Attom Tech Transparent Phone Ring Holder Grip 360 Degree Free Rotation, Clear Cell Phone Finger Ring Kick-Stand for - for iPhone X 8 7 Plus 6S 6 5s 5 SE, Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S6 Edge, Note 8 5 4(Rose Gold)


  • Transparent Design: This phone ring is made to be clear, allowing you to keep the unique design of your phone case while giving you the features of a phone ring holder.
  • Superior Rotation Ability: 360° rotation and 180° flip capabilities create the perfect phone stand, allowing you to watch your favorite videos with adjustable angles on any surface. This ring acts as the perfect phone grip, allowing you to take selfies with ease, carry your phone with one finger while carrying bags, use it for jogging, playing games in bed and more. Never drop your phone again.
  • High Viscosity: strong sticky adhesive makes sure the ring be attached tightly to the back of your phone/tablet, prevents your phone from accidental drops and slips while you are operating phone or taking selfies or photos. The cell phone finger ring can also be used as kickstand. It’s the best product for you to hold your phone with only one hand. The few sticky residue left after detaching can be wipe off by rubbing alcohol easily.
  • Improved One-Hand Operation Experience with a Larger Ring.:Now you can use your phone with only one hand more easily and safely. The phone ring offer a firm grip, which reduces the risk of theft.
  • Free Gifts: Comes with 2x phone ring hooks, allow you to hang your device on any flat surfaces including Cars, Kitchens, Homes and Offices and 1x phone ring remover for easy removal.


Attom Tech

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Color:Rose Gold

New design of transparent phone ring stand, allow to use beautiful phone case without affecting the aesthetics. Adjusting 360 degree from any angle. View  your phone in the most comfortable position. Universal Compatibility for most smart phones and phone case,such as smartphone iPhone, Google Nexus, Android phones, Samsung Galaxy,Tablets and iPads etc.

1. Make sure the phone or phone case is free of dust and dry.
2. Remove the protective film. Do not touch the adhesive surface.
3. Stick phone ring from one side to the other slowly.

How to Remove?
Use the remover that comes with the package to remove it gently. Use an alcohol wiper to clean up the residual.

Package includes:
3x Transparent Phone Ring Holders. Sticker: 1.5”H*1.3”W
2x Phone Ring Hooks
1x Phone Ring Remover

Product information Color:Rose Gold Package Dimensions 8 x 5 x 0.3 inches Item Weight 3.52 ounces ASIN B07R5XG7R2

This is an excellent price for a three pack of phone rings with two hooks to hang your phone on. It also comes with a stick for removing the phone ring.
I tried this on an old phone first to make sure it was decent, and it was incredibly easy to apply. It sticks well and stays on.i took it jogging and held it with the ring with no problem. The adhesive never came loose.
It makes it easier to grip my phone since I have psoriatic arthritis and my joints aren’t 100%, so it’s great for “regular” people, but it’s excellent for anyone with arthritis or issues like me!
It can rotate and adjust quite well without feeling flimsy or too loose.
Highly recommended.

I really like these phone rings, and they hold extremely well, and they are nice looking. The only difficulty is the super sticky tape makes them a bit hard to position because it's hard to prevent them from sticking to your fingers which causes them to shift into the wrong position, where they are really stuck. Moving them causes bubbles. I THINK, but don't know for sure, they can probably be restored by wetting them. I didn't try. I did mess up one but instead of trying to clean it and try again, I just stuck it on the furniture beside my bed and I use it to hold my reading glasses in easy reach.

I used these on my iPhone SE. The ring broke before the adhesive gave out. I replaced it with another. Now I have an iPhone 8, and it must be noted that these don’t allow wireless charging, but I don’t use it so I’m still using the ring. I tend to drop things.

Why would I need three rings? Well, I wear glasses and I stuck them around in places where I remove my glasses but don’t want them to end up on the floor, like bathroom tile and my nightstand. WARNING: The adhesive is really, really strong so don’t put it on wood, plaster, painted or other possibly delicate surfaces.

I have one of the accompanying plastic holders stuck to my car’s dash to hold my phone since vent holders won’t work and cupholder space is limited. I stuck one on the side of my nightstand so my phone won’t get knocked down by marauding nocturnal cats.

Keep the little orange “wrench,” too. It comes in handy for other stuff, like breaking the vacuum seal on some jars.

There are lots of creative uses for these. They’re not limited to just phones.

I DEFINITELY prefer these over pop sockets. They're not as stylish as popsockets and have to be replaced more frequently than sockets but I love that you only need one finger to use these unlike the popsockets.

Buying the black ring over the general silver one gives your phone a sleeker look. It was stiff at first but has loosened just a little. I actually prefer it stiff so that I can use it as a kick stand. I put it on badly so there was a mark of an air bubble. but i honesty don’t care.

I loved it for a month until the ring came off. The stand was sturdy, grip was great, and the car mount was better than any other I've had before. The paint did start to chip off the ring before it got loose for a couple days and then fell off completely. I used the provided removal tool to remove the back and the adhesive is STRONG... too strong... I cut my hand several times trying to force the tool under to loosen the adhesive enough to pry off with my fingers. Haven't yet decided if I want to use another since it came with 3. Oh and the removal also damaged my phone case a bit.

The phone rings are great comes in a pack of three with two gifts. Haven’t used the gifts yet but it was nice of the seller to add them. I place the phone ring on my phone case which is a leather wallet that holds my credit cards. I have had no issue with the adhesiveness of the product, it seems to stick on the case really well. Since it is transparent I am able to see some air bubbles which is a little annoying because you can't really get rid of them. One suggestion for the aesthetic of the product is to make it a little less bulky, other than that its a nice addition to your phone.

These are great! I went thru several brands before trying these. I’m in love becuz they are clear and I can see all of my pretty case displayed, as well as a finger grip that fits well on my fingers, and is the correct stiffness to stay in the position I set it in. Will purchase again!

Great adhesion to the case on my phone and easy application to the phone. Purchased on June 10th and broke July 26th at the ring level. Ioved having the ring on my phone but the black also started chipping off with normal wear within 1 week. Additionally the adhesive clear back is still stuck on my phone and I will have to try to use the tool provided to remove it but when I tried to move it to reposition after first applying it, the tool did not work effectively because the plastic edge for lifting the pad was not stronger than the pad adhesive. Very disappointed as it was really helpful to me before it broke.