SARLAR Touch Controller Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2, Anti-Slip and Anti-Fall Protective Sleeve with Hand Strap(Black)


  • Products include: Touch Controller Grip Cover*1 pair, Lens cloth*1pc, Hand-tearable Velcro*1roll.
  • Upgrade Experience:Touch Controller Grip Cover designed according to Oculus Quest 2 size, better fit and better touch. Anti-slip and anti-sweat does not affect the signal to open a better virtual reality world for you.
  • Professional Protection: Larger area of non-slip design increases friction, increases airflow, and effectively removes sweat. Widened and thickened high elastic close buckle design, not easy to break, effectively protect the handle controller.
  • Easy to use: Installation is quick, you can refer to the drawings in the main figure or the installation method in the video to install. It only takes 1 minute to complete the installation.
  • Please Note: No touch controller included. Silicone product features: not easy to tear at the notched part. We are committed to bringing you the perfect journey of virtual reality. If you are not satisfied, please contact us in time to return or refund.



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Premium Material


Touch Controller Grip Cover is made of premium silicone. With abrasion resistance, elasticity and non-slip resistance.


Packing List:

Touch Controller Grip Cover*1 pair

Lens cloth*1pc

Hand-tearable Velcro*1roll

Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 9.25 x 6.3 x 1.18 inches Item Weight 2.39 ounces ASIN B08KFQ8Z3W

Thought these soft silicone cover straps would be great...until I actually put them on. The way the Velcro straps push your hand up is out of position, is very uncomfortable. The silicone slot that the straps go through are way to soft and will eventually break.

I LOVED my AMVR hard shelled controller covers that I used on my original Quest. Will have to stick with the default wrist straps until AMVR or other store make a hard plastic mold with elastic bands...not velcro.

Don’t recommend these for Quest 2.

The item mounts fine, it just doesn't fit my hands, the straps are too small and I can't hit the middle finger button as a result. However, it fits my GF perfectly so we are keeping 1 of the 2 pairs we ordered. These are definitely not one size fits all, I'm guessing it was tested on people who either have smaller or female sized hands. I mean mine aren't huge, but there is just no amount of adjusting I can do make my middle finger close on that trigger without having the strap push a large amount of resistance against the back of my hand or knuckle. Meanwhile, my GF just slips it on and it works as expected and she loves it.

So... It's 2/5 as a one size fits all product. It's 5/5 if you have smaller sized hands. Averaging I gave it 3/5

The only thing that is worth anything is the microfiber cloth.

The velcro strap that is supposed to help hold the controller to your hand is completely useless. It holds your hand too high which makes the joysticks unuseable. ANY kind of testing on their part would have revealed this. I took off the velcro strap to use with just the silicone covers and using with fast songs in beat saber they were slipping down. They wouldn't come off because of the loop around the ring but it really bothered me to keep feeling them slipping down.

These got thrown in the trash. The manufacturer either did not do any testing or just didn't care about quality.

Would like to say the grips felt nice until I put on the knuckle straps. The knuckle straps make you hold the controller unnaturally and i barley can tighten them and i saw decent looking tearing happening at the bottom loops. Id look elsewhere tbh.

These are a decent quality product. The important thing is that they work as designed and needed. There are no installation instructions, but it is pretty obvious as to how the are placed on the Quest 2 controllers.

I needed, and you probably will also, a pair of needle nose pliers or long fine tweezers, to easily connect the thin rubber loop that is opposite the velcro strap. it is a stretch and a tight fit to get the rubber piece installed.

I gave this 5 stars because it works and seems like it will last a bit.

I seen a one star review claiming that don't work with oculus 2 , they work perfectly fine and a great value for the price

They just arrived today. There were no instructions inside the packaging not even a URL to watch a YouTube video how to install them, however there are pictures above that show you. That said though it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how they go on. Stretching the silicone to connect the loop around the ring is a little tricky, but can be done after a minute of fandangling the silicone or grabbing a pair of needle nose pliers to push the loop through its connector.

I can get sweaty hands, so I'm hopeful that the extra grip helps. Also with others trying the Quest 2 at my place, a little extra preventative measures to avoid controllers falling and breaking is always a good thing. Overall I like the purchase, especially for the price.

4/5, I would of done 5/5 if package had instructions or something to point people that might be oblivious in the right direction.

There is a review below that say this does not work with the Quest 2. Definitely wrong, fits fine.

- Grip fits perfectly.
- Easy to install.

- Hand "grip" feels slippery still
- The knuckle straps makes the grip feel unnatural when playing games like Beat Saber, OK with shooters.

Honestly, save your money and buy a different pair of grips.