flying around if snapped incorrectly with tweezers

My old one cracked - this is simple to install. My camera will not focus with this. Idk if something is wrong with my phone camera or if it's just this lens. Either way it sucks very badly for me.

This is a great product. O walk in on to phone repair shop
And they only charge me 15.00 for the installation . I was so please with the work that I give the tech a extra $15 .00
Other place want it 115.00 because they have to order the camera glass . I told them I have the camera glass so they still wanted $100.00