CELL4LESS Back Glass Replacement for The Galaxy S10+ Plus Model SM-G975 Including Camera Frame, Lens, Removal Tool (Flamingo Pink)


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Color:Flamingo Pink

Compatible with the Galaxy S10+ Plus SM-G975 ONLY, this will not fit the S10e or S10 models

Cell4less Back glass replacement kit for the S10+ Plus model includes a customized removal tool for easier removal. The repair is fairly simple process but you will need a heat source to loosen and soften the adhesive. The back glass has a pre installed adhesive AND camera lens with frame to make the repair go quicker and easier.

Video Installation instructions are included which may not be for the exact model but the basics are all in the video. If you do not feel comfortable wit the repair then consult a professional repair tech for advise or actually repairing the item for you. While the adhesive is waterproof, we can not and will not guarantee that the seal once replaced will be waterproof and this is because a slight human error or bent frame from when you broke the previous glass could prevent the phone from getting a proper seal. If you repair a part on the phone yourself then keep it out of water in the future or have Samsung do the repair. Opening the back of your phone could void warranty Quick and easy support by contacting us through Amazon is provided!.

Product information Color:Flamingo Pink Package Dimensions 6.61 x 3.74 x 0.35 inches Item Weight 3.73 ounces ASIN B07X2LHVR5

Cell4less never contacted me to see if it worked out not. They send a business card for their website to watch instructions on installing, not one video worked, my phone was not even listed. After a few youtube videos I figured it out, seems ok, looks almost the same as original back glass, time will tell how it holds up.

Pretty easy to install, was a quality looking piece. I broke my back glass, replaced it with this glass and then traded the device into Verizon no questions asked. The markings are ever so slightly different, your IMEI won't be on the glass as that is specific to every device, but outside of that it looks OEM. I wouldn't use the metal prying too they include because it can, and did, scratch up the frame's bezel ever so slightly.

I ordered the Ceramic Black and upon arrival to replace my own backing for my cracked camera lens I noticed immediately that the finish is nowhere near of that of the Ceramic finish, its actually just a normal Gloss black, I installed it anyways and overall the fit is good unless you really look and notice the spaces on the corners so I would not trust this around water whatsoever, if you value your IP rating and want a perfect fit with accurate coloring id stick with an OEM backing, if you want a decent alternative and is willing to put aside the things I listed above id give it a try, its an alright replacement but for the price difference but those are the trade-offs you'll have with 3rd party.

This was the perfect replacement for my s10 backglass. Can’t tell the difference. Came with camera lens pre installed so that was nice touch. Color was perfect as well

Install was easy, however this broke within 3 days of installing it. Never droped or anything. It broke while i was taking the phone out of the case.

Have broken the back twice and this had saved me a couple of times now.

It said "glass back replacement," but what I got was plastic!

Ordered 2 the prism white and the ceramic black replacements. Extremely disappointed both are flimsy plastic not glass or ceramic. If you want a glass or ceramic replacement look elsewhere.

I'm glad I was able to find the prism white.