Touch Controller Grip Cover, VR Silicone Face Mask, Pad Set for Oculus Quest, Premium Silicon Protective Accessories Anti-Throw Sweatproof Lightproof - 3 Pack


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  • ✔ BETTER VR EXPERIENCE - SARLAR is specially designed for Oculus Quest provides touch controller grip cover, face pad cover, knuckle strap and VR lens protect cover. Ensuring you feel comfortable and assured during your VR experience.
  • ✔ BENEFITS OF ACCESSORIES - Touch controller grip cover and VR face cover mask are made of environmentally friendly premium silicone, It is non-slip, durable and comfortable.The VR lens pad protects your lens from scratching and damage while the wrist strap allows you to release your hands from the controller without dropping them.
  • ✔ EASY TO USE - Touch controller grip cover and knuckle strap makes your hands and controllers perfectly fit and the grip is very nice, VR mask pad are made of environmentally friendly premium silicone, It is durable and comfortable. The VR lens protect cover is perfectly embedded in the Oculus Quest will not detach.
  • ✔ LUXURY VALUE COMBINATION SET - You will get 2 Handle Protective Sleeve, 1 face cover, 2 knuckle straps,1 VR lens protect cover, 2 remote sensing cap.
  • ✔ We believe you can better protect your Oculus Quest and get a better virtual reality interactive experience through our accessory set. If you are not 100% satisfied, please feel free to let us know and we will refund your purchase.



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SARLAR provides VR one-stop service. Here, you can buy Oculus Quest/ Rift S accessories with the best cost performance. More favorable price, more complete products.

Touch Controller Grip Cover:

This product uses high-end silica gel material, which effectively protects the handle from sweat erosion in the experience.  has delicate soft handle and anti-release bumps, improves the tightness between the buckle-type anti-loosening and the handle to prevent loosening.  makes the experience more immersed, does not affect the handle positioning and enhances the interactive entertainment between  virtual and reality

Silicone Face Mask

This product uses high-end silica gel material, non-disposable products support washing and drying .Repeated recycling can effectively protect the original product, and full package can effectively prevent sweat.Face-to-face comfort, improve entertainment, enhance immersion, and bring long-term experience to the experiencer interactive exerience of virtual reality.

Knuckle Strap

High quality PU Knuckle Strap allows you torelease your hands from the controller without dropping them. Strap design for adjustable length, it can be used with different sized hands, makes your hands and controllers perfectly fit. it can be used with the original strap , adding extra protection and more stability in using the controllers.

VR Lens protection Cover

This VR Lens protect pad is made in soft foam and fabric, perfectly embedded in the Oculus Quest/ Rift S and will not detach, protects your lens from scratching and damage. It is scratch-proof and dust-proof.

Packing List:

Touch Controller Grip Cover x1

Face cover mask x1

VR Lens Protect Cover  x1

Knuckle Strap x2

Remote sensing cap x2

Product information Package Dimensions 9.65 x 7.4 x 1.73 inches Item Weight 4.5 ounces ASIN B07YZHMPKQ

 The price for this was very good. Before I mention the video, the price for everything is worth what I got. My only major gripe is that the front nose piece of the mask protector doesnt have much of a lip and slides of easily. Then again it is only 20 dollars, so I expected something to be awry. A minor issue I have isn't anything this product can prevent. The grips on the controllers are one big piece of rubber, which I believe the should be. This, though, makes it a bit inconvenient to replace the batteries. Not much they can do about that, but more of something to expect when purchasing this item.

Not sure what everyone is talking about unless they were paid to say good things, it’s worth the money you pay for it because you’re just paying for material, bought this for the quest 2 and literally nothing works, face covering barley fits and still has light bleed. Hand grips don’t fit on the controller at all. The only decent thing is the lens covering and even that is a bit janky. Do not buy, invest into something more expensive so you’re not waist of money. I recommend kiwi products.

Unfortunately, sweat was the least of my problems with this product. My opinion is just that, so depending on your use, it may not be for everyone. Hope this review helps. First, I found the face mask to irritate my nose. There are flaps that rest across the tip/bridge of your nose that is designed to block out the real world. While this is nice in concept, it is not practical for extended use during physical games. Also the face mask, due to it being silicone, allows for sweat to pool and slide around on my face during physical gameplay, like Beat Saber. Tightening the headset to my head didn't seem to help and I wasn't going to tighten to the point of being uncomfortable. The silicone fitting seems loose and easily peels off when adjusting or removing the mask. I don't believe this is a design flaw as it does make it easy to remove and wash. However, for me, the mask does not fit snug on the Oculus. Second, the grips do fit nice and snug on each controller. However, I found the placement of the strap to cause the controller to roll outward or feel counter to the natural hold of the controller when firmly taught either above or below the knuckles. This was causing me some Beat Saber errors that I hand not experienced until I put the grips on the controllers with the straps. Only when the strap was loose was I able to get the right grip on the controllers. All this being said, the quality and durability of the product is solid, but the ergonomics and comfort for everyday use are just not there for me.

The silicone mask reduces light flooding by the nose drastically compared to using the Quest without it and the hand grips prevent the magnetically held battery cover from moving during game-play. This product is also affordable making it a very easy product to recommend.

Official facial mask of Quest is soft and comfort, but playing some Beat Saber and Pistol Whip make it nasty (or other intensive games as well), and my face get really itchy.
This save a lot of time to clean up the mask, easily swipe with alcohol cleaning pad and Walla! back to play.

-0.5 star: the Grip Cover is so easy to break
-0.5 star: the nose cover doesn't attach to the mask securely, it will easily get off when you take down the headset, you have to snap it back otherwise entire cover may slowly drop from the Quest mask.

For $20, this set works very well.

The face mask holds up very well against my sweat during times when I played Beat Saber, but had a couple issues with it. For one, the cover would stick to my head very often when I played for more than 1-2 hours and it isn't the most comfortable fit for my glasses (This will be different for each person though, so take this with a grain of salt). One other minor thing that I did not like about the mask was the nose flaps near the bottom, but if you slightly rip it up, you can move it around a bit more, but I do wish that they made it a bit more flexible right out of the package.

The eye covers for the lens also work well enough. I don't really have any complaints for it as, well, it only has one priority: Protect the lens, and it does it well.

The best thing for me though were the controller covers. Despite getting a tab slippery once sweat or some other type of moisture gets onto it, it goes a very good job. It feels great, barely slides on my hands (unless it gets moisture on it as said), and can easily be removed if you need to swap out the battery for either controller while holding up very well. I do wish that they just had some type of little hole in the controller where the battery cover is, but I can live with it.

Overall, this set works very well for the quest and has a ton to give, while only being $20. The mask does a good job of holding in sweat, but comfort is a little iffy with it, the lens cover does a good job, and the silicone covers for the controllers work and feel great.