AMVR VR Facial Interface Bracket & PU Leather Foam Face Cover Pad Replacement & Anti-Leakage Nose Pad & Protective Lens Cover Comfort 5In1 Set Accessories for Oculus Quest 1 (Not Fit Quest 2)


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  • 【Keep your Oculus Quest Clean and Sweat-proof】The Oculus Quest face cover is made of PU leather and sponge foam, which is soft and comfortable. It can keep your Quest VR headset clean and avoid being soaked by sweat. It can bring you more sharing and experience, and you can frankly share your VR device with your family and friends.
  • 【Better VR Field of View】Comes with 2 PU leather foam cover replacements (6mm&10mm), which can fit more people's face shapes and their field of view. They are easy to clean, just use a cloth or wet wipes to remove sweat.
  • 【Patented Innovative Design】The PU leather foam cover is specially designed for those who wear glasses. Wide groove design on both sides of the quest face cover. The frame of the glasses can enter freely and will not be squeezed by the oculus quest face cushion.
  • 【Anti-leakage Pad & Lens Protection】The Silicone Nose Pad can prevent light leakage during using and give you a better VR experience. Custom VR lens cover is made of high-density EVA, protecting the Oculus Quest's glasses from scratches, soiling and dust.
  • 【What You can Get】1 pcs Oculus Quest Facial Interface Bracket+ 2 pcs Oculus Quest Leather Face Cover(6mm/10mm) + 1 pcs Anti-leakage Nose Pad + 1 pcs Oculus Quest VR Lens Cover + 1 pcs User Manual. With 18 months of product warranty and 24x7 friendly customer service.


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AMVR Patent Innovation Designed VR Facial Interface Bracket & PU Leather Foam Face Cover Pad Replacement Comfort Set for Oculus Quest.

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Please Note:

Adjust the position of the PU Leather Foam Cover on the AMVR Facial Interface Bracket to make the PU Leather Foam Cover suitable for your face.

Each person's face is structured differently, some square faces, and some round faces.

Before use, the PU Leather Foam Cover needs to be adjusted according to your face.

We offer a thin and a thick section of PU leather foam cover that can be used by more people.

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About the installation of Anti-leakage Nose Pad :

Recommend : The edge of the Anti-leakage Nose Pad is placed under pressure by the AMVR Facial Interface Bracket.

Please Note : This item is not equipped with a nose pad sticker.

If you want to use a sticker to secure a silicone nose pad, you need to prepare the sticker yourself.

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Product Use Function:

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The PU Leather Foam Cover

The left and right sides of the PU leather foam cover are designed with a wide groove.

When the user wears glasses, the frame of the glasses is not squeezed by the PU leather foam cover and can be freely accessed.

This can enhance the user's VR experience.

The Facial Interface Bracket

Original design,made of premium PC plastic base and sponge.

Very easy and quick assembly to the oculus quest headset!

The VR Lens Cover

Protects the oculus quest's glasses from scratches, dirt and dust.

The Anti-leakage Nose Pad

Additional Gift ! Consumers can choose whether to use it or not.

When the user is in use, it can prevent light from entering the vr glasses and prevent light leakage.

Thereby enhancing the user's VR experience.

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Product Material:

The Facial Interface Bracket - Made of Premium PC Plastic and Sponge.

The PU leather foam cover Pad - Made of Premium PU Leather and Foam.

The VR Lens Cover - Made of Premium EVA.

The Anti-leakage Nose Pad - Made of Premium Silicone.

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Packing List:

1 * Facial Interface Bracket,

1 * PU Leather Foam Cover (thick section),

1 * PU Leather Foam Cover (thin section),

1 * Anti-leakage Nose Pad,

1 * VR Lens Cover,

1 * User's Manual

Product information Package Dimensions 7.4 x 4.6 x 3.3 inches Item Weight 7 ounces ASIN B07VT3BM7P Item model number f-243

I don't have huge 1970s styled glasses they're your plain one glass and the foam is too small to fit it in the headset even with those cut outs on the side, mind you that its plenty roomy in the stock face plate. It's not only my glasses either it's all my family and friends glasses don't fit with these foam inserts attached.

Unfortunately, it won't fit if you have your eyeglasses on. Sadly, I have to use contacts if I want to use this VR pad. And yes, I tried the thinner pad as well. Strong chemical smell, but it should go away if you air it out a little over a week. As far as comfortability, meh, it's semi-ok... I feel like it's heavier though. Honestly, I bought the cheap silicone one here on Amazon, and IT IS AMAZING AND FEELS GREAT on your face/skin! Plus, you can use it with eyeglasses on! Not only that, there's no nosebleed light!! This one by AMVR is PRICEY, does not work with eyeglasses, plus the nosebleed light is even WORSE when you have this on - even though it does include a "nose light blocker?" it's still another step when you wear the VR headset and doesn't really do a great job since it's too small for me (unlike the silicone pad). Truth be told, I would've returned it, but I needed the interface bracket that came along with it. So what I did, just use the interface bracket and put on my silicone pad, kinda works - felt much lighter - but haven't tried it for an hour or so to test if it's still comfortable even without the extra cushion. I'll post an update once I try it like that for awhile. Overall, as far as this one goes, it's an C- for me. I'll most likely purchase another silicone cover pad on Amazon, but a darker one (black if there is one) since I got the red one.

I needed an upgrade over what VRCover released for the Oculus Quest and this was it! It has a tiny cut out on the sides so my glasses can easily fit into the Quest, and it even came with a bonus high-quality lens cover when not in use. A nose anti-light silicone attachment is included and is very easy to insert in and doesn't come off easily (which is a good thing). This nose piece combined with the superior structure of the facial pad for the Oculus Quest makes this Quest cover the best on the market in my opinion (and lower in cost as well). I highly recommend it, especially for those of us that wear glasses to play VR after taking contacts off at night. I will be switching from VRCover to AMVR for my VR devices.

This works great! So much better than the stock one which soaks up sweat! Gross! This wipes right off and it’s great to have two different thicknesses as an option. The thicker one is definitely more comfy but limits the FOV just a bit so the thinner one works great for me. I agree with the previous reviewer about the nose piece not working for me but being a nice addition. Great communication from the seller and I also got it much earlier than expected. Thanks!!!

Frame was a little warped, not enough to cause an issue but does show lower than expected production (easily fixed as well). Also frame velcro doesn't hold very well to the two interfaces provided, it's again not a huge issue and stays put but it's easy to pull off. I might advise adding some better velcro material to the back of the face pad if your concerned but again minor issue.

However on the flip side including the nose gap cover and lens cover was a nice bonus. Even if the advised install and use of nose flap is never going to stay put, i recommend getting some silicone compatable glue to adhere some Velcro and some velcro glued or stitched to the nose area on the frame, works great and is removable if you need the gap or someone doesn't like the flap.

While I don't wear my glasses in VR I will admit despite the gaps in the foam interface are nice on paper, however there aren't any in the frame itself so there moderately pointless, so take that as you will.

May not be as premium as some of the other covers but works well enough and is priced well enough. Worth trying at the very lease.

*update many months later*

I’ve been using this facial interface for quite a good number of months at this point, and unfortunately the Velcro no longer even holds remotely adequately anymore. It never really had a adequate Velcro adhesion on the facial foam portion. More or less it’s barely felt texture wise and the Velcro hooks on the plastic frame just never get a good grip.

Honestly I would probably recommend getting one of the other manufacturers it’s a pretty significant design flaw in the long run to not have adequate Velcro on both parts of the interface.

On the plus side the foam has held up wonderfully well as has the frame, though I never did find a adequate way of holding in the nose gap silicone piece.

You can replace the Velcro but I really haven’t found an adequate reliable method to do so just yet, But having to fix a design flaw yourself isn’t idea in my opinion.

After taking the time to remove the original Quest parts then replace with these parts.... the Velcro glued onto the face shell immedialy came off while only trying to adjust the pad on the initial setup.

If the Velcro does not stay glued to the face shell this product is unusable and useless.

Also, the face shell once attached to my headset did not seem as high as the original face shell. Upon placing the headset up to my face my prescription glasses did touch the Oculus Lens.

Returning :(

I don’t know about the other brand but this one check all the boxes in terms of comfortability and quality, plus you can’t beat the price too.

A little hard to understand how to use the nose piece but the link to the video really helps!
Anywho, you can see in my pics that you put the nose part under the interface. Works great! I have wide eyeglasses and its not an issue at all. (didnt try the 6mm yet)

Is this really actually for the quest?

The instructions for the nose cover says it needs to be stuck to the quest before the face plate but this means the face plate covers it and makes it useless. So I tried putting it on after the face plate but there isn't a sticker supplied so I tried some 3m stickies but they wouldn't stick to the rubber so I ended up having to use some velcro I had lying around but it still doesn't block out all of the light from coming in, pointless really.

Finally the 'leather' PU cover itself, the way it attaches to the face plate means it still has movement so I had to use more velcro to get it to stick on properly. I also found it hard to get my glasses inside when putting the quest on and when taking the quest off my glasses get pulled off and stay inside the quest.

A totally waste of £25 really.

I have been following this creator in various groups and was eagerly awaiting UK stock. Its everything I had hoped for makes the Oculus Quest a lot more comfortable compared to the stock foam. Also it alleviates a little weight off the front of the headset. Grab one if and when you can. Only downside is the base plate and foam could do with more velcro especially at the 9.00 and 3.00 positions but all in all I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

Acheté pour des raisons d'hygiènes en premier lieu, le coussin en cuir permet d'être rapidement lavé afin de permettre aux amis de jouer dans des conditions correctes.
Le set comprend : 1 support qui remplace l'original, 2 coussins en cuirs qui se fixe sur le support, une protection pour les lentilles et un élément pour le nez.

Je dois avouer ne pas avoir utiliser encore le support pour le nez. Il est censé diminuer la lumière visible au niveau du nez.

Achat un peu élevé mais le set est plus que correct, il offre un réel gain en terme de confort et une protection supplémentaire pour les lentilles.
J'ai aussi l'impression d'avoir un effet "ventouse" moins prononcé ce qui limite les traces du masque sur le visage.

Je met la note de 4 étoiles qui me semble justifié, je reverrais mon commentaire si les coussins en cuirs se déteriore avec le temps.

Si vous avez trouvé mon commentaire utile, n'hésitez pas à le mentionner. merci.

The 3 main things I was worried about when buying this product were comfort, cleanliness and scratching the lenses when showing people who wear glasses, I can honestly say non of those things were an issue.

Comfort: I would say that this compared to the original is slightly more comfy. I’ve heard that when using the standard strap this cover makes it much better. however, I have strapped a powerbank in an old camera case to the back of mine to act as a counterweight and give me double the play time so mine wasn’t too bad anyway. Regardless of that, it is more cushiony than the foam provided by oculus, the material is also pretty nice and doesn’t make you sweat like I thought it would. Good improvement.

Cleanliness: Very easy to wipe clean, dries in seconds and feels much more hygienic when having a Beat Saber party.

Showing Glasses Wearers: My dad wears glasses and I was a bit worried the first time I let him try the headset on as I didn’t want my brand new headset to be scratched from glass on glass. I was worried about nothing, although I still tell him to be careful, the thicker pad leaves plenty of room and doesn’t restrict field of view like I thought it would. The thicker one is now my default as it means no changing over when glasses wearers come over and it doesn’t affect me at all.

Overall this is a great product and although I was hesitant when buying it, I wish I would have purchased it on day 1.

The item did have a rather obvious scent upon first opening, as mentioned in multiple other reviews and acknowledged on the packaging, but this dissipated within about 30mins.
It was really easy to remove the existing interface and replace it with this one, although the small nose-piece provided does occasionally fall out (it does come with a small 3M piece of tape to try to hold it in place and is easy to wedge back in).
The part which contacts the face is comfortable enough and easy to remove and clean. I would have liked it more however, if it attached more firmly to the bracket with more Velcro or larger points of contact, as it does occasionally feel like it is coming loose from the bracket in certain spots.
I have purchased other AMVR products and they seem to know what they are doing when it comes to accessories for the quest.