for iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Black, LCD Touch Digitizer Display Dcreen with Front Camera Ear Speaker, Screen Protector and Repair Tools for A1660, A1779, A1778


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I’ve unfortunately have had the pleasure of needing my iPhone 7 screen replaced at least 3-4 times a year. Either from falling in between the seat, picking up kids, running to catch a falling star or just spontaneous combustion.

Out of prob 20+ screens between friends and myself, this screen is by far superior in color and sharpness. The others I saved a few bucks but always had some fuzzyness or the screen fonts were not clear.

This screen quality and touch is excellent.

Please don’t save a few bucks to be disappointed. Just buy this one and be happy!!

Arrived next day. Great quality, works great and video tutorial sent was helpful. Initially the phone wouldn’t turn on or show charging after screen was replaced, not sure why. Checked through out the day and tried all our chargers too. Next day pushed the home button and it the screen showed the low battery, it charged and worked fine. Seemed like needed to wait till battery drained and then charge and screen worked fine. Strange, but it works great and easy install.

Arrived quickly. Very easy to install, I completed the installation in 15 minutes, no problems(I typed these words using it). The guide is clear, also you can watch related videos on Youtube, it's really helpful, which got the job done and the screen worked well. I have to say this is a very complete iPhone 7 screen replacement kit, also it came with a glass screen protector, I could not wait to attach it, what a new iPhone, I recommend it.

What a great deal! I am so happy to have found this screen kit to replace on my own for such a great price. I watched a video on line in advance . The kit comes with everything you need. you can keep all the screws in order and a screen protector. Anyone can do this as long as you’re gentle with all the parts.

Excellent screen. It looks better than my old one. I took about 1hour to remove the old screen and put this one in. I was being cautious to make sure I had all the screws in a position to put them back in the correct place. Also be very careful with the ribbons make sure not to damage them or the connections they go to. Over all I'm very pleased with this screen. I'm sure it would be faster if I need to do it again.

Loved it, I will keep coming back to these guys because I know ill break my screen again. video made it very simple, (along with a couple youtube videos as primers). There was one part where I almost got my cables literally crossed but I managed. Im just your average dude and I was able to do it. Loved it. Thanks guys

This seller are selling the best Iphone 7 screen ever on Amazon which I also love quality equipment includes with this package. I have bought two others iphone screen but returned them both for many other reasons while I do not have any problem with this and one shoot installation my phone back working beautifully.
I suggest this seller to family friends and other. It save you time money and headache.

Perfect screen replacement! I will definitely buy this again if I need to replace my phone screen. Seriously it was in perfect condition, no scatches, not cloudy, completely perfect. I have ordered screens in the past and the lcd would flicker, or the touch wasn't perfect, but this one worked like a charm. Very fast shipping too!