PopSockets PopMount 2: Multisurface Mount for PopSockets Grips - Black


  • Redesigned to acommodate all PopSockets PopGrips
  • Go hands free; Multi-surface mount allows you to attach your phone to any vertical surface
  • Viewable from all angles in portrait and landscape mode
  • The multi-surface mount is the go-to accessory for your PopSockets grip; Just be sure to wait 8 hours to use yours after sticking it to surface
  • PopMount 2 attaches your phone anywere there is a flat surface


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We redesigned the PopSockets PopMount 2 to accommodate all PopGrips, with the exception of PopGrip AirPods Holder. PopMount multi-surface allows you to attach your phone on multiple surfaces. On your kitchen cabinet for cooking, on a stationary bike for workout entertainment, even your bathroom mirror for your makeup tutorials. The multi-surface mount is the go-to accessory for your PopSockets grip. Just be sure to wait 8 hours to use yours after sticking it to surface. It makes your phone or tablet viewable from all angles in portrait and landscape mode. Dimensions: 1.94" (49mm) L x 0.7" (17mm) W x 1.7 (43mm) H. PopSockets offers its customers a limited, 3-year warranty on its products from the date of purchase. For full warranty details, please contact PopSockets.

Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 1.94 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches Item Weight 0.8 ounces ASIN B085CKNYSP Item model number 802690

Love this new style of mount. I wasn’t sold on the design at first, but I have currently ordered a second one to replace the one in my wife’s car. I had issues with the slimmer original version allow long my phone to “flop” down after going over any small bump. This mount grabs onto the PopSocket at the base (where it connects to the phone) and holds it firmly in place. I enjoy the ease of use as I always have my PopSocket open when I’m holding it, it is an easy transition from my hand to the mount and vice versa. If you’re on the fence, hop off and make the purchase, because this change in design is definitely an improvement on the original.

This fell off after 1 day. My phone isn't heavy. The adhesive very weak.

This was a useless purchase. It didn’t even stick to my dash (yes I cleaned the area well before trying) so it wouldn’t hold my phone.

Tried this in my car. I had to do some makeshifting because it’s immovable...which creates sturdiness!. However I wish there was some sort of swivel action to allow tilting. Not ideal for cars unless you have a spot that you can look directly onward at.

I originally had one of the flatter mounts, but after I got the more 3 dimensional pop socket (black gem looking one) I had to find a more universal mount. This one works perfectly. As long as you wipe down the surface, hold it for 30 seconds, and then wait 24 hours after you mount it, it’s perfect! Just make sure you follow the instructions otherwise it won’t adhere as well :)

I purchased this to use in my car. I pulled the covering off to expose the adhesive and stuck it to the front of my dash on a flat surface...........when I put my phone in the holder it immediately fell off on the floor. The adhesive was so poor that the sand on my floor brushed right off the sticky part....the holder is good. I just will have to find some gorilla tape to hold it on the dash.

I have these all over my house and all my cars. It holds all the pop sockets perfectly (even the ones that are larger for the lip balm/mirror) Very secure and sturdy.

Try to choose a smooth surface and make sure it is clean without dust.

Didn’t come with another adhesive back! It had another 3m paper but it didn’t have the actual sticker on it! I also don’t know how I’d feel about the pop socket not being flat. Odd

I have been through several of the original versions of this pop-socket mount. This one is sturdier and thicker. It is important to note that the pop socket is actually extended (opened) when inserted in to this mount, so it sticks out a bit further than the old one - no problem for me.