KIWI design Silicone Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Grip Accessories Anti-Throw VR Handle Protective Sleeve (Black, 1 Pair)


  • Perfectly protect the controller- KIWI design touch controller grip cover prevents the touch controllers from being thrown out while playing games, and for protecting the touch controllers from impacting, scratching and soiling, which perfectly protect the controller for Oculus Quest 2
  • Premium material - The grip cover is made of eco-friendly premium silicone which is non-slip, durable, and comfortable to enhance your game enjoyment. Knuckle strap is made of durable PU leather for comfort and sweat resistance
  • Humanized design - The texture of the protective shell increases friction, improves grip and wicks sweat; The bottom of the grip cover is lengthened which is more comfortable for people with large hands to hold and easy to reach all buttons; The reserved hole allows for the original wrist straps to remain in place, which is an added layer of security
  • Great adjustability - Nylon magic tape with metal buckle design makes the knuckle strap adjustable to fit different sized hands. Rotatable rivet enables you to slightly adjust the angle according to the different sized hands or game actions, adding more flexibility
  • Easy to install and remove - Unibody design makes the grip cover very easy to integrate into your controller or remove. With 2 securing grommets to secure it, no worry about vigorous movements will make the grip cover start to slide off. Package included: 1 Pair touch controller grip covers with knuckle straps


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oculus quest 2 grips cover oculus quest 2 grip cover

KIWI design Pro Version Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller with Adjustable Hand Strap (Q1Pro-2)

  • The Touch Controller Grip Cover completely solves your issue of accidentally throwing your controllers across the room, also provides a better protection for your controllers.
  • The knuckle strap is adjustable so that you can share with friends who have different sized hands, increases immersion as you can completely loosen your controller without dropping it.

oculus quest 2 touch controller cover

oculus quest 2 accessories

oculus quest 2 accessories

oculus quest 2 accessories

Round ear buckle

With 2 ear buckles to secure it to the ring, no worry about vigorous movements will make the cover start to slide off

Rotatable Rivet

Enables you to slightly adjust the angle according to the different sized hands or different game actions, adding more flexibility.

Left and right signs

Clear left and right signs make it easy for players to distinguish, making installation easier

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oculus quest 2 accessories

oculus quest 2 accessories

oculus quest 2 accessories

Reserved Hole

There is a perfectly placed passthrough hole to accommodate the original wrist strap which adds extra protection and more stability in using the controller.

Release Your Hands Freely

Using the strap that wrap around the back of your hand allows you release your hands from the controllers easily but keeps them in place.

Comfortable & Sweatproof

Well designed and made, it is great for comfort and keep the battery cover in place, also a huge plus for you to solve your sweaty hands problem.

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KIWI design Silicone Touch Controller Grip Cover and Protective Ring Cover provide full protection for your Oculus Quest 2 controllers from impacting, scratching, and soiling.

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Product information Package Dimensions 5.98 x 3.74 x 1.93 inches Item Weight 2.11 ounces ASIN B08PP8SW2S

I ordered these before there were any reviews and was a little nervous about what I'd receive. My fears slipped away the first time I put these in my hands. I'm not a small guy and was afraid these weren't going to work as I've had trouble in the past with such accessories. Not a problem at all here. The way they have an offset design at the top and bottom gave me plenty of room to get the right fit. I really like the way it attaches with the tabs around the controller face and not wrapped around the ring itself. It hasn't budged once. Once they are on, VR just becomes second nature. If you don't have a good set of grips by now, what are you waiting for? Besides a re-stock maybe...

These KIWI Silicone Grip Covers are by far the best! I have tried several other brands and these not only feel the best with the little grippy parts on the silicone but the placement of the knuckle anti throw strap is perfect for me. They are easy to install and I like how they attach on the front versus some of the others with the Velcro on the side. Don't look at any more trying to figure out which ones to get. BUY THESE!

THESE ARE HANDS DOWN THE BEST GRIPS ON THE MARKET TODAY!!!! They’re SUPER comfortable, fit flawlessly, and they strap down nice and snug without limiting any hand movement!!! Do yourself a favor and BUY THESE NOW!

Great product, slips on and off with ease, has nice big rubber snappers that makes it easy to take off for battery changing, feels great, I can finally throw my Oculus controller without wondering if it's gonna fly out my hand and hit the TV