AMVR VR Facial Interface Soft Bracket & PU Leather Foam Face Cover Pad Replacement Comfort Set for Oculus Rift S (A)


  • 【 Keep your Oculus Rift S Clean and Sweat-proof 】The PU leather foam face cover replacements enable you to wipe down your rift s headset after using.
  • 【 Luxury Composition Set 】One Facial Interface Soft Bracket Mask + One PU Leather Foam Face Cover + One Front Leather Bracket + One Rear Leather Bracket + One VR Lens Cover
  • 【 Easy to Install 】The facial interface bracket and the PU leather foam face pad are both easy and quick to install and replace.
  • 【 Patented Innovative Design】The PU leather foam cover is specially designed for those who wear glasses. Wide groove design on both sides of the PU leather foam mask pad. The frame of the glasses can enter freely and will not be squeezed by the oculus quest face cover cushion.
  • 【 Please Note 】The oculus rift s headset NOT INCLUDE!


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AMVR Patent Innovation Designed VR Facial Interface Bracket & PU Leather Foam Face Cover Pad Replacement Comfort Set for Oculus Rift S.

Product Use Function:

Keep your Oculus Rift S Clean and Sweat-proof !

The PU leather foam face cover replacements enable you to wipe down your rift s headset after using.

Unique Product Design:

The PU Leather Foam Cover - The left and right sides of the PU leather foam cover are designed with a wide groove.
When the user wears glasses, the frame of the glasses is not squeezed by the PU leather foam cover and can be freely accessed.
This can enhance the user's VR experience.

The Facial Interface Soft Bracket - Original design,made of premium PC plastic base.
Very easy and quick assembly to the oculus rift s headset!

The VR Lens Cover - Protects the oculus quest's glasses from scratches, dirt and dust.

Product Material:

The Facial Interface Bracket - Made of Premium PC Plastic.
The PU Leather Foam Cover Pad - Made of Premium PU Leather and Foam.
The Front & Rear Leather Bracket - Made of Premium PC Plastic and PU Leather & Foam.
The VR Lens Cover - Made of Premium EVA.

Packing List:

1 * Facial Interface Soft Bracket,
1 * PU Leather Foam Cover Pad,
1 * Front Leather Bracket,
1 * Rear Leather Bracket,
1 * VR Lens Cover,
1 * User's Manual

Product information Size:A Package Dimensions 6.57 x 5.12 x 3.9 inches Item Weight 7.4 ounces ASIN B07Z3DW7T5

I ordered this replacement facial interface because I wanted to be able to wipe down and disinfect the padding on the headband and facial bracket after use. (Thinking about sharing the headset with friends and family without being able to clean it afterward was an unsettling thought.) After searching for what seemed like an inordinate amount of time I came across this product and decided to give it a try. I didn't like other replacements that didn't include replacement brackets because I didn't want to destroy the included foam padding, I wanted to replace it.

Included in the box with this AMVR kit were two facial pads, a replacement facial bracket, two replacement headband pads, and two replacement headband brackets. There was also a card with a QR code to watch a YouTube video on installation. The video was easy to follow, and I had the facial bracket and headband padding replaced in as long as it took to watch the video.

A couple of notes from my experience with the installation:
1. Pay attention to the video and the direction that they remove the various pads. The direction is important for ease of removal.
2. The facial bracket seemed to come out easier for me when I gave quick, sharp tugs at the points they show in the video. I tried being more gentle at first and it didn't budge.
3. When you put on the replacement brackets, note how it is done in the video. The headbands, in particular, go on easier if you start in the middle and work your way out from the center.

Finally, the padding is comfortable but does feel different than the standard foam. It also adds a little weight to the headset and changes the distance from the lenses to your eyes. You may need to adjust the lens spacing after attaching the new pads for viewing comfort. Other than that, I am very happy with my initial impression of the replacement padding.

OK, so, my Rift S was purchased last October and for an entry level VR headset was absolutely phenomenal. That's a different review, though. One of the things that kinda bothered me about the Rift S was the foam used for padding on the front, back, and face pad. It worked well enough at first, but after 9 months of heavy use it started becoming quite frayed and coming undone from the actual plates they were stuck to. Soo, to the to get new pads.

So, a couple of things to keep in mind; this kit contains both replacement interfaces AND padding. If your visor/face interface is solid and intact and you just need to replace the padding, you might not need this entire kit and could probably get away with just buying a new facepad with velcro strips. HOWEVER, if you're looking to swap out pads in the future you'll need a velcro interface anyway, so you might as well get it now.

Cons: Only real con, if you can call it that, is that it came with no directions at all and some parts were missing labels. However, as a reasonably intelligent gentleman of class and distinction, I was able to figure it out with a couple minutes of just comparing to the Rift S. Also, it's takes a little fiddling around and some maneuvering to get the pieces to snap in to place; the rear piece in particular took a bit of doing. Once it snaps in place however it's solid and doesn't move at all; getting it there took a bit of effort, but that's reasonable and expected with 3rd party hardware.

Pros: It looks good, very solid feel once in place, the leather seems of reasonably good quality, DEFINITELY more padding than the stock foam, and it'll allow for future interchangability of the various parts. One other thing, though; it's going to fit a BIT different since there's more padding, and you're going to have to adjust and finagle it a bit to eliminate light-leak. After a few minutes though, the new fit feels quite natural and snug.

Anyway, overall a great product that meets all expectations thus far.

I bought this to replace the padding on my new Rift S and keep things more hygienic.

While putting on the first face pad and trying to adjust it to fit right, the middle velcro part on the silicone shell came unglued almost instantly. Once I fixed it and got the fitting right, the mask was good and blocked light, but it wasn't very comfortable. It felt like it was lacking padding and made some parts of the VR headset more uncomfortable than the standard foam. I haven't put on the front and back halo pads, but I'm thinking I'm gonna wish they had more padding as well. Also, it would have been nice to have a new nose pad in there as well, but there isn't one.

At this point, I'm considering getting some memory foam, cutting and shaping it, and then gluing these pads to it for the desired comfort.

Would I recommend this product? Maybe if you were in dire need of a hygienic solution, but I wouldn't recommended it out of product enjoyment.

Wheres' the padding? On the facial interface padding there's literally no padding. It's like they glues some leather to velcro. It can be wiped now, but it's terribly uncomfortable to use my Rift-S now. The original Rift-S padding was nicer, and more useful than this. It's also thinner, because there's literally no padding behind the leather.

It seems to install easy enough, but the tabs near the nose won't clip in, so the tension of it being against your face holds that last two tabs in place, but not snapped in place.

Will likely be asking for a refund after trying it for a few more days. My old facial interface as worn as it is, is STILL more useful and comfortable than this. I heard good things about AMVR which is why I purchased this, but this set is the worst.

Overall this is a fantastic mod to have for any Rift S owner and is pretty much a must have if you don't want to wear a sweat bucket for a VR headset (looking at you Beat Saber players!). The halo band PU leather pads are pretty comfortable and can be wiped down very easily meaning that its good for parties or sharing with others. The face plate admittedly is a bit too thin and after playing for longer sessions can press hard on the face however with the right adjustments it did not bother me as much as some of the other reviewers and I got two pads which is great should you need to swap them out. Is it as comfortable as the stock rift S halo band? Not quite and depends on your preference. Is it more hygienic and easier to maintain? HELL YEAH and the halo band pads are worth the price alone. You get a lot for the money and the eye pad that came in the box was a added bonus! Pretty sure AMVR are the only company currently with these pads so its a must buy if you want the peace of mind of having a hygienic solution to the Rift S. OCULUS TAKE NOTE!! (Ps installing was easy enough, if you go on the american amazon page it has a video with the directions which some people may find useful.

I almost returned it, so let me explain.
I just unpacked everything and installed. Everything went well. It's quite easy to remove the original one and clip these in place.
Then I went to test it. First thing I noticed, there was a horrible light spill coming from the sides and there was nothing I could do about it. (that I could think at the moment.) How could it be so bad for me? I thought it could be the shape of my face, but I tested it further and found out the following:
- The headband is too thick, making it hard to pull the lenses close to my face.
- The facial interface is too thin... making it even harder to accommodate it in such a way that it would block the light coming from the sides. but there is a catch! keep reading...
- The back of the head band if absolutely fine. ;)

After that I was pissed because the review score of the product was so good, therefore I went online to read the reviews again (now, after purchase) and read that it comes with two facial interfaces that are different! I assumed they were identical, but they are not. One of them is bigger and thicker! Yeah!
That was it! That was the main solution to my problem. I changed the facial interface for the thicker one and it got much better! Not perfect, but much better.
Then I replaced the headband with the Original one (which is thinner) and got it to be 95% there!
The final touch was to velcro the facial interface slightly further to the back on the sides, and BOOM! 100%!

So now, it's working fine! So with the final installation here is my PRO and CONS:
- it feels nicer on my face!
- It leaves less facial marks than the original
- The back of my head also feels nicer
- It's much easier to clean! (and it actually looks like you cleaned it, the original ones are a sponge!)

- I'm still using the original headband. I could not use the headband replacement at all. It's too thick. It even affects the field of view considerably because of that! And this is the biggest problem! I really wanted to be able to use it so I could clean it like the others.
- The facial interface I could use (the thicker one) does not feel as premium as the thinner one. They are made of different materials.
- You have to be somewhat creative to fix the light spill from the sides.
- The lenses protector will keep your headset ON because it activates the "presence" sensor of the headset. Be careful! I used scissors and did a cut on the central top part to fix it... again, be careful when using it. Just use as it comes if you are unplugging it from the PC.

Overall it's an improvement, but I'm not sure it was worth the investment thinking about the final result.
It might be a different for you depending on the shape of your head, but it was barely worth in my case.

Had some trouble removing the original halo pads but the video on the us amazon website for this product reassured me that I just had to pull harder on the pads.
The replacement halo pads are thicker than the originals. Maybe my head is large but it is a struggle to squeeze the Oculus S onto my head even when opened fully. Once on it is fine though and nearly as comfortable.
The facial interface initially had a lot of light bleed from both sides. As I read in other reviews, the two supplied cushion pads are different thicknesses and fitting the fatter one was much better but not perfect. Then peeling off the left and right sides and pushing in the facial interface sides before reattaching to the velco made the sides pull into the face more and all but eliminated the bleed.
This leaves less marks on the face than the original foam and means that I can use the headset on the same day as someone else has been playing beat sabre without spending ages trying to dry the sponges.
All in all, a worthwhile upgrade although probably cheaper construction than the Oculus ones so they should be making better ones.

I was very pleased when this arrived as the original one was starting to look at bit worn and coming apart and it does not appear you can buy separate replacements.

Fitting was really easy, plus points there

Comfort, at first felt ok, but after about 15 mins use was already putting pressure on the contact points. In addition to this, whilst the faux leather enables easy cleaning, for me, it drastically increased perspiration where it made contact, to the extent the inside the headset I had sweat running down my face

I have repaired the original as best I and gone back to using that, much better and keeping sanitized by spraying with detox antibacterial spray between uses and allowing to air dry, I won’t be going back to the faux leather again

The build quality of the plastic bits is abhorrent, none of them fit and snap as they should. During play I constantly hear *snap* when some bits snap into and out of place. The facial interface itself especially only snaps at only three places, leaving it rather wobbly near the nose.

The only good thing is the fake leather, though even that's not completely perfect as my hair makes the back cushion slide about, so I'll switch back to the padding included with the headset.

All in all, I'm extremely disappointed as I expected better quality for this price point.