lenoup Glitter Bling Bling Phone Ring Holder,Sparkle Phone Ring Artificial Diamond Stand,Rhinestone Cell Phone Finger Ring for Phones,Pad(Silver)


  • 【Glitter Ring Stand Diamond】: Fashionable sparkle bling diamond phone ring, good looking glitter phone kickstand,perfect for girls and women.
  • 【Bling Phone Ring Stand 】: Silver bling bling crystal phone ring holder helps hold your phone firmly.Also finger ring grip and stand helps watch video and photos with 360 rotation stand angle.
  • 【Convenient And Safe】: Diamond phone ring grip prevent your phone from accidental drops and slips. Rhinestone phone kickstand ring enhance better handling and promote one-hand use.
  • 【Strong Adhesive】:Powerful adhesive on cell phone ring holder.Adhesive is not reusable,Please choose the best position before putting phone rings on.(Do not apply on textured /leather case)
  • 【Universal Compatibility】: Will fit any flat and non-textured surfaces.Silver cell ring holder can be used on most phone and tablets.


Brand: lenoup

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Usage Method:
1. Wipe away dirt dust on the back of your phones or tablets and dry it completely.
2. Peel off the back of paper.Don't touch the adhesive surface by your hands.
3. Please confirm the perfect place to stick the phone ring as the adhesive is not reusable.
4. Press the pad hard against your phone or tablet for 30 seconds.Please kindly note that The force of the adhesive will be effective after 15 min, don’t use or pull up phone ring after you stick it on your phone.
5. Apply it on flat suface. The adhesive is not suitable for textured /leather/silicon phone case.

Package included:
1 Silver bling bling diamond phone ring

Product information Color:Silver Package Dimensions 5 x 3 x 0.3 inches Item Weight 0.634 ounces ASIN B07F37ZPPD Item model number 4351502729

This gets 5 stars for beauty only, BUT it's REALLY uncomfortable and not fun to use like the previous one I had. The ring opening is too big when wearing, it hurts the other fingers, and also the ring itself is thin with abrupt edges so it's not comfortable whatsoever. Mine actually has a sharp piece on the inside that will require sanding so it doesn't cut my finger!! I sadly already bought this same one for my mom in a different color, but won't be purchasing again in the future. Too bad because it is gorgeous.

I really like how the center gem is multi-tonal and picks up other colors from my case. It’s definitely eye catching & pretty.
The adhesive is also really strong so no issues. Lifting & lowering of the ring itself is a little stiff, but I don’t mind. I’m sure it will loosen with time. Lastly, the ring spins freely around as expected.

Another reviewer bought this ring to go on a phone case they bought from Amazon as well. I did the same thing and I love it. Some people said the ring doesn't rotate, but I'm not having that issue. It rotates just fine.

The 3M tape is super secure and has not moved even a millimeter from the back of my phone. The gem and ring with the stones are super cute, and the Aurora effect are very pretty.

That said, the ring hinge gets loose over time and doesnt work well as a stand. The Aurora effect rubs off after a short time. And the gem is so bulky, the phone cannot be laid flat.

Overall it is definitely helping me from dropping my Galaxy S9. I attached it to the back of the clear case to hide the barcode sticker.

UPDATE 04-18-2019: This lasted about 6 months before the ring and gem separated from the flat metal piece that sticks to the phone, causing me to nearly drop my s9. There is no way I can fathom to reattach it and it appears to be due to stripping of the screw holding it together as a result of spinning the phone around.

I am thrilled with this! I have had it on for 2 weeks just waiting for it to pop off & nothing has happened! I have a $800 phone so I was concerned.... and now I have all the faith in the world init. I would buy again, no doubt!

*Update* Lasted a little over 6 months before the top part with the ring fell off the base plate. The stone held up well against many drops, and the adhesive is so sticky, I think I need to buy a new phone case entirely. Would purchase again.

Beautiful! I get lots of compliments on it. I'm very fidgety, so I play with it a lot, but it has held up well. Not the most comfortable ring to have around my finger, but if I position it well, I don't have any issues. Sometimes it gets stuck in a way, harder to rotate the ring, it fixed the first couple times but seems to be getting worn down. Doesn't bother me too much, it will keep the ring in place for my finger I guess.
A few stones weren't set well, but overall still super cute and would recommend.

I was amazed by how gorgeous this is! But I was disappointed that it weighs more than any of my other rings. Also, the jewel part is cut so that it comes to a raised point. That means you can't lay your phone flat. Might not matter to most but I need to be able to have mine flat on its back at times. It also makes it awkward in the phone holder cradle thing in my car, but not hugely.
I didnt buy it for the following things but I know people have asked: is not compatible with wireless charging and it is not magnetic.

I got the silver one and it is SO pretty.
It sticks well on the phone and rotates 360.
I would highly recommend!

When it first arrive it looked amazing. It was easy to fit and very sturdy. As time went on the swivel became loose and it started to tarnish. It's been 3 months and now it have completely broken. The ring and diamond came complete away from the metal disk that was stuck to my phone. Luckily I was holding my phone when it came off in my hand.
The metal disk left on my phone was really difficult to get off. In the end I have to heat it with a hair dryer and insert a metal blade between my phone and disk.
I would have liked it to last a bit longer but it was a good product while it lasted.

Great phone ring stand. It's been on my phone for 2 months now, I waited until now to leave a review in case it fell off. It hasn't. It's stayed firmly stuck to my phone case. No jewels have fallen off either. I love it. It took me a while to realise that you can twist the ring round to either stand your phone length wats or sideways for videos.
Good buy and very pretty too.

Make sure that you wipe your phone case with alcohol wipes first otherwise it may not stay stuck on.

beautiful. I've gone for sturdiness before. but they kept breaking, leaving an annoying circle stuck to phone, v hard to get off, and no loop. tbh wasn't expecting much from this but oh my! it stuck like a clam. Hasn't let go. Is very comfortable. And prettier.

It’s a bit early to leave a review as only put it on my phone a couple of days ago however I don’t think it will stick for very long ! Does look very nice and will keep you posted once I’ve had it a while

Has fallen off loads so adhesive is rubbish and is really bulky in pockets I’m afraid