Galaxy S10 Screen Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 Soft Screen Protector Case Friendly Fingerprint Unlock Black 3-Pack


  • 【In-display Fingerprint Support】 ChefzBest screen protector made of PET, it supports Samsung latest In-display Fingerprint sensor. Other tempered glass screen protectors may block the fingerprint sensor
  • Perfect fit for Samsung Galaxy S10 [NOT fit for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus / S10e / S10 5G]
  • 【Original Touch Sensitivity】 0.13mm ultra-thin screen protector promises full compatibility with display sensitivity and preserves your phone's original touch feeling without any interference.
  • 【Case Friendly】 Specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 with precise cutout, make it compatible with most case from the market.
  • 【Includes】 3 Screen Protectors, 3 Cleaning Kits, Squeeze Card, Installation Guide, our worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.



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Color:Black S10


Product information Color:Black S10 Product Dimensions 6.69 x 3.15 x 0.39 inches Item Weight 1.76 ounces ASIN B08DCT4FZN

Let me tell you why my 6 month old son(and we his parents) love this book so much.

For starters, it just flows. Most other baby books are so scattered. You’ll somehow memorize this book after 2-3 times you’ve read it.

Minimal text! And it keeps the same pattern of words but changing the animals out.

It’s colorful!! Big animals on the pages and nothing else.

It’s small and compact and a board book so no papercuts. Plus the quality of this book is nice and thick and holding up nicely after excessive use.

Go ahead and get Polar Bear, Polar Bear, and Panda Bear, Panda Bear while you’re at it.

I’d pay more than we paid for this book- it’s a staplepiece to a babies library.

This is one of our favorite books. We have printed out pictures of each of the animals in the book, laminated them, and then hide them in my 3 year old's bedroom with a removable tacky putty. I move them around as she remembers where they are, but as we read the book, I ask her to find the animals. I also made her binoculars by putting colored paper around two toilet paper rolls that I hot glued together and attached a string at one end to go around her neck, when monitored. She loves it and it makes the book and story that much more enjoyable. The hard board book is very durable and great!

This book has been almost a daily read for my baby. From infant until now at 15 months my baby has loved this book and already able to say most of the words. This book is interactive(theres a slide-and-read version as well), rhythmic, it expresses shapes, colors, you can introduce the names of the animals, & the sounds the animals make. My baby sings "brown bear brown bear" whenever he sees the book on the shelf or around the house.

I have always been a fan of anything Eric Carle, and this was no exception. I haven't read as much of Bill Martin Jr.'s writings, but what I have read I enjoyed. I can remember reading this book to my younger brother when he was little, and now I get to do the same with my son. The illustrations are so unique and eye catching. I really like this book because it also helps teaching the names of many types of animals. It is a good length for a quick story, but long enough that you may not have to read more than one. The phrases is this book flow nicely, and always make my son smile. If you are just starting to find books for you little one, this is a good choice, as well as  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Board Book)  by Bill Martin Jr and  The Very Hungry Caterpillar  by Eric Carle.

This wonderful book with colorful pictures will make a reader out of most children. You read the book with the child a couple of times. Next thing you know the child is reading the book. In the back are some basic comprehension exercises. These tasks assure you that your child can read and does not have the book memorized. Instead the child knows the names of the individual words.

Its hard to find books newborns and infants... They wont really pay attention to many books, and I have PLENTY that I have tried. I started reading this to my son starting at 1-2 months and he has loved it! He is now 7 months and loves it too! Its short, sweet, and has a cute rhythm to it (does not rhyme). The pictures are vibrant enough to catch his attention and not overly cluttered. There is just one animal on each page and babies love that... Clear outline of an animal. I have other books with seemingly pretty illustrations that are bright and colorful but my son could care less about those.

I highly recommend this book and even buy it as gifts for new moms! It is a classic for every nursery.

Also, I want to note that I dont get sick of reading it over and over...

Despite this book being a classic, I wasn't sure my toddler would actually like this because of its illustrations. But I was wrong...he loves this book! Great book for teaching basic animals and practicing animal sounds together.

Ordered this for my little one who has read his other one so many times its worn.. I opened to the second page and IT IS UPSIDE DOWN.. all of the other pages are in the book correctly.