USB C Cable 10FT, VOKOO Oculus Quest Link Cable, High Speed Data Transfer & Fast Charging Cable Compatible for Oculus Quest and Gaming PC


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  • PC LINK CABLE – Connects your Oculus Quest headset to a gaming PC using this pc link cable, then you can play a wide range of Oculus Rift apps and games.
  • 10FT LENGTH - The cable reaches 10 ft long, providing you a good experience with flexible, lightweight durability.
  • USB 3.2 GEN 1 - Data transfer rate up to 5Gbps, which allows it connects Oculus Link Program with no lag. Please make sure to plug it into USB 3.0 slot on the motherboard or GPU to ensure optimal performance.
  • 90 DEGREE ANGLE - USB C 90 Degree Angle End so it doesn't stick out & is easy to use with the Quest VR headset.
  • WHAT YOU GET: VOKOO PC link cable 16FT compatible with Oculus quest, our worry-free WARRANTY and friendly customer service.


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Quest 2 and Quest Compatible

It allows you to connect the Quest/Quest 2 to a PC and play VR games that require higher graphics power on your PC. It basically turns the Quest into an Oculus Rift. This way you can play both standalone and PC VR games.

Plenty of Room - 10ft

This oculus quest link cable is made for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets. It reaches 10 feet (3M), providing good experience with flexible, lightweight durability.

USB 3.2 Gen 1 - No Lag

Oculus Link Virtual Reality Headset Cable for Quest and Gaming PC, USB C to USB 3.2. Transfer data to and from all your USB-C devices at speeds of up to 5 Gbps. It turns quest into Rift S with amazing zero lag graphics.

Streaming & Charging

The oculus link support usb c to usb a 3.0 and be able to stream the VR game and charge your headset at the same time.

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Product information Size:10ft Product Dimensions 118.11 x 0.08 x 0.08 inches Item Weight 3.53 ounces ASIN B083WQGL66 Item model number OLC-AtC-3m

I've only fiddled with it for an hour or two so far, but my first impression is that this cable seems to work pretty well and does everything it advertises. It did in fact let me use the Oculus Quest Link feature to play Oculus Rift S and Steam VR games (PC powered VR). The image quality, latency, and stability seemed good (though I do not currently have much to compare it to cable wise). The cable even seemed to charge my Quest a bit while gaming despite plugging in to a USB 3 type A slot on the PC.

The only slight negative which may or may not be the cables fault is that it did not work for Quest Link with the USB 3 slots on the top of my computer and only with the ones on the back. When it comes out the back, the 10 foot cable is really not long enough to do any serious room scale activities.

Worked amazingly with the Quest 2,
Used it for phasmophobia and other games worked amazing no stutters or anything,
A much better option than the $80 link cable.

The oculus software also says the cable is perfect!

It DID work great for 3 weeks then suddenly stopped working. Wasnt sure if it was the cable at first but after many trial and error we discovered it is the cable. Bending the tip around makes it works sometimes now but its not reliable and therefore useless

I bought this cable for Oculus link for my quest. It didn’t work at first and I thought it may be the cable. It would sync with the Oculus software but all I got when opening a game was a black screen. I was really disappointed with this cable. Come to find out all I needed was to update my Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU Driver and it worked like a charm. Just make sure your computer drivers are up to date before giving up on this cable!!

I bought this to replace the cable I've had problems with, where it would often disconnect if I make any exaggerated movements, or just any movement that would shift the cable in any way while plugged in. I was a bit hesitant to drop money on more cables, given the fickle nature of the USB standard; while this cable doesn't work from the USB ports on my motherboard, it does work on a couple of my USB expansion cards.

I've yet to encounter any sort of issues like I had with the prior cable, so it's a 5-star in my book. However, one thing I would note is the body of the L-shaped connector is a bit longer than pictured.

Many Oculus link cables have one of two problems. They either aren't long enough or suffer from data or frame loss. This is because the risk of losing data and performance increases with the length of the cord. I hoped that this mid-length cord could reach a harmonious middle-ground, keeping the performance of it's shorter variants while giving me the length I need to comfortably move around my room. Unfortunately, it seems that this attempt at a middle ground has left the cord with the drawbacks of both variants.

On my oculus quest, it is prone to cause stuttering and frame freezes, while also pulling at my headset if I rotate 180* degree, often dislocating itself from the USB port.

Despite this, I'd say that it was worth the money. It's far cheaper than the Oculus brand link cables and the poor performance isn't indicative of the company, but rather the limits of the technology available. While my circumstances limit me from using either, I would recommend getting either a shorter cord for performance or a longer cord for comfort.

This cable works fine with Oculus Quest 2 and the USB test shows a 2.9 Gbps USB 3 connection.

Except that it doesn't charge fast enough. So while you are using the headset the battery level will slowly decrease. I also have the official link cable and that charges faster than this cable and the battery level does not decrease.

So if you are planning to use Quest 2 for extended sessions you might want to look elsewhere.

So far, this has been a fairly remarkable, inexpensive alternative to the Oculus offered wire; plenty of slack, good/sturdy connection, & have found that provided velcro holds (rather substantial) wire to headset strap perfectly.

Thus wires worked out so well, I ordered one out to my brother (lives long distance

I purchased the 5M for my desktop & the 3M for my laptop, both PCs have USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and suitable graphics cards. I tried both cables on the laptop with no problem (transfer test @ 1.5 Gps), but struggled to get both cables working on my desktop (no detection/freezes and drop outs). I thought the 5M cable had developed a fault, because it appeared to connect & disconnect when touching the connector, but it worked fine when tested again on the laptop?. I enabled the Beta (Public Test Channel) on the desktop, tried again and everything seemed to work fine (even when I disabled the beta and returned to the previous software version). Anyway so far everything appears to be stable and it is great to have access to the Rift titles. The 5M version is a bit chunkier than the 3M (probably to compensate for the extra length) but the extra 2M is needed for some titles (especially if you loose a bit by connecting to the rear of a desktop PC) . I am still not sure why it was difficult to get a stable connection on the desktop, it would not work at all with USB2 or USB 3 gen1 ports (GTX 1080ti & intel 3000 series motherboard chipset?).

Worked immediately once plugged into my Oculus Quest, didn't even need to fiddle about with the ports to find out which ones work. It also has a really nice angled USB-C bend that allows the cable to drop down from the headset instead of sticking out which makes it much easier to manage.

Sidenote: For people who are buying this to use with the Quest, it also comes with a velcro strap already attached to the cable which allows you to strap it to the side of the headset. This means that it's out of the way and doesn't get irritating whilst you are playing. Furthermore it's powerful enough to charge the headset whilst playing so you absolutely never have to worry about it running out in the middle of your session.

I bought this to use as a Link cable for my Oculus Quest.
It seemed like a good, sturdy cable and it worked perfectly for 10 days.
Then it started dropping connection if I moved my head even slightly and reconnecting.
Sometimes would not reconnect. I plugged in the cable that I got with the Quest and it worked fine.
(Oculus changed the firmware to allow the USB 2 cable supplied with the Quest to work).
I hadn't abused the cable in any way so I don't know why it would just stop working like this

Tested with Oculus Link and got a 1.9Gbps transfer rate on the test. Worked flawlessly on the PTC version of Oculus software. Only issue is that the 3m cable seems a little too short, so go for the 5m if you can.

I suspect people are having issues with the USB ports on their PC end rather than the cable itself. Usb 3 requires all 9 contacts to be connected so clean your ports. And it helps to have a decent onboard USB3 controller as well. I use a Asus Rog Maximus IX formula paired with a i7 7700k. The cable worked first time with no issue.

This worked great for a week but or so but after it stopped working and connected and unconnected I don’t review it it kept its sturdiness but broke very easily I have recently ordered the baker and I am going to test it