for iPhone 8 Screen Replacement, LCD Display 3D Touch Screen Digitizer Full Assembly with Proximity Sensor, Ear Speaker and Front Camera (Screen Replacement for iPhone 8 White)


  • 【COMPATIBILITY】Only fit for iPhone 8 lcd & touch screen replacement White (A1863, A1905, A1906). Not compatible for 8 Plus 5.5 inch. You can check on the backside of your phone, please do not confuse it with other version.
  • 【GREAT REPLACEMENT】USE to replace faulty, defective, cracked, dead iPhone 8 display screen full assembly. This iPhone 8 screen replacement kit includes all the tools you need to successfully fix the phone.
  • 【GREAT REPLACEMENT】USE to replace faulty, defective, cracked, dead iPhone 8 display screen full assembly. This iPhone 8 screen replacement kit includes all the tools you need to successfully fix the phone.
  • 【Perfect Package】:Pre-installed iphone 8 LCD screen, 3 x Magnetic screwdrivers, crowbar, wiper, suction cup, screen protector, SIM card opener and plastic triangle opening tool. Screens and tools are packed in protective bag and are not easily damaged or crushed.
  • 【QUALITY GUARANTEE】All iPhone 8 screen pass strict technical tests before shipping to avoid happening of the black screen, ghost touch, stripe lines before shipping. 3 months warranty for non-human factors. If there is a problem, please find your order and contact us at any time, we will solve it for you as soon as possible.



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High Quality LCD Display Touch Digitizer Assembly Screen Replacement for iPhone 8 4.7 inch white

Internal Packing:
1 x iPhone 8 lcd screen replacement digitizer assembly(white)
1 x screen protector
1 x professional Tools Kit

Installation Precautions:
a)If the screen gets cracked or shatterred, stick tape on the cullet in case of scratching hand
b)Power off before dismantlement.
c)Choose correct screwdrivers to open the screws.
d)Mark the original positions of the screws and flexible cables. Set the screws aside in the order of removal.
e)When taking apart the phone, firstly, disconnect the power flex cable to prevent electrostatic breakdown circuit and short circuit.
f)When grabbing flex cable and other parts, try to grab them with tweezers instead of fingers.
g)Disassemble the home button carefully, it is easy to be broken.
h)Avoid to pull the flex cable too hard.
i)Do not press LCD hard, it is easy to damage.

If your iphone meet with the problems, such as lines on screen, cannot turn on, flash, touch insensitive, etc, please follow steps below:
1.Check the replacement screen to ensure the flex cables are in good condition and no chippings on the interface.
2.Reconnect the flex cables from the motherboard side.
3.Get it charged for minutes and then reboot it.
4.Put the phone in dry environment for hours. Static electricity maybe result in this condition after installing. You just need to leave it alone for a night.

Helping you get a better shopping experience is our responsibility. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following methods:
1. We have an after-sales email for each order. If you have not received it, you can check it in the spam mailbox.
2. Find your order, enter our store (BestScreen), click "Ask a question"

Product information Color:white Package Dimensions 6.3 x 4.9 x 0.9 inches Item Weight 3.98 ounces ASIN B082HN9SZ1

Mobile phones don't continue to heat up when they are used. After replacing the screen, the problem of the original unprovoked black screen has been solved. When the screen bought in this shop is installed, the mobile phone becomes the same as the new one, which is self-made and perfectly successful. The quality is too good, the touch is sensitive, the color is gorgeous, almost the same as the original.

First and foremost, the price is right and the screen is functioning. It came with everything I needed to a simple and quick screen repair. It was as described. The bad part is the fact that the color is not the same. Everything has a "blue" tint to it. It's not crisp and white as expected. That I can live with. The part that I really do not like is the fact that it's touch response is lacking immensely. You have to pound the screen in some instances, specifically when typing, to get the screen to respond to your touch. That's a deal breaker for me. I will be forced to replace the screen again.

This screen came with everything except the home button. You need to move the iPhone home button. You have to be very careful removing the home button from your old screen. You can easily damage the cable. Highly recommend using a heat gun on medium heat or a hair dryer on high to heat the area with the home button until warm to the touch. This will soften the double stick tape and carefully lift the cable.

This is seriously the best glass protector I've ever bought,as far installation is concerned.I just purchased and applied it,so I can't speak volumes on the screen was quick and very thorough,and installation was extremely easy.Not one bubble in the entire thing,even around the edges where lesser protectors will pull away.This one looks welded to the face of the phone.Performance-wise,it is perfect.Screen sensitivity is awesome and it works great with 3D touch.Go ahead and purchase this screen protector with confidence.

I got the package earlier than usual. I am using an iPhone 8. Installation is quite easy, as long as you know where you put the screws that you removed. its a good buy. Screen looks perfect again. I have been exclusively buying from another retailer over the past few years for iPhone repairs. However, this time I chose to go with this replacement. The repair is pretty easy. The screen worked and the phone is back in business. Great quality, fast delivery, Will definite purchase again if I ever have to and will recommend it to others.

I couldn’t complete the install because the “Y” tri-tip screw driver that came with the kit was to big for the home button screws, so I had to put my old broken screen back on until I can find the correct size screw driver.

My phone recently broke due to a drop, the screen broke, and AppleCare quit for a while, so I decided to fix the screen myself. For beginners, I suggest you search YouTube videos to familiarize yourself with the disassembly process, which only takes a few minutes. The dimensions of all parts are correct, so I can easily get it up and running. The touch screen feels the same as before, and the colors are great. Great value for money and worth recommending!

Perfect fit