ScandiTech Battery Model iP7 - Compatible with iPhone 7 (not 7+)- Replacement Kit with Tools, Adhesive & Instructions - New Full Capacity, 0 Cycle Battery - Repair Your Phone in 30 min - 1 Year Warr


  • ScandiTech Battery Model iP7 (not 7+ or 8)
  • Complete Screwdriver Set Included
  • Step by Step Online Instructions To Replace Your iPhone Battery
  • Some Technical Knowledge Required
  • Recommended: read or watch a guide before taking on a project like this.



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scanditech battery replacement kit compatible with iphone

DIY Smartphone Battery Replacement

All rechargeable lithium batteries degrade with time and use. As they deteriorate, their capacity and stability drop. If you're experiencing this and want to do something about it, replacing it on your own is an option. But beware, it's a technical process involving screwdrivers and small parts.

Challenging and interesting for sure, and a good skill to master. But before ordering this product, we recommend you to read or watch a guide to understand the difficulties. If you're unsure, talk to us!...

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Greetings From the ScandiTech Team

Daniel founded ScandiTech in 2015. Years earlier he worked at and industry-leading certified cellphone and smartphone repair company. Later co-founded a local smartphone repair shop in Sweden and another few years later ScandiTech came to be.

Daniel knows a thing or two about smartphone hardware as well as replacing it, he's now showing you how to.

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The ScandiTech Experience

With us, you're taken care of from the moment you buy our product and years ahead.

Our online guides will walk you through the process of replacing your battery but as with any hardware repair, issues can arise.

John is our troubleshooting expert. If you have any questions or need help with anything at all hardware-related, John will most likely be the person to assist you. He's been doing it for years and he's always making a good impression on our customers. With John's help and our flexible and hassle-free after purchase care, you are giving yourself the best possible chances of instant success.

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The ScandiTech Battery Kit

UL Certified Batteries*

Safety and quality are the primary reasons shoppers have trusted us for half a decade. All ScandiTech batteries are manufactured according to the UL* global safety standard as well as put through extensive after-production quality control.

* UL certification issued by Intertek in 2018.

Any Issues? We'll Take Care of Them.

While our batteries are being manufactured according to highest and safest international standards, there are a couple of things that can go wrong between the time a battery is completed until you install it.

All of our products come with a hassle-free and exceptional after-purchase care.

Detailed Online Instructions: Image & Video

We've been repairing phones even before the term "smartphone" was formed. Thousands of repairs later, we now explain and teach you to do it yourself. While the process can be tricky and not without risk, we highlight all the difficulties so that you have the best possible chance of success.

Box Content

  • 1 UL-certified battery*
  • 2 Battery adhesive sets
  • 1 Pentalobe screwdrivers
  • 1 Phillips PH00 screwdrivers
  • 3 Plastic pry tools
  • 1 Set of tweezers
  • 1 Suction cup
  • Warnings & instructions
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ScandiTech - Your DIY Battery Repair Assistant

ScandiTech premium batteries


ScandiTech has been around since 2015 and we are the oldest active brand for this product type. We've been here for half a decade and we'll be here a lot longer still. During this time we've helped over 300.000 people repair their phone, and we want to help you as well. With our expertise, friendly team, and history, you can be sure that you get a quality product and terrific support if you're ever in need.

Product information Package Dimensions 7.28 x 5.35 x 1.34 inches Item Weight 9.2 ounces Manufacturer ScandiTech ASIN B07RJ23PGL Item model number 616-00255 Batteries 1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)

Product overall was great and easy to use. New battery holds charge very well. (Unfortunately that was not what was causing all the problems with my 7.) my only complaint is that the tools aren’t labeled and it comes with so many that it can be hard to know what’s best to use (especially when you’re afraid of screwing up the installation). Would recommend.

Installation, while not difficult, requires some precision. ScandiTech’s video was excellent in going through the process step by step. I also used another video, although the process described was identical. Just gave a few additional comments on technique. The quality of the battery is top notch. My battery life is like new and my iPhone 7 is now like new. My kit did not include the adhesive for resealing the phone, so that was an additional purchase. I recall reading that ScandiTech will add that component to the kit in the future, so check the description when you order.

The process was pretty good, so much so that I'm doing my wife and granddaughters phones too. The instructional video is a must to use. I watch the video twice before tackling the job. It took about an hour to complete, however being an engineer I am pretty methodical.
I would have given Scenditech a 5 star however they omitted the gasket seal from the original shipment, however, I sent an email on Saturday afternoon informing them of the missing part and got a response, apologizing and a notification that the missing part was on the way. Great customer service. I am glad I followed my instincts to deal with a US based customer service company.

Just replaced my iPhone battery using the ScandiTech kit and have to say the product was too notch. Watched the online ScandiTech video several times and as I was replacing the battery. Only tough part was separating the body from the display. Otherwise, process was straight forward and went without a hitch. Make certain to work in a clean, well lit area with minimal drafts (tiny screws will blow away). Take your time and take a break if you are getting frustrated. Can not comment on longevity of battery as I just replaced it.

Super easy install following the directions. It is very much like performing surgery because all the screws and parts are so small so stay organized and be careful. Battery works great! Totally revamped my phones life and I don’t have a “land line” anymore. Highly recommend.
Also came with an extra frame adhesive along with an extra battery adhesive and all the tools you need to get it done EXCEPT a heat source to take the front off. I used my stove top burners for 5 seconds, worked fine.

My iPhone 7 read it was time for a new battery. I replaced my old with this new one and everything is perfect! It works like a brand new phone and I couldn’t be happier. Adhesives and tools are great as well.

I have purchased this product for multiple iPhones. It has worked well every time. The tools are exactly what I need to fix the phone. It saves me time and money when I fix my phone and don’t need to go to the iStore. The online video instructions are extremely helpful. The battery lasts and if actually fits the phone every time, unlike other products that claim for fit but don’t. This is the only brand I will be purchasing in the future to fix my families phones.

Excellent shipping packaging and overall great